Guns, Gays & ISIS: Project MK-Ultra Triple Play In Orlando

The Jewish Hand Behind ISIS

B’Nai B’rith

The World Jewish Congress

The Cave Of The Patriarchs Massacre

The Tie Between U.S. Militarism & Zionist Jews

How The Jews Destroyed America

A 6-Point Plan To Stop Jewish Rule

Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccine Warns Of Its Dangers

5 Suspects Involved In Planned U.S. False Flag Attacks

The Link Between Glyphosate, GMO’s & Autism

FDA Approves Tranquilizer Dart Gun To Sedate Children

Israeli Stabs 6 At NY Gay Pride Parade [For The Second Time]

Rabbi Decrees Israeli Soldiers Can Rape Palestinian Women

Nano-Particles Enable Remote Control Of Peoples’ Brains Via Magnetic Fields

3 New Calls For Crisis Actors On CraigsList

Full Disclosure & Ascension: The War Has Gone Hot

Israel’s Agents Within British Politics

66 Dead As EgyptAir Flight MS 804 Goes Down

Facebook Names NETANYAHU‘s Former Adviser JORDANA CUTLER As ‘Head Of Policy


Intel x86 zCPU’s Have Built-In Hidden Backdoors

Hawaii First U.S. State To Place Gun Owners On FBI Database

JAMIE SHUPE: First U.S. Citizen To Be Classified As “Non-Binary” [Neither Male Nor Female]

Monsanto‘s U.S. Senate Puppets Outlaw Nationwide GMO Labeling

2 Vermont Towns Vote To Arrest BUSH & CHENEY

Experimental U.S. Hyper-Sonic Weapon Explodes 4 Seconds After Launch In Alaska

Zionist Israel Behind Attack On Russian-Made Anti-Tank Missiles In Syrian Port Of Latakia [VIDEO]

The Merovingian Bloodline

Number Of Jewish Law-Makers Worldwide Reaches All-Time High

God’s” 12 Biggest Dick Moves In The Old Testament

HITLER & The Mufti: The Official Transcript [November 28th, 1941]

Zionist Israel & The Rwanda Genocide

Operation Security Bottom


POSSIBLE FALSE FLAG ALERT: Crisis Actors Wanted (Burlington, VA: July 26th – 31st, 2016) [IMAGE]

POSSIBLE FALSE FLAG ALERT: Crisis Actors Wanted (McGuire Air Force Base: Burlington County, NJ) [IMAGE]

Pope Allows Islamic Prayers & Quran Readings At The Vatican

How Google Manipulates Search Results To Help HILLARY CLINTON Steal Elections

How HILLARY CLINTON Stole The California Election From BERNIE SANDERS

Shooting At Dallas Airport

Secret U.S. Military Tests Causing Massive GPS Blackouts All Over California

Monsanto To Be Put On Trial For ‘Crimes Against Nature And Humanity

Only 10 Countries In The World Are Not Currently At War

Over 58% Of Qatar Residents Live In Government Labor Camps

Germany’s BND Intelligence Service To Become Part Of The U.S.’ CIA

Anaconda 2016: NATO Holds Largest War Games Since The Cold War

Chemical Contamination Leaves 100,000 Alabama Residents Without Drinking Water

GlaxoSmithKline Dumps 45 Liters Of Concentrated Polio Virus Into Belgian River

GlaxoSmithKline Vaccine Trials Kill 14 Babies

NYPD To Make ‘Resisting Arrest’ A Felony

Corrupt Police Field Drug Test Kits Test Positive To Nearly Everything

A Timeline Of CIA Atrocities

Zionist Jews In The U.S. Senate

Zionist Jews In The U.S. House Of Representatives

Zionist Israel’s Nuclear Blackmail: The Samson Option

The Nuclear Threat From Zionist Israel’s Submarines

Universal Cancer Vaccine In The Works

California Looks To Jail Anyone Who Questions Man-Made Climate Change

Psychiatric Drugs Kill More People Than Heroin & Cocaine

Vaccines To Be Forced Onto The Masses Via Aerosol Spray From Airplanes

CDC Dosed 98 MILLION Americans With Cancer-Laced Polio “Vaccine

10 Unique Characteristics Of Early Christianity

God & The Bible: 10 Difficult Questions Solved Effortlessly

7 Ways Early Christians Believed Differently Than Modern Christians

U.S. Bureau Of Land Management Forms New Division of Security, Protection & Intelligence

