Puerto Rico Looks To Become 51st U.S. State

Serbia To Sue NATO For 1999 Bombing Of Yugoslavia

Russia To Create National Virtual Currency

Miami Police Arrest Ex-Panamanian President RICARDO MARTINELLI

TSA To Use Passengers’ Fingerprints As Boarding Passes

Gunman Opens Fire On U.S. Congressmen In Virginia

Did Louisiana Congressman STEVE SCALISE‘s Efforts To Stop Human Trafficking Provoke Attempt At His Assassination? [VIDEO]

Sempra Energy VP: 100% Renewable Energy Grid Is Now Possible

Swedish Travelers Turn To Implanted Microchips For Payments

U.N. [SURPRISINGLY!] Denounces Pesticides In Fight Against Global Hunger

U.S. To Sell $12 BILLION Worth Of F-15 Fighter Jets To Qatar

The Political Compass Test

U.S. Looks To Criminalize Citizens’ Possession Of Currency

Scientist Invents Method To Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis, Clean Air & Produce Energy

5 Government Officials Indicted For Manslaughter In Michigan Water Crisis

U.S. Military To Send 4,000 More Troops To Afghanistan

4 Dead In Pennsylvania Murder/Suicide

Russia Plans New Turkish Gas Pipeline To Bypass Ukraine

Iran Sends 2 Warships & 4 Cargo Planes With Food To Aid Qatar

Russia To Send Food Shipments To Qatar

Maryland Attorney General BRIAN FROSH To Sue U.S. President TRUMP

Zionist Israel To Test Missiles On U.S. Soil

National Institute Of Health Lifts Ban On Creation Of Human/Animal Hybrids

Natural Gas Pipelines Are The Real Reason Behind The Crisis In Qatar

Turkey To Deploy Military Troops To Qatar

13 Killed As Terrorists Raid Iranian Parliament

Gulf States Launch Naval Blockade Of Qatar

Texas Congressman AL GREEN Drafts Articles Of Impeachment Against U.S. President TRUMP

Russian Fighter Jet Intercepts U.S. Bomber Over Baltic Sea

6 Dead In Orlando Shooting

MSNBC: Our Job Is To Control Exactly What People Think

Google Patents Directed-Energy Nano-Particle Wearable Device

7 Killed & 13 Injured In Mexican Prison Riot

4 Arrested In Killing Of Mexican Journalist MAXIMINO RODRIGUEZ

Canada To Increase Military Spending By 70%

OPERATION SABER GUARDIAN: 25,000 Troops From 24 Countries To Perform Military Exercises Throughout Bulgaria, Hungary & Romania

120 People Missing As Burmese Military Plane Crashes Into Andaman Sea

Coup Attempt In Niger

Bomb Attack On U.S. Embassy In Kiev

Cannabis Oil Now Legal Without A Prescription In All 50 U.S. States

Bahrain, U.A.E., Yemen, Maldives, Libya, Saudi Arabia & Egypt Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar

Impression Products vs. Lexmark: U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Patent Rights End After Initial Sale

OPERATION SEA-SPRAY: U.S. Military Conducted 239 Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests On San Francisco Civilians

SkyDrive: Toyota‘s Flying Car Takes Its First Test Flight

NASA Releases Artificial Clouds Over Maryland

39 Injured In Venezuelan Protests

REVEALED: Zionist Israel’s Plans To Detonate Nuke In 1967

Nevada Legalizes Commercial Hemp Production

Contaminated Vaccines Kill 15 In South Sudan

Germany To Fine Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Their Children

Eternal Return

Terrorist Threat Causes Evacuation Of 87,000 Concert-Goers In Germany

CRISPR Gene Editing Causes Unintentional Genetic Mutations

War Crimes Suit Filed In Switzerland Against Former Israeli Foreign Minister TZIPI LIVNI

CERN Director FABIOLA GIANOTTI To Attend 2017 Bilderberg Meeting

California Looks To Implement Single-Payer Health Care System

U.K. Considers Cancelling Elections Following Terrorist Attack

MELANIA TRUMP Bans Monsanto Products From The White House

Netflix Bans ‘Rooted’ Android Devices

U.S. Employers Look To Fine Employees Who Refuse To Hand Over Their Genetic Info

U.S. Reps Form Congressional Cannabis Caucus

ISIS Carries Out A Major Terror Attack Every 84 Hours

Center For A Stateless Society: A Left Market Anarchist Think Tank & Media Center


Physicists Propose Method To Teleport Memories

U.N.: Mass Surveillance Violates Universal Human Rights

U.S. Fighting Itself In Proxy War As CIA & Pentagon Arm Opponents In Syria

Programmable Matter

Utility Fog

Former Panamanian Revolutionary MANUEL NORIEGA Dies At Age 83

2017 Bilderberg Meeting Participant List

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