Hungary Destroys Monsanto’s GMO Corn

How To Create Good Karma

Ritual Masonic Child Abuse [VIDEO]

Chemtrails Linked To Mass Illness

The Top 10 Most Inhuman HENRY KISSINGER Quotes

12,400-Mile Intercontinental Highway Proposed

Watch A Live Map Of Hacks Across The World

See The Location History That Google Has On You

23 Terrifying Facts About Big Corporations

Build A Water Pump Without Electricity

See Mother Earth Reclaim What Was Once Hers

SWAT Teams Can Now “Legally” Enter Your Home Without A Warrant

Fatal Car Attack & Shooting At NSA Headquarters

The Most Disturbing Scientology Stories Of The Last Decade

Ohio Homeland Security Looking For Crisis Actors For June “Drill

2 U.S. Federal Agents Charged With Stealing Over $1 MILLION In BitCoin

Russia To Become Founding State Of China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

New York Governor Bans “Non-Essential” Travel To Indiana

Colorado Bill Would Impose $15,000 Fine On Cops Who Try To Stop People From Filming Them

Russia Vows To Fight For Palestinian Statehood

Ex-Israeli PM EHUD OLMERT Convicted In Another Corruption Case

Pesticides Linked To Dramatic Sperm Loss

Australia To Tax Bank Deposits

The Principality Of Sealand

Facebook’s Solar-Powered Internet Drone

Barbados To Remove Queen ELIZABETH II As Their Head Of State

Rapper IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE Falsely Arrested

CLINTONs Charged In RICO Racketeering Case

2 Cops Arrested For Beating Their 3-Month-Old Baby Into A Coma

U.S. & Russia Agree To New Joint Space Station & Mars Project

The U.S. Army’s Safeguard Program

Secret Space Programs

Project Solar Warden



U.S. Air Force Testing New Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles

DEA Agents Had Sex Parties Funded By Drug Cartels

Will The ‘Jade Helm 15’ “Drills” Take Down The U.S. Power Grid?

Russian & Polish Officials Charged In Plane Crash That Killed Ex-Polish President & 95 High-Ranking Military & Government Officials

San Francisco Jail Inmates Forced To Battle One Another In “Gladiator-Style” Fights

U.S. Soldiers & Contractors Sexually Abused At Least 54 Children In Colombia

U.K. Sending 75 More “Military Trainers” To Syria

Chinese Company Creates 3D-Printed Car For $1,770 USD [VIDEO]

Monsanto’s Herbicides Are Breeding Antibiotic-Resistant Super Bugs

Canadian Government Greenlights Murder Of 500,000+ Seals

South Korea To Be A Founding Member Of China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Russia Test Fires New RS-26 Ballistic Missiles

China & Iran Hold Nuclear Talks

EPA Fines Monsanto $600,000 USD For Uncontrolled Release Of Toxic Chemicals

Homelessness In London Soars 79% Since 2010

China To Invest $15 BILLION USD In Ukraine Housing

Egyptian Navy Fires On Iranian War Ships

DARPA Developing Alternative To GPS

ATF Wasted $600,000 On Failed Drone Program

Indiana Declares State Of Emergency In Response To HIV Epidemic

Arizona State Senator Says Church Attendance Should Be Mandatory [VIDEO]

Man Jailed For Swearing During 911 Call

New Ford Vehicles To Forcibly Regulate Your Speed

The Metcalf Sniper Attack

Was Germanwings A320 Intentionally Downed?

New Info From The Large Hadron Collider Could Debunk The ‘Big Bang’ Theory

2 Birds With 1 Stone: Vaccine Market Generated $23.9 BILLION USD While Poisoning BILLIONS Of People In 2013

Why Hemp Is A Better Choice Than Petroleum

Russia Inks $10 BILLION USD Deal To Build Jordan’s First Nuclear Power Plant

Japan Developing Wireless Electricity

Plants Communicate Using An Internet Of Fungus


The 10 Most Dastardly Things The FBI Has Ever Done

Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Short-Circuits

In Some States Only The Wealthy Are Allowed To Grow Cannabis

Does Google Meet With The White House On A Near-Weekly Basis?

