Gray State: The Rise [Rough Cut]

DAVID CROWLEY, director of the (then) upcoming truther film “Gray State” (along with his wife and daughter) recently disappeared. Some believe that they were suicided by ThePowersThatBe, while others believe the whole thing to be a hoax.

Those close to him have decided to release a rough cut of the film. From what I have surmised from watching it, it is not really the film itself (as much of it was never shot due to lack of funding), but more along the lines of supporting information and interviews for the film. The rough cut has some good info in it, although it’s basic Truther 101 stuff and doesn’t delve into the any of the REAL problems such as the banksters, Khazarians, Ashkanezum and zionism. The truthers involved are not 100% either, as they rely on the word of controlled opposition shills such as RON PAUL, LUKE RUDKOWSKI and ADAM KOKESH.¬†But Truth 101 is better than no truth at all.



TAGS: Adams, Are, Banksters, Changes, Crowleys, Cuts, Davids, Documentaries, Documentary, Films, Grays, Kokesh, Lukes, Movies, Murdered, Murderers, Paul, Rises, Ron, Rough, Rudkowskis, Suicided, States, The, Versus, VS, V.S., We, Zionism, Zionists



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