[ NOTE: Due to unforeseen problems with the media host, the vast majority of uploads have been deleted. I am working on re-uploading them. If you find media that you would like and is not available on here, please message me (either on Facebook or via email) and I will personally re-upload it and send you the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.    ~ Merit Freeman ]

Welcome to the Conscious Awareness For All Video Library. It is constantly being updated, so check back often! Feel free to WATCH, DOWNLOAD and SHARE anything that you find here. Films are listed alphabetically by category (many categories contain numerous sub-categories). Click on a category below to access the page containing those videos. You can also download the AUDIO of select videos. EVERYTHING is connected and sometimes things aren’t so easily categorized, so please explore these archives and see what connections you can make. Knowledge is power! Stay conscious my friends.


 [ To DOWNLOAD videos or audio tracks, RIGHT-CLICK the DOWNLOAD VIDEO or DOWNLOAD AUDIO link and choose SAVE AS.” If you need free software to watch the videos or listen to the audio tracks after downloading them, I recommend  VLC Media Player. ]

[ To locate specific words on a page, press “Ctrl + F” and type in your search term. ]


Aliens, UFO’s & Extraterrestrials

Ancient Civilizations & Technologies

Capitalism & Finance



David Icke


False Flag Operations

Media Disinfo & Propaganda

Nazism & Hitler

The NWO [New World Order]

Police State

Political Straw Man & Common Law



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