Why DuPont Is Evil

Radio Shack Selling Customers’ Personal Info

Is The ‘Mars One’ Project A Scam?

Boeing Patents Microwave Force Fields

Inside The Deep Web

Was The Goddess NINKHARSAG The Inspiration For The Biblical ‘Holy Ghost’?

U.S. DoJ Asks Banks To Report Customers Who Withdraw $5,000 Or More

150 Killed As Germanwings A320 Crashes Into French Alps

NATO Intercepts 11 Russian Military Jets

Vitamin C Is More Effective Than Vaccines


Organic Laws Institute

Free Inhabitant

Is There An Alien Presence On The Internet?

U.N. Acknowledges Israel’s Abuse Of Human Rights

Rules For Search Warrants

Military Aircraft In Vicinity Of Germanwings A320 Before Crash?

Secret Emails Reveal HILLARY CLINTON‘s Lies

U.S. To Fund Afghan Military Through 2017

New Jersey To Require Local Approval For Law Enforcement Acquisition Of Military Equipment

Wisconsin To Forcibly Take DNA For ALL Misdemeanor Convictions

Canada’s Secret Hacking Tactics

Electrodes Can Deliver Drugs Directly To Brain Neurons

The American Spy Base In Brazil

North Carolina Mandates The Polio Vaccine

U.S. ATF Director B. TODD JONES Resigns

Russian President PUTIN Proposes Eurasian Currency Union

California Granted $1 BILLION In Emergency Relief

Another Reporter Suicided

European Union Proposes Sanctions Against Israel

Maine Seeks To Label GMO’s

Top U.S. Commander Arrested For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia?

Venezuela Takes $5 BILLION Loan From China

Transparent Solar Cells Could Make Every Window A Power Source

U.S. Finally Admits That Israel Has Nukes

New Mexico Abolishes Civil Asset Forfeiture

Ancient Text Describes JESUS As A Shape-Shifter

U.S. Congress Describes Chemtrails As An “Exotic Weapon

NATO Performing Massive Military “Exercises” Near Russia’s Border

NATO Intercepts Russian Military Jet

10 Killed As Argentinian Plane Crashes In Uruguay

Russia Launches Military Exercises In Armenia

Romania To Stop Importing Russian Gas

Machete-Wielding Man Attacks TSA Agents At New Orleans Airport

Assassination Attempt On Afghan VP ABDUL RASHID DUSTOM Thwarted

NASA & The Mars Agenda

French Legislation Requires The Roofs Of Commercial Buildings To Be Covered By Plants Or Solar Panels

Illinois State Rep AARON SCHOCK To Resign

Facebook Launches Free Money-Transfer Service

Russia Issues International Arrest Warrants For ROTHSCHILDs & GEORGE SOROS

U.S. Drone Shot Down Over Syria

1 In 3 U.S. Families Classified As “Working Poor

U.S.’ Domestic Oil Pipelines Dwarf The Keystone XL

Inside The FBI’s Massive Gun Vault

Sierra Leone VP Requests U.S. Asylum

Venezuela Performs Massive 10-Day Military Exercise

24,520 Chemicals Found In Bottled Water

Russian President PUTIN To Nationalize ROTHSCHILD Central Bank

NETANYAHU “Wins” Israeli PM Election

19 Killed In Tunisia Museum Attack

6 Shot In Mesa, Arizona Rampage

U.S. Patent 5159702: Silent Subliminal Presentation System

NATO & Swedish Jets Intercept Russian Spy Plane In Estonia

Australians Who Refuse Fingerprint Scans By Police Could Face 3 Months In Prison Or $1,250 Fine

San Francisco Catholic Church Intentionally Floods Premises To Prevent Homeless From Sleeping There

Ex-U.S. Presidents’ Exorbitant Benefits Packages

U.S. Mainstream Media Hit With $1 TRILLION In Lawsuits Over Sandy Hook Hoax

$12 MILLION Worth Of BitCoin Currency Missing After Deep Web Marketplace Gets Shut Down


Israeli PM NETANYAHU Calls For A “Two-State Solution” For Israel & Palestine

Ukrainian Proxies Tasked With Murdering Russian President PUTIN

U.S. President OBAMA Wants To Make Voting Mandatory

France To Make “Conspiracy Theories” Illegal?

