Ecuador To Become First Country In Western Hemisphere To Legalize All Drugs?

Texas Senate Passes Legislation To Facilitate Transactions In Gold & Silver

Ex-U.S. Speaker Of The House DENNIS HASTERT Indicted On Federal Charges

IRS Refunded BILLIONS Of Dollars For Fake Income Tax Returns

Why We Don’t Owe Our Freedom To “The Military

Uncomfortable Truths About Government Militaries

Silk Road Creator ROSS ULBRICHT Sentenced To Life In Prison

Maine To Allow Permitless Concealed Carry Of Firearms

Wrongfully Treating Academic Debate As “Anti-Semitism

Another Banker Death

Radioactive Leak Detected In New Delhi Airport

U.S. Sends More Aid To Israel

Amateur Satellite Trackers Locate The Secret X-37B Space Plane In Orbit

New York To Require Liability Insurance For Gun Owners?

Cuba Removed From The U.S.’ List Of “Terrorists

CDC Admits That The Flu Vaccine Doesn’t Work

Israel To Be First Non-U.S. Country To Use F-35 Fighter Jets

Uploading Consciousness For Eternal Life Is Possible

How Fluoride Kills Bodily Cells [Video]

Air France Jet Escorted By U.S. Fighter Jets To NYC After “Threat

Hacking Your Nervous System

Iran To Construct 48 Power Plants In Indonesia

The Anti-Psychiatry Coalition

The Sound-Wave Fire Extinguisher

$4.5 BILLION: Israel Asks For 50% Increase In Defense Funding From U.S.

U.K. Psychiatrist Wants To Re-Classify Psychedelic Drugs

Self-Driving Car Plows Into Journalists

U.S. Department Of Defense Admits To Supporting ISIS

U.S. Inmates Charged For Their Own Incarcerations

Canada Is An Accomplice To Zionist Israel’s Crimes

Tornado Kills 13 In Mexico

430+ Hospitalized As Heat Wave Hits Japan

China & Russia Plan Joint Moon Landing

Texas Legalizes Open-Carry Of Firearms

Russia Charges Lithuanian National ARSTIDAS TAMOSAITIS With Espionage

Underwater Volcanic Eruptions Create 2 New Islands In The Red Sea

Russian Air Defense Units Deployed As Part of Snap Combat Drills


Live Anthrax Virus “Accidentally” Shipped From Utah Military Lab To 9 U.S. States & South Korea

U.S. Nuclear Bombers To Conduct Military Drills In Sweden

NATO To Violate 1997 Russian Treaty By Establishing Permanent Forces In Latvia

The U.S. Military’s Bug Drones

Russia & Venezuela Ink $14 BILLION Oil & Gas Deal

Switzerland To Open BitCoin Bank

DNA Study Confirms That Native Americans Descended From A Single Ancestral Group

CLAWS: Creating Livable Alternatives To Wage Slavery

France Makes It Illegal For Grocery Stores To Waste Food

Kansas Law Takes Poor Peoples’ Money & Gives It To The Banksters

Burundi Political Opposition Leader ZEDI FERUZI Assassinated

McDonald’s Bans Customers From Buying Food For The Homeless

Disconnection: The Real Cause Of Addiction?

5 Ways To Fool Surveillance Systems

5 Tips For Breaking Out Of Jail

This Tiny Eco-Capsule Home Lets You Live Off-Grid Anywhere

Traditional Native American Code Of Ethics

FUTURE FALSE FLAG ALERT: Emergency Exercise To Shut Down Sydney Roads

High Fructose Corn Syrup Renamed & Marketed As A Natural Sweetener

Netherlands Bans Monsanto’s Poisonous ‘Roundup’ Pesticide

Did A Comet Wipe Out An Advanced Ancient Civilization 13,000 Years Ago?

Britain’s Largest Warship On Russian Border For NATO Drills

California Has Worst Oil Spill In Decades

Pentagon To Build Long-Range Missile Defense Radar Center In Alaska

1970’s Researchers Predicted That Debit Cards Would Become The Ultimate Spy Tool

Shots Fired At Members Of Mexican Gubernatorial Candidate’s Campaign Team

Did The ROTHSCHILDs Make A Historic Deal With The U.S. Government?

STANLEY MEYER‘s Water Fuel Cell

What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie?

