Utah Police Responsible For More Deaths Than Street Gangs

FALSE FLAG Shooting In Austin, Texas?

New Israeli Robots Hit The Battlefield

Is The Islamic State Helping Incite U.S. Riots?

Ferguson’s Killer Cop DARREN WILSON Resigns

U.S. Arms Israel With 3,000 “Smart Bombs”

Banking VP Found Dead With Stab Wound To Chest

3 BILLION Gallons Of Toxic Fracking Waste Dumped Into California Public Water Supply

Anarchy: Never Been Tried? [Part 1: Moresnet]

Further Proof U.S. Senator JOHN MCCAIN Is A POS Shill [VIDEO]

How The Jews Financed The Slave Trade In America [VIDEO]

Explaining “White Privilege” To A Broke White Person

DEADLY DEPTHS: Over 1 MILLION Tons Of Chemical Weapons Litter Earth’s Oceans [VIDEO]

JEB BUSH‘s Fake Companies Are A Front

Cars Powered By Compressed Air To Hit Streets In 2015

Italy Bans “FLUAD” Flu Shot After 9 Die

Russian Warships Perform Military Exercises In English Channel

CitiBank Claims Gold Is Worthless

2 FBI Agents Shot In Ferguson/STL Protests

Sweden Holds Military Drills: War/Invasion On The Way?

Over 150 Murdered In Chicago Since MICHAEL BROWN‘s Death: Where’s THEIR Outrage?

Exposing Britain’s Pedophile Elite

New System Allows Users To Make FREE Phone Calls WITHOUT Internet

German Central Bank Suggests Government Relieve Citizens Of The Gold

British Police Training In Israel

FBI Requests Constitutional Amendment Allowing Them Access To TOR & VPN User Info

Did JESUS CHRIST Travel To Japan?

Ohio Police Department Forced To Shut Down ENTIRELY Due To Corruption

NASA Worker Claims Mars Is Inhabited

Reddit Group Is Making People Millionaires In Novel Experiment

First Death Reported In Ferguson/STL Riots

COINTELPRO Instigating Ferguson/STL Riots

Hacker Says Pennsylvania Targeted For 2015 Nuclear False Flag Attack [VIDEO]

Obamacare Offering $3,000 Incentive To Hire Illegal Immigrants

Conspiracy To Riot [VIDEO]

Was The Florida University Shooting A Hoax? [VIDEO]

Anonymous’ Interview With The KKK [VIDEO]

USA Today Posts Article Announcing Ferguson/STL Verdict BEFORE It’s Even Made

FUKUSHIMA PRE-PROGRAMMING: Nuclear Blackmail Of Japan Revealed In 1994 Anime Film [VIDEO]

Michigan Court Rules Schools Have No Obligation To Educate Children

Wrongfully-Accused Man Freed After Spending 39 YEARS In Prison

9/11 Conspirator Says Saudis Funded The Attacks

FBI Deploys 100 Agents To Ferguson/STL For Protests

Son Of STUXNET: The Digital Hunt For DUQU, A Dangerous & Cunning U.S./Israeli Spy Virus

U.S. Navy Deploys High-Powered Laser Weapon In The Persian Gulf

EMINENT DOMAIN: NJ Judge Lets Casino Seize Citizen’s Home For Private Use

FBI Scanner Can Analyze & Store Your DNA In 90 Minutes

Brazilian Pastor Convinced Women His Penis Secreted “Holy Milk”

Was Mars Nuked?

Hacked Footage From British Baby Monitors, Webcams & CCTV Systems Broadcast LIVE On Russian Website

Study Finds Pesticides Linked To Depression

Your Bank Deposits Will Now Be Considered “Paper Investments” Instead Of “Money”

Gunman Wounds 3 In Shooting At Florida University

THE BEST Collection Of CIA Drug Trafficking Info On The Web

Sydney Airport Busts CIA Plane With 35 Kilos Of Heroin

Japan Limiting Israeli Visas To Keep Israeli Mafia Out

Dead Scientists: 2004-2014

Citigroup Banker Found Dead With Throat Slit

Drone Strikes On American Soil?

