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……….For far too long, the zionists have blackmailed and held the world nuclear hostage using something they call The Samson Option.” If any person, nation or group tries to subvert the zionist agenda in any meaningful way or tries to wipe Israel off the map, they will launch an all-out nuclear assault against THE ENTIRE PLANET. Basically, if they’re going down, they plan on taking the rest of the world down with them. The strategy takes its name from the biblical SAMSON whom, after being captured by the Philistines, brought down and destroyed the Philistine temple in which he was being held captive by collapsing its pillars, thus killing all of his captors, as well as himself in the process.

……….The zionists’ main strategy has been to smuggle nuclear weapons into sensitive areas of nations, under the guise of security contracts. These security contracts use proprietary equipment that is maintained ONLY by Israelis. In the case of Fukushima, the proprietary equipment in question was “biscopic cameras” which were put in place by security companies operating as fronts for the corrupt Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]. Magna BSP, the company which provided “security” at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan, is one such company. In addition to Japan, they also have security contracts in Brazil, Germany and the United States. All of these countries have provided massive financial bailouts to zionist bankers and have been blackmailed by Israel with the threat of a nuclear armageddon.

……….So, are we just royally FUCKED? Destined to be bullied by the zionists ad infinitum? NOOOOOPE . . . Enter . . . #OperationDelilah. It takes it’s name from the biblical Delilah [the Samson Option . . . #OperationDelilah . . . starting to get the picture?]. So what exactly is #OperationDelilah? Well, it’s an IDEA . . . a CAUSE . . . a MOVEMENT . . . a way for humanity to fight back against the zionists. A multifaceted method for us to subvert the implementation of their evil agenda and to take back the system so that we can reform it for the better. How will we accomplish this? By taking CALCULATED STEPS to not only EXPOSE them for the rat bastards that they are, but also by acting PRAGMATICALLY and hitting them where it REALLY counts: AT HOME and in their POCKET BOOKS.

……….Like I said, this process is multifaceted. In a nutshell, we must implement the following steps:

1) KNOWLEDGE: Study, learn & inform ourselves of the zionists and their agenda.

2) SHARE: Spread and share knowledge of the zionist agenda with others.

3) EXPOSE: Publicly name and SHAME the zionists, as well as those who aid them and are complicit to their agenda.

4) PUBLIC SUPPORT: We must stay transparent and honest in our actions and PUBLICLY present them in an open forum in order to get the masses on our side.

5) BOYCOTT: Refuse to financially and politically support the zionists and those who aid them.

6) ATYPICAL RETALIATION: We must refuse to play the zionists’ game and fight back in ways that don’t play into their plans.

7) SURGICAL STRIKES: We must subvert the specific areas and tactics that the zionists use to control the masses.

……….Each of these steps will be systematically and thoroughly broken down and explained below.


On an individual level, we must personally become as informed as possible as to who the zionists are, what their agenda is, how it is implemented and who aids them in doing so. In a textbook sense, zionism is the effort to establish Israel as a permanent home nation for Jews. In reality, it is much more sinister. It includes the subversion of ALL other nations and states, the control of ALL of the world’s money and natural resources and the implementation of their religious ideologies as the ONLY permissible belief system.

Who are the zionists? Among their ranks you will find bankers, politicians, religious zealots, captains of industry, media moguls; pretty much anyone who has ANY sort of rank or influence over anyone else is susceptible to their ideology. It is not an ideology based solely on religion, but one of POWER and CONTROL.


One person CAN change this world, but there is POWER IN NUMBERS! We must commune not only in person, but online [especially via social media] to share our information and knowledge with others. We must organize social media groups [THINK: Facebook, MySpace, Google+, blogs, forums, etc.] and mailing lists [both physical and electronic]. Make it your goal to share EVERYTHING that you’ve learned with as many people as possible!


We must PUBLICLY expose the evil-doers and those who are complicit with their agenda. Put their names and actions out there for the world to see. Use blogs, social media, call into radio and television shows, write to your elected officials, post flyers, go on your local radio or public access television shows. We must not only EXPOSE their names and actions, but explain WHY those actions are bad and HOW they negatively affect the masses. Let’s make these assholes afraid to show their faces in public! Zionists of the lower ranks my not even be aware of their misdeeds  or their negative impacts.