2 Killed In Swedish Restaurant Shooting

Germans Riot As Activists Try To Shut Down ROTHSCHILD-Controlled Central Bank

San Diego Police Caught White-Washing Online Footprints Of Their Misconduct

France Limits Cash Transaction To €1,000

U.K. To Give Jewish Schools & Synagogues £10 MILLION Per Year To Protect Against “Anti-Semitic Attacks

Jade Helm 15: The U.S. Military’s 8-Week Long Multi-State “Drill

Russian Spy Ships Off U.K. Coast?

U.K. SkyNet Military Satellite To Deploy Over Asia-Pacific Region

500,000 U.K. Civil Servants Placed Under Gag Order

Students Forced To Submit To Facial Recognition Scanner In Order To Take Tests [VIDEO]


Egyptian Military Destroys 1,020 Houses Near Gaza

Lockheed Martin’s New Fusion Reactor

Russia Sends 100 Tons Of Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

Hacker Blackmailed By The FBI Into Spying On Mexican Drug Cartels

Boeing Developing New Precision Laser Weapons System For U.S. Navy

Russian Military Has 5 International Exercises Planned For 2015

Volcanic Activity Threatens Indonesia

Venezuelan Mayor Live-Tweets His Arrest

U.S. To Deploy 4 Warships To Singapore By 2018

Russia & India Developing Joint Military Technologies

Hollywoodism: The Ideology That Has Devoured Western Culture [VIDEO]

2 Indonesian Aircraft Crash After Colliding In Mid-Air

U.S. Breaks Ranks With Israel Over Details Of Iranian Nuclear Program

Japan Looks To Ink $60 BILLION USD Gas Deal With Iran

U.S. Raises Fee To Renounce Citizenship By 422%

India Lifts Ban On Gold Imports

U.K. To Build World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

U.S. To “Negotiate” With Syria

Russian President’s Body Guard Murdered

Landmark Canadian Lawsuit Challenges Banksters

Is PUTIN‘s “Disappearance” A CIA Psy-Op?

Our Solar System’s Largest Moon Has A Saltwater Ocean

Toyota Charging $4,400 USD For $10 Battery Fix

Publishers Of “Common Core” Curriculum Are Spying On Students’ Social Media Activity

FDA To Let Big Pharma Undermine Safety Procedures?

Russia Launches Military Exercises In The Arctic

South African Minister Suicided In Car Crash

Egypt Forces 31 Dissident Judges To Retire

Kolob: Mormon “Heaven”?

Texas Legislation Would Vaccinate Children Without Parents’ Consent

Visit The REACTOR BREACH FORUM For The Most Up-To-Date Discussion Regarding VLADIMIR PUTIN

Protein-Coated Discs Could Hold 50 TB Of Data

FCC Releases “Full Text” Of Net Neutrality Bill That Was Passed In Secret

4 Killed In Indian Market Bombing

2 Cops Shot In Ferguson, MO Protests

Mexican Mayoral Candidate AIDE NAVA Assassinated

Pakistan Inks 30-Year Electricity Deal With Iran

U.S. Postal Service Employing Secret Surveillance Cameras

Deadly Bacteria Escapes Louisiana Lab

Print Your Own Batteries [VIDEO]

Australia Harnesses The Power Of Ocean Waves To Generate Electricity

The Hidden History Of The Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

Iceland Drops Bid To Join European Union

Venezuela Liquidates Gold Supply

Texas Legislation Would Make It Illegal To Film Cops

Russia To Mine 3,000 Square Km Of Pacific Ocean For Cobalt

General Mills Illegally Dumps 15,000 Gallons Of Cancerous Chemicals

Big Pharma Knowingly Sells Tainted Children’s Medicine

Bodies Of U.S. Soldiers Killed In Ukraine Float Ashore In Gulf Of Mexico?