7 Shocking Ways The U.S. Military Wastes Taxpayer Money

Ukraine Admits It’s Gold Reserves Are At Rock Bottom

Federal Reserve Confiscates Ukraine’s Gold Reserves

9/11 Truther & His 2 Kids Murdered

81% Of TOR Users Are Easily De-Anonymized

U.S. Using Spy Planes To Collect Citizens’ Smartphone Data

Chicago Schools Teaching 5th-Graders How To Have Anal Sex

U.N. Arms Treaty Set To Take Effect On Christmas Eve

Study Finds Cellphone Use TRIPLES Brain Tumor Rates

Cops Slam Unarmed Woman On Pavement, Killing Her In Front Of Her Family

Texas Sheriff Busted For Collusion With Drug Lords

Teachers/Students Terrorized As Florida Cops Armed With AR-15’s Storm School In Surprise “Mock Shooting” Scenario

U.N. Using Tainted Vaccines To Secretly Sterilize Women

After Banning Guns, U.K. Police Now Call For Knife Ban

Israel Blocks U.N. Human Rights Inspectors From Inspecting Civilian Deaths In Gaza

Top 10 Toxic Vaccine Ingredients

WikiLeaks Is An Israeli Mossad Operation [VIDEO]

BUSTED: WikiLeaks Working For Israel

FOX Admits BIN LADEN Died In 2001

Executive Order 12333: The NSA’s Primary Source Of Foreign Intelligence-Gathering “Authority”

Spacecraft Captures “Strange Noises” Coming From Comet 67P [VIDEO]

Ohio Cops Compare Cop-Blockers To “ISIS Terrorists”

Ex-British PM TONY BLAIR‘s Secret Contracts With The Saudis

Image Of Girl Committing Suicide Hidden In Child’s Toy

California Residents Vote AGAINST Mass Incarceration

Israeli Rabbis Defend Talmud’s Urging To Kill Non-Jews

Masonic Bodies

Michigan Police Chief Sells Citizens Badges & Gun Permits So They Too Can Play Like Officers Of The Law

Graphene-Based Supercapacitors Could Eliminate Need For Batteries In Electric Vehicles

World’s Largest Retailer To Sell Food Products Compliant With Muslim Law

Famous Hacker Says Nuclear False Flag Planned For Chicago In 2015

Islamic State Unveils Its Own GOLD, SILVER & COPPER-BACKED Currency

21 TRUE Facts About MUAMMAAR GADDAFI That We Weren’t Told

“I Put The ‘2014’ Cube In The Georgia Guidestones” [VIDEO]

Wall Street Banks Hoarding BILLIONS For Legal Settlement

Student/Teacher Protesters Overtake Mexican Airport

2 Illinois Veterans Place 102 Corrupt Local Officials Under Citizens’ Arrest

U.S. “Can’t Account For” $420 MILLION Worth Of Military Supplies In Afghanistan

How TOR Can Be Cracked

Cop Pepper Sprays Kindergarteners During School Visit

Pope Says Christianity Is Impossible Without The Church & Urges AGAINST Personal Relationships With Christ

FEMA Asks Elderly/Disabled NY Residents To Repay Disaster Aid

HITLER‘s 1939 Letter To France Urged Peace NOT War

Egypt Charges OBAMA & CLINTON In “Muslim” Terrorist Conspiracy

LEAKED INFO: Major Pre-Planned Police/Military Response To Post-Verdict Ferguson/STL Protests

LAND GRAB: Feds Confiscate 3 MILLION Acres In Nevada & Close It To The Public

EDWARD “SMIGLY” RYDZ: The Man Who Started WW2

New Evidence Proves Israel Attacked & Sank The U.S.S. Liberty

Child Poverty Increases By 2.6 MILLION People In Developed World Since 2008 While Global Number Of Billionaires DOUBLES

90 Pounds Of Cocaine Found On Ship Linked To U.S. Senator MITCH MCCONNELL

Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir

Florida Cop Rapes Woman At Gunpoint

How Ocean Farming Can End The Global Hunger Crisis

MUST READ: Angry Graduate Responds To Donation Request From His College

90-Year-Old Man & 2 Pastors Charged By Florida Police For Feeding Homeless

Popular Toothpaste Ingredient Linked To Cancer

Vancouver’s Sky Train Attacked By Israel’s “STUXNET” Virus

Why It Doesn’t Matter Which Political Parties Control The U.S. Congress

Federal Reserve End Quantitative Easing In U.S.