The Bessler Wheel

The Iran Shopping Mall Explosion Is A FALSE FLAG

Washington D.C. Bomb Squad Blows Up Pressure Cooker Near Capitol

Crew Killed As Syrian Military Helicopter Crashes In Aleppo

Thousands Form Human-Chain Outside Of Japanese Parliament To Protest U.S. Military Base

Former Israeli Prime Minister EHUD OLMERT Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison For Fraud

Israel To Seize 202 Acres Of Palestinian Land For Dumping Ground

Heat Wave Kills Hundreds In India

Duke Energy Required To Pay $102 MILLION Penalty For Polluting North Carolina’s Rivers With Coal Ash

Freelance Spies” Are Recording Conversations Around NYC

Ireland Becomes The First Country To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage By Popular Vote

Zionist Israel Seeks To Re-Write International Humanity Laws

Japan Announces $110 BILLION Infrastructure Bank

Indiana Cops Arrest Man For Asking For Their Badge Numbers

U.S. President BARACK OBAMA Gifts Zionist Israel $1.9 BILLION In Weapons

FUTURE FALSE FLAG ALERT: Controlled Opposition Group ISIS Boasts They Can Buy Nukes From Pakistan

E.U. Signs €1.8 BILLION Bailout For Ukraine

It’s Mathematically Impossible To Pay Off The World’s “Debt

China To Build High-Speed Rail Link To Russia?

CIA Refuses To Release Torture Reports

11-Year-Old Boy Graduates From California College With 3 Degrees

DARPA To Begin Field Tests Of “Death Ray” Laser

Airlines To Require Proof Of Vaccination For Air Travel?

Astoria: Hackers Build New TOR Client To Beat The NSA

$77 Fully-Customizable 3-D Printer

3D-Printed Solar-Powered Motors That Can Run Non-Stop For 100 Years

Has Dr. STEVEN GREER Of The ‘Disclosure Project’ Been Corrupted?

ZARATHUSHTRA: Revolutionary Iranian Prophet & History’s First Philosopher

Enochian: The Mysterious Lost Language Of Angels

Golem: Talmudic Legend Of A Clay Beast Created To Protect The Jews

The Black Vault

A-REVOLT Online Library

Encyclopedia Mythica

Government Attic


Federal Reserve Education

The U.S. Navy’s “Armageddon War Games” In Alaska

Why Cops Go Crazy When People Run From Them

K-Tor Pocket Socket: Hand Crank Generator

The Power Box: Pedal-Powered Generator

Did Peru Have A Written Language 4,500 Years Ago?

CHIP: The $9 Computer


The World Passport

Ancient Symbols

Proof That The Zionists Created & Run “ISIS

Where To Find Natural Building Materials

General Motors: You Don’t Own Your Car, You Just License It

BP Oil Spill Caused Biggest Dolphin Die-Off In Gulf History

Cops Who Flash-Banged Infant’s Crib Are Blaming the Baby

U.S. To Sell Bombs To Israel & Helicopters To Saudis

Walmart‘s Leaked Anti-Union Training Video

Chinese Navy Issues Warnings To U.S. Spy Planes In The South China Sea

China & Russia To Introduce New Gold Standard?

The CIA Destroyed Torture Tapes

NYPD To Station Counter-Terrorism Officer In Australia

China Plans Landing On Dark Side Of The Moon

North Korea Claims It Has Mini-Nukes

Egyptian Court Bans Porn Websites

China To Boost Investment In Russia By 150%

U.S. Sending 1,000 Anti-Tank Missiles To Iraq

Iranian Army Ground Forces To Begin Major Drills

Guatemalan Central Bank Chief JULIO SUAREZ Arrested

China Bails Out Brazil In $50 BILLION Power Grab

U.S. Senator RAND PAUL Filibusters Patriot Act Renewal

The Under-Reported Derailment Of The (Former) Truth Movement: Individuals Take Over [VIDEO]

Mami’s Articles

The Origin Of Talmudic Law

Where Is The 3/11 Truth Movement?