IMF Approves $17.5 BILLION USD Ukrainian “Bailout

Colombian President Halts Bombing Of FARC Rebels

120+ U.S. Armored Military Vehicles Deployed To Latvia

75% Of Ferguson, MO Residents Have Active Arrest Warrants

Oklahoma Law Only Allows Members Of Clergy To Conduct Marriage Ceremonies

OBAMANET: U.S. Government To Provide Free Internet Service To Low-Income Individuals

NYPD Editing Wikipedia Pages Of People They Kill

Hertz Installs Cameras In Its Rental Cars

CERN To Restart March 23rd

China Now The Biggest Banker In Latin America

Canadian Town Bans Freedom Of Assembly

Maldives Ex-President Gets 13 Years In Jail Over Terrorism Charges

ICC Halts Legal Proceedings Against Kenyan President UHURU KENYATTA

Suspect” In Russian Shooting Gets Suicided

NEPOTISM: HILLARY CLINTON‘s Brother Granted Rare Mining Permit In Haiti

HILLARY CLINTON Fired From Job As U.S. Ambassador To Kenya

U.K. Deploying More Troops To Iraq

Dominican Energy Official VICTORIANO SANTOS HILARIO Assassinated

Nearly 40% Of FDA Clinical Trials Are Based On False Information

Circumcision Trauma Causes Brain Damage

Man Arrested For Paying Taxes With Folded-Up Dollar Bills

North Korean Diplomat Caught Smuggling 27 Kilos Of Gold

Freight Train Carrying Oil Derails In Canada

2 Vietnamese Men Steal Over 1 BILLION Email Addresses

Russian Nuclear Submarine Test-Fires New Missiles

U.S. Freezes $640 MILLION In Russian Assets

Indianapolis Passes Legislation Ensuring Rights For The Homeless

CERN Truth

EverGreen Air: CIA Front For Spraying Chemtrails

DEA Told Not To Enforce Drug Laws In Rich Neighborhoods

Gay Brit’s Mother Acts As Surrogate For His Baby

47 Members Of U.S. Congress Commit Felony By Violating The “Logan Act

LIP SERVICE: Zionist-Controlled Wikipedia Sues The NSA To “Preserve User’s Anonymity

Scientists Implant Memories In Mice


U.S. National Guard Conducts Door-To-Door “Wellness Checks

Orthorexia Nervosa: Eating Healthy Is Now Considered A Mental Disorder

Texas Looks To Nullify Federal Cannabis Prohibition

10,000 Troops Policing French Streets

J.P. Morgan’s Massive Silver Fraud

CIA Planes Record Cell Phone Data

U.K. Police Call For CCTV Cameras In All Homes

U.K. Deploys 20 Armored Vehicles To Ukraine

FBI Tracking Activists Who Go Against The Keystone XL Pipeline

U.S. To Intervene In Mexico To Control Oil?

Venezuela Stores Fingerprints Shoppers

Mississippi Legislation Would Allow Police To Enter Your Home At Will If You Own A Certain Breed Of Dog

Ark Two Shelter

Existential Nihilism

National Council For Civil Liberties: “Childhood Sexual Experiences, Willingly Engaged In With An Adult, Result In No Identifiable Damage … Little Subsequent Effect After A Child Has Been Molested

Bolivia Declares Israel A Terrorist State

9/11 Truth To Go Public In U.K. & Denmark Courts

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN Death Hoax


DIY Off-The-Grid Projects

STL Cops In The Pocket Of Local Drug Dealers


SpaceX Launches Proprietary Satellite Network To Decentralize The Internet

$30,000 USD Car Runs On Salt Water & Electricity

Lord JAMES Of Blackheath Illegally Smuggled & Sexually Abused Thousands Of Children

Fracking Used To Inject Nuclear Waste Underground For Decades

Gerrymandering Explained

Archaeologists Uncover 2 Lost Cities In Honduran Jungle

Doctors Admit Vaccines Turn Our Immune Systems Against Us

Dark Secrets About Your Consciousness

Food Truck Explosion Puts White House On Lockdown

BUSTED! Iraq Arrests ISIL’s American, Arab & Israeli Foreign Military Advisers

Man Patents Method Of Using Mushrooms As Natural, Chemical-Free “Pesticide

Cops Can “Legally” Impersonate You Online

Thousands Of Israelis Call For PM BENJAMIN NETANYAHU‘s Resignation

33 U.S. Cities Make It Illegal To Feed The Homeless

Utah Tries To Ban ALL Wood Burning

New uTorrent Update Hijacks Your CPU To Mine BitCoins

U.S. Shipping Military Aid To Terrorists

Uncovered Emails Prove U.S. Knows That Benghazi Was A False Flag

Numerous CIA-Style Interrogation Compounds In Every U.S. State

Missouri Senators Call To Dissolve Entire Ferguson Police Department

Canadian Border Patrol Charges Traveler With ‘Obstruction’ For Refusing To Reveal Cell Phone Password