Theosophical Sources Of DAVID ICKE‘s Reptilian Theory

Cannabis Grows Brain Neurons & Makes People Smarter

Chile Giving Away Free Solar Power

The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret

17 Unsettling Pieces Of Declassified Information

Gender Ideology Harms Children

Comedian JOHN OLIVER Buys & Pays Off $15 MILLION Worth Of Others’ Medical Debt

Weaponized Cell Towers Are Directly Related To Chemtrail Spray

8 Nuclear Weapons The U.S. Has Lost

War Plan Red: The U.S.’ Plans To Battle The U.K. & Canada

The U.S. Government’s Total Information Awareness


Project Genoa

DARPA‘s “Life Log

Life Log: The Pentagon Explores A New Frontier In The World Of Virtual Intelligence

California Governor JERRY BROWN Allowing Children To Get STD Vaccines Without Parental Consent

Ex-U.S. President BILL CLINTON Visited Pedophile’s Orgy Island

Catholic Archbishop Arrested With 100,000+ Images Of Child Pornography

Zionist Israel Offered To Sell Nukes To South Africa

Russia Today’ Founder MIKHAIL LESIN Found Dead In Washington D.C. Hotel Room

Oklahoma To Seize Debit & Credit Accounts Via Civil Asset Forfeiture

Chinese Fighter Jets Intercept U.S. Spy Plane Over East China Sea

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Boston’s Fenway Park Seeking Volunteers For “Mock Wide-Scale Terror Attack” For Weekend Of June 11 – 12, 2016

2016 Bilderberg Meeting Attendee List

Boycott Successful: Israel’s Exports Continue To Plunge

Michigan Public Schools Hold Vaccine Simulation Drills For Students

UCLA Professor Killed In Murder-Suicide

Project Horizon: The U.S. Army‘s Lunar Outpost

150 Scientists Secretly Met At Harvard To Discuss Creating Synthetic Human Genome

World’s Longest Tunnel Opens In Switzerland

Paris Bans All Automobiles Manufactured Before 1997

Russia Offering Free Farm Land To Citizens Willing To Work For It

Costco Buys 1,000+ Acres Of Land For Local Farmers To Grow Organic Produce

Anti-Depressants Double Risk Of Suicide & Violence

U.S. Moves To Cut Off Foreign Banks From Working With North Korea

U.N. Soldiers Committing Wide-Spread Child Rape

European Commission Looks To Require State-Issued ID Cards To Access Social Media Accounts

Kentucky Senator RAND PAUL Demands U.S. End Aid To Zionist Israel

Fake Jews: The Story Of The Khazars

Facts To Make You Reconsider Holocaust Lies

9/11 WTC Links To Russian-Jewish Mafia Revealed

900 Quotes By & About Jews

Mossad‘s Checkered Past

How Jewish Communists Undermined Poland: Polish Atrocities Against German Minority In Poland

Jewish Influence On British Royalty

A Short History Of Anglo-Jewry [The Jews In Britain: 16562006]

The History Of The House of ROTHSCHILD & Its Loans To Instigate British Wars

Tennessee Medical Office Stops Administering Vaccines Because They Cause Autism

Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Takes Orders From CIA

The Best Alternatives To TOR

How To Find & Delete Your Voice, Data, Location & Search Records That Google Keeps

Missouri Moves To Ban Abortions

100 Oakland, CA Residents To Receive Basic Income

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