Truth Sector News



The ISIS Hoaxes For Newbies

108 Facts You Should Always Remember About 9/11

The Buzludzha Monument: The Communist Headquarters In The Bulgarian Mountains

U.S. Wants To “Officially” Create A National Police Force

Russia Stops Transit Of NATO Military Cargo To Afghanistan Through Russian Territory

U.S. Secretary Of State JOHN KERRY Calls For The Internet To Be Placed Under U.N. Authority

More Admitted False Flag Terror Incidents Come To Light

U.S. Military Drone Crashes In Colorado Man’s Backyard

Wyoming Criminalizes Taking “Ecological” Photos On Public Lands

UBS To Pay $545 MILLION To U.S. Authorities Over FOREX & LIBOR Scandals

How To Use Recycled “Garbage” To Build A Better Organic Garden

This Man Controls His Robotic Arms With His Mind

Iran Sends Humanitarian Aid To Yemen

FUTURE FALSE FLAG ALERT: U.S. Encounters Chinese War Ships In South China Sea

Brainprint: Your Mind’s Reaction To Certain Words Could Be Your Password

Palestinians Blocked From Riding On Buses With Israelis

Average Human Attention Span Is 8 Seconds Lower Than A Goldfish

The Arrests Of JAMES HEIKKILA (JIM STONE): The Facts And HIS Fiction

The U.S. Army’s Drone Tank

The Psychological Effects Of Circumcision

Scientists Discover Equations Behind How Brains Remember Events

Another Banker Death

Former Egyptian President MOHAMED MORSI Sentenced To Death

China 3D-Prints A 5-Story Apartment Building

Britain’s Trident Nuclear Submarine Program

Governments Funding Development Of  “Brain Scanner” Technology

In-Flight Plane Hacking

53 Admitted False Flag Attacks

The Secret Fed Paper That Advocated A “Carry Tax” On All Physical Currency

5 Major Banks To Plead Guilty To Rigging Currency Markets

1,000+ Plaintiffs File Lawsuit To Keep Japan Out Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Saudis To Purchase Pakistani Atomic Bomb?

Is The U.S. Planning A “Gulf Of Tonkin”-Style Incident In The South China Sea?

U.N. To Launch World-Wide Sustainable Development Agenda In September

Guatemalan Town Expels All Jews For Causing ‘Ill Will

No Pipelines On Our Land: Indigenous Canadian Tribe Turns Down $267,000/Person Bribes

China Upgrading Its Missile Arsenal

1 Dead & 21 Injured As U.S. Military Plane Crashes In Hawaii

TOX Encrypted Messenger

North Korea To Launch Satellite Into Orbit In October

Arizona To Cut Assistance To Thousands Of Poor Children & Families

Poland To Compensate Detainees Held At Polish CIA Torture Site

L’Oreal To 3D-Print Human Skin

Iraq To Buy Weapons From Russia, Iran & China

DuPont Pioneer Fined $500,000 For Contaminating Homes With Toxic Dust

Ruptured California Pipeline Spills 21,000+ Gallons Of Crude Oil Into The Pacific Ocean

6 Crazy Things Israel Has Done To Maintain Racial Purity

U.S. Soldiers Raped At Least 53 Children In Colombia

Boston Bomber” Patsy DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV Gets Death Penalty

New Test Detects Drug Use From Fingerprints

Do Higher Beings Use Humans As Energy Conductors?

HARRIET TUBMAN To Be Featured On The U.S. $20 Bill

U.S. Military Develops Self-Guiding Bullets

Nebraska Becomes 4th U.S. To Declare A State Of Emergency Due To Bird Flu

Drone Puts White House On Lockdown

North Korea Conducts Live-Fire Drills


8 Dead & 65 Injured As Amtrak Train Derails In Philadelphia

Norway’s Explicit Sex-Ed For 8-Year-Olds

Canada To Make It Illegal To Boycott Israel

Sudan Shoots Down Israeli Drone

Israel To Buy 4 Navy Patrol Ships From Germany

NATO Escorts 2 Russian Military Planes Through Lithuania

Washington State To Require A Warrant For Police “Stingray” Cell-Phone Tracking

The Average Age of A Minimum Wage Worker In The U.S. Is 36

Russia & China Hold Joint Naval Drills In The Mediterranean Sea

U.S. Secretary Of State JOHN KERRY To Meet With Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN

20 NATO War Ships Hold War Games Exercises In The Baltic Sea

Mexico Officially Suspends Infant Vaccinations

Saudi Army Strike Force Arrives On Yemen’s Border In Preparation For Land Invasion

North Korea Executes Defense Minister HYON YONG-CHOL For Falling Asleep At Military Event

Was The StuxNet Virus Used To Derail The Amtrak Train In Philadelphia?