Thousands Of New Mexico High School Students Walk Out In Protest Over ‘Common Core’ Curriculum

Spain Forecloses On 95 Family Homes Every Day

Japan To Create New MI6-Style Spy Agency

Russia’s New Revolutionary Electronic Warfare System

United Nations’ Mobile App Used To Spread Fear & Disinfo

Canadian Man Faces $20,000 Fine For Refusing To Unlock Cell Phone During Airport Check

Kentucky Declared A ‘State Of Emergency’ After State Congressman Criticized Israeli PM

Australia Banning Butane Stoves

Lockheed Martin’s New ATHENA Laser Weapon System

U.K. Man Wins Court Case Against BBC Over 9/11 Coverup

Third-Party & Independent Candidates For The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Nevada Law Prevents People From Being Foster Parents If They Legally Own Firearms

Virginia Awards $25,000 Compensation To Victims Who Were Forcefully Sterilized

2,000 Russian Soldiers Involved In Large-Scale Military Exercises

40 Spanish Elites Charged With Corruption

Russian President PUTIN Condemns Murder Of His Rival

6 NATO Warships Stage Military Exercises In Black Sea

More U.S. States Proposing GMO-Labeling Legislation

Proof That Recently-Vaccinated Individuals Pose A Public Health Risk

Brain-Computer Interface Allows People To Fly Aircraft With Their Minds

U.K. Child Kidnapping Rate Is 4 Times Higher Than Reported

Rolling Blackouts And Severe Drought In Brazil

Israel Attacks U.N. Base In Lebanon

North Korea Holds Live-Fire Military Exercises

130 Killed In Myanmar/China Battle

List Of Confirmed Media Lies

Kansas Moves To Ban Abortion

Swiss Flight Cancelled Due To Bomb Threat

Russia’s Hypersonic Missiles Exceed Mach 5 Speeds

EDWARD SNOWDEN Denied Political Asylum In 21 Countries

Anonymous Is A CIA Controlled Opposition Group

5 Connected Shootings In Maryland?

NYC Public Schools To Close For Muslim Holidays

Turkish Airlines Flight Crash-Lands In Nepal

Prior To 2011, Over 70% Of U.S. Chickens Contained Deadly Arsenic

Israeli Navy Opens Fire On Palestinian Fishing Boats

U.S. Deploying 6 National Guard Companies To Ukraine

Former CIA Director DAVID PATRAEUS Pleads Guilty To Passing Classified Info

FALSE FLAG ALERT: GADDAFI‘s Cousin Says Europe Will Face A “9/11” Within 2 Years

Dozens Killed, Trapped & Missing In Ukraine Gas Mine Blast

“Militants” Seize Libyan Oil Fields

Israel Destroys Thousands Of Acres Of Palestinian Crops

U.S. Government Admits Vaccines Cause Polio, Seizures & Death

L.A. County To Pay Family $800,000 For Kidnapping Their Unvaccinated Children

FALSE FLAG ALERT: U.S. Says Next “9/11” Will Come Out Of Libya

U.S. Ambassador To South Korea MARK LIPPERT Slashed In The Face With Razor In Seoul Armed Assault

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah KHAMENEI Hospitalized With Organ Failure?

Popular Cigarettes Contain Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic & Aluminum

Ukraine Bans Gold Transactions Over $125 USD

Libertarian U.S. Senator RAND PAUL Is A Zionist Israeli Puppet

Pakistan Arresting Parents Who Choose Not To Vaccinate Their Children


Israeli PM BENJAMIN NETANYAHU‘s Speech At 2015 AIPAC Policy Conference [VIDEO]

U.S. President OBAMA Wants To Raise Taxes Via Executive Action

Pakistan Forcing Mobile Phone Owners To Be Fingerprinted

Russians Have To Spend 50% Of Their Income On Food

Surveillance Video Contradicts LAPD’s Story Of Homeless Man’s Murder

Russia’s Military Exercises Are 10 Times Larger Than NATO’s

Researchers Develop Cloud-Seeding Drones

Lithuania Reinstates Compulsory Military Service

Iran Test-Fires 20 New Missiles In The Persian Gulf

Another News Reporter Targeted?