Operation GLADIO

IMF Chief CHRISTINE LAGARDE Indicted For Fraud In France

PUTIN‘s October 2014 Speech That Went Unreported By Mainstream Media

Corporate Welfare

Secrets Of Jewish Money Control [VIDEO]

Israel Destroys Palestinian Childrens’ Playgrounds

Cops Drown Handcuffed Man In Custody

Court Rules Cops Can Force Your Fingers To Unlock Your Phone

The Light Of Day” Radio Show Archives

Just How Rich ARE The 400 Wealthiest Americans?

The War-Mongering WOODROW WILSON

STL Police Chiefs Resign Amidst Protests

Cop Pulls Gun On Former U.S. Senator For Honking At Him

36 Ji: Proverbs To Deal With Conflict

Israel To Mass Produce Ebola Vaccines

China’s Secret Underground Nuclear Base Is World’s Largest

Project A119: The USAF’s Plan To Nuke The Moon

USAF Acknowledges Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program

FEMA ‘Accidentally’ Airs Emergency Alert In North Carolina

Former Nazi Guards Receiving Pensions From U.S.

Labeling GMO’s Would Cost Consumers Less Than 1 Cent Per Day

Virginia Highway Closes For Mysterious Convoy

Doctors Admit Polio Vaccine Causes Cancer

Cop Rapes Teen As Fellow Officers Watch

Voter Fraud In Detroit

4 Mega-Banks Fined In Europe Over Cartel-Like Behavior

Water Found In Space Dust

All About Star-seeds

Cops Execute Mentally Ill Man Via Firing Squad [*GRAPHIC* VIDEO]

7 Countries Where Americans Can Study For Free

Uranium Hexafluoride Released In Illinois

Saudis Say ISIS, AL-NUSRA & Muslim Brotherhood Have NO Connection To Islam

Vatican Library Digitizes 4,000 Manuscripts & Gives Them Away For FREE

These 17 Journalists Were Killed By Israel In Gaza

The Story Of U.S. Officials & Israeli Dual Citizenship

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor: America’s Fukushima

Anonymous Takes Down Israeli Web Sites

Officials Threaten To Arrest Civilians Who Repaired Damaged City Roads

Britain’s Secret Plan To Invade Grenada

Fluoridation: Cease And Desist [VIDEO]

U.S. DoD Spends $1 BILLION To Destroy $16 BILLION In Ammo

China Launches World Bank Rival

Android Ransomware Learns To Spread Via SMS

FALSE FLAG ALERT: ‘Drill’ During Ottawa Shooting Attack?

Was JESUS CHRIST Buried In Japan?

New Non-Human Species Of ‘Hobbit’ Discovered

DILMA ROUSSEFF Re-Elected President Of Brazil

Russia Begins First-Ever Gas Trading In St. Petersburg

Media Silent As African-Americans Open-Carry Firearms At March Against Police Brutality

U.S. Military Caught Protecting International Banking Cartel

City Awards Man $460,000 After Police Beating & Give $459,000 To His Lawyer

Israeli Troops Shoot & Kill 14-Year-Old At Palestinian Protest

I.R.S. Can Legally Seize Accounts On Suspicion Alone

SWAT Team Raid Man’s House After He Makes Fun Of Mayor On Twitter

POLICE STATE ALERT: San Diego School District Gets $733,000 MRAP Military Vehicle

USAF Forces Atheist Airman To Take Oath To ‘God’

Professor CORNEL WEST Arrested In Ferguson Protest

NYC Forced To Pay $428,000 For Police False Arrests & Civil Rights Abuses

Cops Arrest 11 People For ‘Illegally Harvesting Ginseng’ & Rob Them Of $180,000 In Ginseng & $30,000 Cash

Mass Graves Discovered In Palestine

U.S. DoJ Launches Investigation After Ohio Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Killer Cops

Man Charged With Murder After Cops Accidentally Shoot & Kill Bystander While Shooting At Him

Cop Busted For Robbing Man Of $1,300 & Assaulting Him

Cops Execute Man In Walmart For Holding BB Gun That He Planned To Buy

Japan Experiences HUGE Volcanic Eruptions

Corrupt Cop Kidnaps Woman He Met Online, Sets Her On Fire & Shoots Her In The Head

Dead Ferguson/STL Teen’s Autopsy Refutes Officer’s Story Of Self-Defense

Jews & Muslims March TOGETHER For Peace In Streets Of Israel

FALSE FLAG: SWAT Training Drill During Washington School Shooting That Left 2 Dead & 4 Wounded

Historic Quantum Software Run For The First Time



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