HR232: The Vaccinate All Children Act Of 2015

Elites Pushing Tainted Vaccines On Nepal Earthquake Victims

The Vatican Officially Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Massachusetts Public Schools Quiz 12-Year-Olds About Gay, Oral & Anal Sex

The Barbary Slave Trade

Jahn-Teller Metals: Scientists Discover New State Of Matter


USDA Develops First Government Label For GMO-Free Products

FBI Surveilling Anti-Keystone XL Pipeline Activists

Former White House Official PHILIPPA MALMGREN Says That The U.S. Is Already At War With China & Russia

California Approve Ban On Grand Jury Investigations Into Murders Committed By Police

The Secret Corporate Takeover Hidden In The Trans-Pacific Partnership

CIA’s JEFFREY STERLING Sentenced To 42 Months In Prison For Leaks To New York Times Journalist

Russian Military Aircraft Deploy To Tajikistan For Joint Drills

Former U.S. Ambassador To The U.N. JOHN BOLTON To Announce 2016 U.S. Presidential Bid

Ukraine Storing Nuclear Waste In Open-Air War Zone

China To Develop High-Speed Russian Railway

20% Of U.K. Public School Students Lack Basic Math & Science Skills

Court Rules That England Must Support The Homeless

Samsung‘s Machine-Gun Robot

Oxford English Dictionary May Add Gender-Neutral ‘Mx’ Honorific

The 9 Strangest Flying Robots From The World’s Largest Drone Show

North Korea Claims It Successfully Tested Submarine-Based Ballistic Missile

4 Killed As U.S. Military Airbus A400M Crashes In Spain

Colorado Backs Out Of JADE HELM

Is The Earth’s Moon An Artificial Alien Base?

U.S. Government Using Electronic Torture To Mimic Mental Illness

Force Change: List Of Successful Petitions

Russians Get 10 Years In Jail For “Extremist” Speech

Billionaire SAMUEL CURTIS JOHNSON III Only Gets 4 Months In Jail For Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Girl

A Green Beret’s Guide To EMP: Practical Steps To Prepare For A “Lights Out” Scenario (Part 1)

Destroy Zionism

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN’s Close Relationship With Orthodox Jews

The Coptic Language

RFID Technology

PUTIN: The Good Goy

Who Rules Russia?

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN To Jews: Russia Is Your Friend

Russin President VLADIMIR PUTIN Embraces The Jews

Jewish Rabbi BEREL LAZAR Praises Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN

Jews Backing Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN

Army Of Jewish Billionaires At The Side Of Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I Support The Struggle Of Israel

Israeli President BENJAMIN NETANYAHU & Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN Get Direct Line For Communication

Israeli President BENJAMIN NETANYAHU & Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN Join Forces

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN Backs Israel’s ‘Security Needs’ In The Middle East

Russia Makes It Illegal To Question The Farce That Is The ‘Jewish Holocaust

Kentucky Senator RAND PAUL: “Any Attack On Israel Will Be Treated As An Attack On The United States [VIDEO]

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN Shot During Road Rage Incident

Russia Asks Greece To Join BRICS

NATO Jets Scramble To Intercept Russian Plane Over Baltic Sea

China Launches Mystery Object Into Space

2 Children Dead & 37 Sick After Tainted Vaccinations In Mexico

Mobile Phone Radiation Causes Brain Cancer

Cops Can “Legally” Access Cell Phone Tower Records Without A Warrant

The Alternative Media Disinformation Conglomerate: Part 2

The Alternative Media Disinformation Conglomerate: Part 1

The White House’s Continuity Of Government Plan

VIT JEDLICKA Jailed: Cops Arrest President Of New Micro-Nation “Liberland

GORDON DUFF’s Real Identity & Agenda Revealed To The World

Iran Copies U.S. Oil-Drilling Technology

Poland To Operate Iranian Gas Projects

China To Build Military Base In Africa Next To Critical Oil Transit Choke-Point

U.S. Sending Hundreds Of Marines To Central America

Russia To Revive Strategic Partnership With NATO

Mossad & MI6 Are Spying On Americans

1 In 4 British Children Are Obese

Kuwait To Order 28 Advanced Boeing Fighter Jets

Does Russia Own 20% Of U.S. Uranium Reserves?

