Aliens, UFO’s & Extraterrestrials

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens’ Debunked (Chris White & Michael Heiser)

Ancient Mayan Extraterrestrial Artifacts (Nasim Haramein)

Chariots Of The Gods (Harald Reinr & Erich Von Daniken)

Nephilim: Origin Of Genetic Evil (Trey Smith)


Aliens At Dulce Underground Military Base

KGB Alien Footage (The Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti)

Military Plane Targets UFO’s Over Phoenix (David Collins)

Stephen Greer

SIRIUS (Steven Greer)

Unacknowledged (Stephen Greer, Michael Mazzola & Stephen Peek)

Alien Autopsy

Alien Interview

Event Over Taylor, Michigan [January 16, 2018]

Fake Moon Landing

UFO’s: It Has Begun (Ray Rivas)

UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied 2 [Moon Rising] (Jose Escamilla)



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