4 Killed As 2 Turkish Military Jets Mysteriously Crash

Canada’s “Patriot Act”

Birth Control Pills Double Risk Of Developing A Brain Tumor

British Columbia Dumps Over 34 MILLION Gallons Of Waster Into The Pacific Ocean Each Day

New WiFi-Connected Barbie Records Your Children

U.S. President OBAMA Unveils Plans To Nationalize Local & State Law Enforcement Agencies

Detroit Police Murder Sleeping 7-Year-Old In No-Knock Raid On Wrong House

Iraq Admits To Helping Fund ISIS

FBI Admits They’re Staging False Flag Terror Attack In Malls

“Back To The Future” Movie Forecasted 9/11

Israel Holds Military Drills In West Bank

Google Searches Set To Bury Anything That Goes Against The Status Quo

Proof That Chemotherapy Is More Deadly Than Cancer

U.K. Tries To Make Citizens Pay Money In Order To Protest

Kenyans Forcefully Sterilized With Spiked Tetanus Vaccines

Print Your Own Solar Panels

FOX News Admits BILL O’REILLY Is A Liar

Texas Town’s Crime Rate Drops 61% After Replacing Police Department With Private Security Firm

SpaceX Launches First Ion-Propelled Electric Satellites Into Space

Blame The White Males: Common Core Teaches There Is No Such Thing As Reverse Racism Or Sexism

Coming Soon: U.S. Won’t Let You Travel Or Issue You A Passport If You “Owe” The IRS

Civil Asset Forfeiture: U.S. Police Steal Over $2.5 BILLION From Citizens

Special Conservators Of The Peace: Virgina Law Allows Residents To Form Their Own Private Police Forces And Make Arrests

Seattle Police Have A YouTube Channel For Their Body Camera Footage

Italy Holds Naval Exercises Off Libyan Coast

The Unhived Mind

Norwegian Prisoners To Be Jailed In Netherlands

400 Safety Breaches At U.K Nuclear Base

$4 MILLION In Gold Bars Hijacked In North Carolina

Pope FRANCIS Found Guilty Of Child Sex Trafficking, Rape & Murder

RAND PAUL Wins CPAC Straw Poll

Photographic Evidence Of Light Behaving Simultaneously As A Particle AND A Wave

EDWARD SNOWDEN To Go To Trial In The U.S.?

The BioBattery: Turn Waste Into Energy

Chicago Cops Drugging Suspects With Heroin During Interrogations

Missouri Allowing Residents To Grow Cannabis & Produce Cannabidiol Oil

Detroit Threatens To Suspend Students If Parents Don’t Attend Compulsory Meetings

West Virginia Legislation Would Eliminate Permits For Concealed Carry Of Handguns

Chilean Universities To Stop Charging Tuition In March 2016

ZioNazis Kill Russian President’s Opposition In False Flag Murder

U.S. Military Protecting CIA Cocaine Interests In Peru

North Carolina Legalizes Prostitution For Politicians

ATF Can “Legally” Seize Your Property

Arizona Internet Shutdown A Precursor Of Things To Come

Greece To Join BRICS?

Purchase Non-GMO Seeds

Understanding The Different Brands of Alternative Media Disinformation

OPERATION STILLPOINT: Plot To Take Down The United States

Missouri Legislation Would Expunge Cannabis “Crimes” From Public Records

Whitehouse Caught Sabotaging Anti-Vaccination Petition

Did A Directed-Energy Device Take Down The Twin Towers On 9/11? [VIDEO]

ROCKEFELLERs Cover Up Alien Artifacts In Jerusalem

“The Economist” 2015 Cover Decoded

Japanese False Flag Terror Attack To Hit On May 11th?

China Publicly Accuses U.S. Of State-Sponsored Terror Attacks



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