The U.S.’ First Regulated BitCoin Exchange

PsyOp Ninja

International Center Against Abuse Of Covert Technologies


Intel Developing Computers That Read Minds

New Transistor Bridges Human-Machine Gap

5 HAARP-Style Arrays Being Built In Norway

The Bengal Famine: How Britain Engineered The Worst Genocide In Human History

Cops Seize 10 Homeschooled Children From Family Because They Live Off-Grid

The Religion With No Name

IBM‘s ‘Watson’ Supercomputer To Make Decisions About Patients’ Cancer Care In U.S. & Canada

Oil-Tanker Derails & Catches Fire In North Dakota

West Virginia Senator JOE MANCHIN Says His State Would “Welcome” Massive Special Forces Exercises Caught Sharing Customer DNA Data With Cops

More Than 11,000 Demolition Orders Pending In The West Bank

List Of Israel’s Agents In British Politics

STEW WEBB Talks About His Split With Veterans Today & Outs GORDON DUFF As Disinfo Agent [AUDIO]

NASA Creates A Real-Life Warp Drive

Truth Earth

Project MeshNet

Same Agents Who Incited Riots In Ferguson Show Up In Baltimore

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Holographic Apps

Patents For Directed-Energy Microwave & Psychotronic Weapons

DEA Approves MDMA For Anxiety

Attempts Made On The Lives Of STEW WEBB & JEFF RENSE

10 Sioux Indian Quotes That Will Make You Question Everything

Middle-Eastern Nations Considering Intervention In Baltimore

6 Baltimore Cops Charged With FREDDIE GRAY‘s Homicide

How To Hack A Military Drone

False Flag Attack On The Pantex Nuclear Facility?

FOX News Tries To Pass Off Photos Of Venezuelan Riots As Baltimore

China & Russia To Hold Joint Mediterranean Naval Exercise

Bird Flu Spurs State Of Emergency In Iowa

CitiBank Buys $1 BILLION In Gold From Venezuela

Hypocrite Anti-Gay Legislator Outed After Sending Explicit Photos To Men On Grindr

Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Take Psychotropic Drugs

Denmark To Join E.U. Banking Union

2 Major Bio-Tech Companies May Soon Merge Into “Mega Monsanto

Food In Rikers Island Prison Laced With Rat Poison

Italian Army Planting Cannabis Farms

Does Billionaire GEORGE SOROS Owe $7 BILLION In Taxes?

Russian Military To Get Robotic Exo-Skeletons By 2020

AT&T To Charge Customers For Opting Out Of Internet Surveillance

Missing U.S. Air Force Jet Lands At British Base

Fire Shuts Down Nuclear Power Reactor In Taiwan

Remote Mind-Control Weapons [VIDEO]

PayPal To Replace Passwords With Embedded Microchips?

Tesla Unveils Battery-Pack To Power Your Whole Home

Pennsylvania Judge Gets 28-Year Sentence For Selling Teens To Prisons

Alternatives To The Internet

Creating An Alternative Internet

The Promise Of A New Internet

Illinois Cop Charged With 21 Counts Of Sexual Assault On A Child

FALSE FLAG At Texas Free Speech Conference

Survive The Apocalypse

NASA‘s Messenger Probe Set To Crash Into Planet Mercury

Further Proof That Zionism Has Overtaken Judaism: IDF Attacks Ethiopian Jews [VIDEO]


Backing Up Your Home With The Tesla Battery

France Restricts Movement Of Gold, Cash, & Crypto-Currencies

Guide To Recording Cops

Florida Cop Unloads AR-15 On Fleeing Man

Australia To Implement Compulsory Tax On Money Itself

NASA Captures Mysterious Noises 22 Miles Above Earth

U.K. McDonald’s To Breathalyze Customers

Quebec Makes It Illegal To Insult Cops Online

E-Cigs Contain 10 Times More Cancer-Causing Ingredients Than Traditional Cigarettes

Former Israeli President SHIMON PERES Suggest The Papacy Heads A “United Nations Of Religion

Japanese Engineers Design Robotic Bear To Aid In Assisted Suicide

China’s Fourth-Generation Nuclear Submarines

2 Chinese Warships Enter The Black Sea

Norway Begins NATO’s “Dynamic Mongoose” Military Exercise

Fires Near Chernobyl Re-Mobilizing Nuclear Poisons

U.K. May Impose Internet Rationing

Swedish Police List Palestinian Flag As Symbol Of Terror

Filipinos Asked To Turn Off Fridges To Save Power For PACQUIAO-MAYWEATHER Fight



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