Why The Jews Are Pushing The Gay Marriage Agenda

WILLIAM COOPER‘s Porterville Presentation [VIDEO]

The Fomorians

Another Banker Death

BOB FLETCHER Investigations

Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Turkey Had Secret Plans To Overthrow Syria

Turkey To Send Troops To Syria?

Egypt’s Chief Prosecutor HISHAM BARAKAT Killed In Bombing

4 Israelis Injured In West Bank Shooting

Scientists Create Way to Track & Classify You By Smell

Australia & China Sign Free-Trade Agreement

Mexican Air Force To Join NORAD & USNORTHCOM For Military Exercises

New Drug-Delivery Implant Can Keep You Medicated For Years

The Primary Water Institute

Japan Unveils Plan For Underwater Cities

U.S. Military Jet Crashes In Arizona

9 Killed In Alaskan Plane Crash

Huawei Achieves Transfer Speed Of 1 Terabit Per Second Using Optical Signal

SV40: 98 MILLION Americans Received Cancer-Tainted Polio Vaccine

MYRON C. FAGAN‘s 1967 Speech Blows The Lid Off Of Secret Societies & Shadow Government

9/11 Firefighters Discuss The Explosions They Heard Going Off In The Lobby Of WTC Building One

CLARKE‘s Three Laws


FALSE FLAG ALERT: At Least 39 “Dead” & 36 “Injured” In Tunisia “Shooting Spree

Thousands March In Honduras To Demand Resignation Of President JUAN ORLANDO HERNANDEZ

France To Build 2 Nuclear Reactors In Saudi Arabia

The Secret Projects Of Israel & Saudi Arabia

Pentagon Admits Testing Lethal Chemicals On Minorities During WWII

Neural Dust: Brain Implants No Bigger Than Dust Particles

Japan To Secure G-7 Summit With Anti-Drone Laser Cannons?

China’s Top Secret Mini-Submarines

U.S. Torture Policies Destroying Thousands Of Lives Worldwide

FALSE FLAG ALERT: 27 “Dead” In Kuwait Mosque “Attack

China To Provide Military Submarines To Thailand

Terminator 2″: Russia’s BMPT-2 Tank Support Combat Vehicle

FALSE FLAG ALERT: 1 “Dead” In French Gas Factory “Attack

Chinese Military Introduces The World’s Fastest Tank Cannon

U.S. Supreme Court Legalizes Nationwide Same-Sex Marriage

Cancer Rates Skyrocket Near Nuclear Power Plants

Minnesota Teen Left Brain-Dead After Routine Dental Surgery

Russian Navy Deployed To Texas Coast For “Liberation Exercise

Did Russian President PUTIN Authorize The Sinking Of U.S. Ships & Submarines?

A Zapatista Seminar In Chiapas

Accelerated Modern Human–Induced Species’ Losses: Entering The Sixth Mass Extinction


The Ouroboros


Was The 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion A False Flag?

U.S. Paying Syrian Rebels $400 Every Month

Hundreds Injured In Taiwan Water Park Explosion


Why I Am No Longer A Light Worker

Vaccinated Children Have 2 To 5 Times More Diseases & Disorders Than Unvaccinated Children

Another CLINTON Associate Found Dead

2 Dead In Toronto Shooting

36,400 B.C.: The Historical Time Of The Zep Tepi Theory

Argentina To Seize Assets Of Falklands/Malvinas Oil Drillers

Greek Banks Shut Down For An Entire Week

Texas Attorney General Says State Can Refuse To Issue Marriage Licenses To Same-Sex Couples

U.S. General DAVID PATRAEUS: We Can’t Leave Afghanistan Because They Have TRILLIONS Of Dollars Of Minerals [VIDEO]

Israeli PM BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Israel Is Benefiting From 9/11 [VIDEO]