Once the zionists’ evil actions and agenda have been publicly exposed, we can get the masses on our side. This can be done through social media, billboards, public expressions of support & disobedience, door-to-door recruitment, mailing lists, etc.; ANYTHING that can bring attention to our cause. Once properly explained, you will be surprised how many people are on the same page as we are and didn’t even know it, or didn’t know how to go about fighting back! We must keep ALL of our actions transparent. Remember, we have NOTHING to hide! WE are the ones in the RIGHT!


We are going to hit them where it hurts: in the POCKETBOOK! Boycott the brands that are produced by or support the zionists. By refusing to give them our money, we are refusing to comply with their agenda. Money is a form of CONTROL. By not giving them our money, we are showing them that we REFUSE TO BE CONTROLLED. This boycott doesn’t just apply to shopping. REFUSE to pay taxes or follow unjust laws [REMEMBER: your vote for the politicians who passed those laws DIDN’T COUNT to begin with!]. THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! Barter and trade instead of using the zionists’ bank-issued currency or use alternative currencies. For your transportation needs, stop relying on fossil fuels whose extraction from the Earth require the RAPING OF OUR PLANET. Instead, ride a bike or use an electric vehicle!


The zionists have their agenda well-planned out. We have to implement our strategy in ways they they don’t anticipate and that don’t play into their plans. We have to infiltrate their organizations in order to sabotage them from both the inside AND the outside. Do things that benefit our cause, yet seem irrelevant or unimportant to the zionists. “Zig” when they expect you to “zag.” They expect us to have knee-jerk reactions and not plan ahead like they do. They think that we are are sheep, so we have to prove them wrong! What’s the main type of atypical retaliation that we should focus on? NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE! Ideas for non-violent resistance include: PUBLIC SPEECHES, PETITIONS, MASS PUBLIC PROTESTS, GRAFFITI, HANDING OUT PAMPHLETS & FLYERS, BILLBOARDS [don’t PAY for one, just ALTER the ones that are already there], LOBBYING, VANDALISM, MARCHES  & PARADES, MASS WALK-OUTS & SIT-INS, EMPLOYMENT STRIKES, REFUSAL TO PAY GOVERNMENT FEES & BILLS, MASS WITHDRAWAL OF ASSETS FROM CORPORATE BANKS, REFUSAL TO WORK, REFUSAL TO COMPLY WITH CORRUPT LAWS & ORDINANCES, BLOCKADES, HUNGER STRIKES, etc.


This is where the TALK meets the WALK [or in their eyes, when the SHTF]. When non-violent resistance has taken us as far as we can go, we must fight fire with FIRE. The zionists have MORE than proven that they have absolutely NO problem murdering us [en masse at that!], so we CANNOT be afraid to play hardball here! What does that mean? We must act with extreme PRECISION, pinpointing the KEY FIGURES in the zionist machine and NEUTRALIZING them. What does that entail? Though it may sound harsh, we CANNOT be afraid to use EXTREME tactics if necessary: KIDNAP ZIONIST LEADERS AND USE THEM AS BARTERING COLLATERAL, BOMB & SET FIRE TO ZIONIST INSTITUTIONS [banks, government buildings, etc.] & THE HOMES OF ZIONIST LEADERS [when no innocent civilians are present], DESTROY THE ZIONISTS’ PERSONAL BELONGINGS [vehicles, boats, furniture, clothes, etc.]. REMEMBER: anything that you do to them, they have ALREADY done worse to us, a thousand times over!

On a government level, there are many things that need to be done in order to stop the global zionist subversion:

► End international monetary and military aid to Israel.

► Require political lobbies [especially Jewish ones] such as AIPAC [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee] and the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] to publicly register as foreign agents. End these lobbies if possible.

► End/revoke dual citizenship, especially between the U.S. and Israel.

► Bar individuals with dual citizenship from holding public office.

► Shut down Citizens United in order to prevent foreign [especially JewishPAC‘s [political action committees] from subverting elections.

……….Stay conscious my friends.


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