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The Jesuits, Celestiophysics, Gold & World Domination [VIDEO]

EMP Watch: Is A Society-Crippling Solar Storm Headed For Earth?


Insider Reveals Entire NWO Plan In 1969 [VIDEO]

Is The Ebola Psy-Op All About Oil & Petro-Dollars?

2 HUGE Breakthroughs In The Ebola Psy-Op

Cop Burns Body Of 3-Year-Old Child For Not Letting Him Sleep

Bon Prayer: The Precious Garland

ENKI‘s Calendar

Open SETI Initiative

The Ages Of Uras

Zionists Arm Controlled-Opposition Group ISIS With Its Own Air Force

Israeli Mossad Responsible For Ottawa Parliament Shooting

OBAMA Claims 14th Amendment Allows National Same-Sex Marriage

Massive Athletic/Academic Fraud Uncovered At University Of North Carolina

U.K. Gun Owners Subject To Warrantless Home Searches

U.S. Has Lost 1.4 MILLION Full-Time Jobs Since 2008

OBAMA & BIDENs Vacations Take $40 MILLION+ Toll On U.S. Tax-Payers

California Has Highest U.S. Poverty Rate At 23.4%

Michigan Governor Bans Tesla Motors From Selling Directly To Consumers

Colorado Man Investigated For Trying To Purchase Absentee Ballots En Masse

2 Dead & 4 Injured In Ottawa Parliament Shooting

Presidential Candidate Warns U.S. Might Cancel 2016 Election

British Columbia School Vaccinates 14-Year-Old Without Parents’ Consent

Idaho School Vaccinates 3rd-Grader Without Parents’ Consent

EXPOSED: Monsanto’s Zionist Agenda

OBAMA To Welcome 100,000 Haitians To U.S. Without Visas

“Khazar” Theory A Scapegoat For Jews?

The Zionist Subterfuge & The Psychopathology Of Judaism

JOE BRANDT‘s Startling Earthquake Vision

Raytheon Awarded $149 MILLION Israeli Defense Contract

Hospitals Caught Falsely Inflating Medical Bills

U.S. Congress Earmark $38 BILLION For Personal Projects

Shadow Facts About The Shadow Government

Biometric Credit Cards To Arrive In 2015

Venezuela Calls For Investigation Into USAID

Police Label Cop-Watchers As “Terrorists”

FBI Director Admits To Warrantless Surveillance

Earth’s Other Moons

FBI Vows To Decrypt Google & Apple Phones

List Of Proposed Planetary Objects

List Of Hypothetical Solar System Objects

Sweden Deploys Military Over Damaged Russian Submarine

U.S. Marshal Busted For Stealing 24 Pounds Of Marijuana At Gunpoint

Secret Space Plane Lands At USAF Base After Unknown 2-Year Mission

Electronic Cigarettes Increase Nicotine Addiction

12 Charts Show Permanent Damage To U.S. Economy

San Andreas Fault Ready To Blow?

Vaccines Spiked With Killer Viruses

Pesticides Linked To Depression & Suicide

Are Food Allergies Caused By Antibiotics?

Richest 1% Own Half Of Global Wealth

Detroit Cops Shoot Sleeping 7-Year-Old Girl In Head During No-Knock Raid On Wrong House

Will You Be Penalized For Refusing Vaccinations?

W.H.O. Predicts Ebola Vaccine To Arrive In January 2015

FEMA COFFINS REAPPEAR: C.D.C. Suggests Hermetically Sealed Caskets For Ebola Victims

Kentucky University President Takes $90,000 Pay Cut & Distributes It To Employees

Israeli Doctors Murder Tens Of Thousands Of Arab Children With Ringworm Virus

EXPOSED: The Key Players Of The Elite Ruling Cabal

Switzerland First E.U. Nation To Recognize Palestinian Statehood

Ancient Geoglyphs Discovered In Kazakhstan

U.S. Executive Order 13295 Lists EBOLA As A Quarantinable Disease

SUPPRESSED INFO: Israel’s Most Common Baby Name Is “Mohamed”

New “Anonabox” Keeps You Safe Online By Routing All Internet Traffic Through TOR

U.S. Government Own Patent For New Ebola Virus

OBAMA To Side-Step Congress Over U.N. Global Warming Treaty

New York Senator CHARLIE RANGEL Calls For Compulsory Military Draft And War Tax

Red Cross’ Treatments & Injections Responsible For Spreading Ebola?