How To Beat A Photo-Enforced Speeding Ticket

The Asteroid Re-Direct Mission: NASA To Give The Moon A Moon

Belgium Commuting And Abolishing Short-Term Jail/Prison Sentences

The Giant Of Castelnau

Makers Of Children’s Tylenol Forced To Pay $25 MILLION For Knowingly Selling Tainted Drugs

Dutch City To Implement A ‘Basic Income’ For Citizens

U.S. Sending Weapons To Bahrain

Iran To Loan $500 MILLION To Venezuela

Russian Army’s New “Atlant” Airships

Ceres’ Lights: NASA Photographs Bright Objects On The Surface Of Dwarf Planet Between Mars & Jupiter

Church Of Cannabis’ Gains Legal Recognition As A Religion

U.S. Senate Passes 2016 NDAA

Google Says That HILLARY CLINTON Will Win The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Womens’ Rights Group To Use Drone To Drop Abortion Pills Over Poland

Paintball Guns Can Easily Be Converted Into The Real Thing


The 60 Traitors In The U.S. Senate Who Voted To Advance The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Pentagon Declares Journalists “Enemy Combatants

2016 U.S Presidential Candidate RICK PERRY Reveals Link Between Big Pharma & Mass Shootings

The REAL Reason The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Was Created

Truck Full Of U.S. Visas “Stolen” In Mexico

Palestine Reporting Israeli War Crimes To The International Criminal Court

Russian Navy Conducting “Drills” In The Sea Of Japan

White House Lifts Restrictions On Cannabis Research In The U.S.

ROTHSCHILDS Indicted In France For Fraud

HILLARY CLINTON Flip-Flops On Same-Sex Marriage

Colombian Military Slaughtered Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Civilians

U.S. Supreme Court Says Cops Don’t Need Warrant To Take Your Blood

Virgin Galactic To Launch 39 Internet Connectivity Satellites

India Arms Their Military Fighter Jets With The World’s Fastest Cruise Missiles

U.S. President OBAMA Spent $866,000 In Taxpayer Money On A Single Flight

Dissecting The Claims Of ROBERT DUNCAN

DROPOUTJEEP: How The NSA Hacks Your iPhone

The Mandela Effect: Proof Of Parallel Universes?

Churches To Implement Facial Recognition Software?

Russia & Saudi Arabia Ink Multiple Deals Leading To Petroleum Alliance

U.S. Patent 20060071122: Full Body Teleportation System

FALSE FLAG ALERT: 7 People “Randomly Shot” In Philadelphia

FBI Documents Reveal That The Earth Is Being Visited By Extra-Dimensional Beings

South Korea’s MERS Virus Is A Product Of The Pentagon’s Bio-Warfare Labs

FALSE FLAG ALERT: 10 “Shot” In Detroit

Ecuador To Sell 1/3 Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies

Israel Bombs Lebanon To Destroy Their Own Downed Drone

Is Drug Testing Only Done For Profit?

The Pope Says Weapons Manufacturers Can’t Call Themselves ‘Christians’

NASA Is Indexing The ‘Deep Web

Google‘s “Project Soli

U.S. Army Disbanding Its Christian Chaplain Corps

The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance: Part II

The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance: Part I

Texas Mobilizes State Militias To Protect Against Occupying Federal Troops

Greece Is Secretly Printing €13 BILLION

Tens Of Thousands March Against Austerity In London

Drug Companies Donated MILLIONS Of Dollars To Lawmakers To Influence The Vaccine Debate

140+ Die In Pakistani Heat Wave

NATO Creating Conflict In The Baltics

1 MILLION+ Face Food Insecurity In Nepal

Colorado Teen Dies From The Bubonic Plague

WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia Causing Unrest In Iran

Hackers Cause Polish Airport To Cancel Flights

LEAKED: JADE HELM Crisis Actor Orientation

Indiana To Legalize Sawed-Off Shotguns

Washington Inmate Dies From Dehydration While In Police Custody

Fracking Linked To 60% Of Earthquakes In Central & Eastern U.S.