U.S.’ NSA Has Saboteurs In China & Germany

1 In 3 Human Jobs Human Will Be Taken By Software Or Robots In The Coming Decade

Most U.S. Foods Labelled “Natural” Contain GMO’s

Biggest Typhoon In Earth’s HISTORY Set To Hit Fukushima

Monsanto Companies To Avoid & Boycott

False Flag Terror Used To Suppress Free Energy Technology?

Brazilian Firm Files Patent For Perpetual Motion Free Energy Generator

ATF Forces Gun Sellers To Record And Report Race Of Gun Buyers

ARTHUR TOPHAM: The Jewish Takeover Of Canada

Israeli Military Behind Fake Beheading Videos?

New Vegan Food Is A Formidable Meat Alternative

“The Chinese Room” Thought Experiment

Artificial Consciousness


The Great Chain Of Being

RESOLUTION 1373: U.N. Quietly Passes “World Patriot Act”

China Surpasses U.S. As World’s Largest Economy

How To Make A Solar Water Still

Further Proof Of Sandy Hook Hoax: FEMA/DHS Planned “Mass Death Of Children At A School By Firearms” For December 2012

Mandatory Nationwide Ebola Vaccinations On The Way?

World’s Largest Employer Slashes Employees’ Healthcare

Off-Duty STL Cop Murders Teen For Holding Sandwich

Georgia Guidestones Deciphered

EBOLA SCARE: Connecticut Declared “STATE OF EMERGENCY,” Prepares For Quarantine

“Mistaken” For Burglar, Cops Assault Black Teen In His Own Home

Israel Drills For Oil In Occupied Territory

Accused Of Stealing Backpack, Teen Jailed For 3 Years Without Trial

FDA Says “No” To Medical Marijuana, “Yes” To Super-Vicodin

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Monsanto Is Biggest Funder Of GMO Research

Was NASA’s Apollo Mission A Cover To Induce Climate Change?

The Top 10 Psychotic Global War Criminals

The 161 Bankers Who Ru(i)n The World

U.S. Officials Demanded $30 BILLION Bribe

Whistleblower Exposes CIA & DEA Drug Trafficking [VIDEO]

Exposing Israeli Disinfo

U.K. PM To Treat Truthers As Terrorists

ISIS’ Ammunition Traced Back To U.S. & China

Major 9/11 Truther & His Wife Found DEAD

U.S. Admits To Funding Chinese Anti-Government Protests

Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned

How To Block A Surveillance Camera

Was JESUS A Reincarnation Of HORUS?

India To Hold BILL GATES Accountable For His Deadly Vaccines

Dubai Police To Wear GOOGLE GLASS To Track & ID Civilians

Historian Finds NO Mention Of JESUS In 126 Historical Texts

FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION: Germany Abolishes Tuition Fees

Israel Framing Russia For Cyber Attacks?

How To Create A Fake “Peoples’ Uprising”

FALSE FLAG TERROR: “Khorasan” Never Existed

U.S. To Sell $10 BILLION Worth Of Weapons To Saudi Arabia & UAE

Meet The Bankers Who Profit From Prison Inmates

Operation Condor: South American Genocide [VIDEO]

Former Argentinian Dictators On Trial For Murdering 80,000 Activists In Operation Condor

California Forces Residents To Ration Water

Federal Reserve Secretly Bailing Out Foreign Banks

Government To Institute Social Media Ban For “Extremists”?

Russia & Iran Boycott U.S. Dollar In New Trade Deal

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? [VIDEO]

Whistleblower Says Israel Murdered JFK

Salt Water-Powered Car Gets Approval For European Use

8 Atrocities The U.S. Perpetrated Against Puerto Rico

Exposing The Legacy Of Operation CONDOR


Young Lords In Lincoln Park: Puerto Rico’s Struggle For Equality

The CLARK Doll Experiment

Documents Reveal CIA Drug Trafficking

F.B.I. Behind Anonymous’ Attacks Against Governments In 30 Countries

U.S. Government “Borrows” Roughly $8 TRILLION USD Per Year

The “Beheading” Psy-Ops

L.A. Cops Murder At Least 1 Person Every Week

9 Reasons Why Quantitative Easing Is BAD For The U.S. Economy

Grand Jury In Ferguson, MO Shooting Investigated For Misconduct

New Leadership In North Korea?

SOLAR BATTERIES: Scientists Create Solar Cells That Store Their Own Power

Florida City Votes To Dissolve Their Corrupt Police Force

What If Money Was No Object? [VIDEO]

New Milling Machine Let’s You 3-D Print Metal Guns At Home

Former CIA Contractor Says ISIL Is U.S.-Fabrication [VIDEO]

Researchers Store 1,000 Terabytes On Single CD

Afghanistan Sits On $1 TRILLION+ USD In Rare Minerals

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