Britain Arming Saudia Arabia In Engineered Yemen Conflict

Secretive Dictatorship Exposed As WikiLeaks Publishes Saudi Cables

Politicians Using The “Rent A Crowd” Service

Israeli PM BENJAMIN NETANYAHU A Suspect In The Charlie Hebdo False Flag

25 Things We Did As Kids That Would Get Us Arrested Today

FBI Detains Whistleblower GENE TATUM After Exposing Illuminati Sacrifices

MINDS: “The Peoples'” Social Networking Platform?

American Soldier Found Dead At U.S. Army Base In South Korea

U.S. Patent 2550324: Process For Controlling Weather

Dr. BEN CARSON: No One Has Right To Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations

Water Vapor-Powered Engine

Belgian Doctors Forcefully Euthanizing Patients

5 Body Parts You Can Make With A 3-D Printer

Pentagon Building Nationwide Cruise Missile Shield

Russia To Investigate Validity Of U.S. Moon Landings

New U.S. Senate Bill Would Require Warrants For Federal Aerial Surveillance

FALSE FLAG ALERT: “Hate Crime Shooting” At African American Church In South Carolina

Walmart Has $76 BILLION In Overseas Tax Havens

Russia Developing Anti-Drone “Microwave Gun

DE-POPULATION ALERT: North Korea Developing MERS Vaccine

Brain-To-Text: Computers That Read Your Thoughts

FALSE FLAG: More Evidence That The “Ebola Outbreaks” Were Orchestrated

Seattle Pays $1.975 MILLION To Man Shot In Face By Cops

Pentagon: Iraq Likely To Split Into 3 States

Bomb Threat” At New York’s JFK Airport [VIDEO]

CERN: End Of Days

Upcoming False Flag Attack On June 21st, 2015?

FALSE FLAG “Attack” In Dallas

GEORGE SOROS Admits Funding Ukrainian Coup

The Pentagon Sent Live Anthrax To Japan

North Korean Leader KIM JONG-UN To Visit Russia?

Legal Name Fraud

Artificially-Intelligent Computer Outperforms Humans On IQ Test

Florida Schools’ “Active Shooter Drills

Massive Fire In Texas Following Gas Pipeline Rupture

Poland & Lithuania To Permanently Store U.S. Military Weapons?

9 Hong Kong “Radicals” Arrested For Making Explosives

Saturn’s ‘Titan’ Moon Has More Oil Than Earth

Major Cancer Charities Are Scams Run By One Family

University Of Cambridge Says Pedophilia Is “Natural” & “Normal

Belarus Holds Military Drills On Ukraine Border

U.S. Transferring Military Vehicles To Uzbekistan

Russia Considers New Power Plant Projects In Syria

One World Government Alert: Vatican Proposes “Planetary Court” & “Earth Constitution

Bounties For Justice

Round-Op Alpha

FALSE FLAG ALERT: U.S. Helicopter “Shot Down” Near Mexican Border

Preparations For Bilderberg 2015 In Tyrol

JADE HELM UPDATE: U.S. Army Terrifies Michigan Town With Surprise War Games

South Korea Increasing Its Military Arsenal

Billionaires Linked To Ebola Bio-Weapons Lab Met In 2009 In Bid To Curb Over-Population

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function

Israeli-Linked Spy Virus Hits Iran

Hackers Can Remotely Kill Hospital Patients With Electronic Drug Pumps

Russian Air Force Suffers 3 Crashes In 5 Days

The FBI Has It’s Own Air Force

Israel Built & Detonated ‘Dirty Bombs

Hospitals Gouging The Uninsured: Charging 10 Times The Cost Of Care

U.S. Supreme Court Says Jerusalem Is NOT Part Of Israel

Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria Appears In Florida Waters

California Oil Spill Clean-Up Costing $3 MILLION Per Day


Deleting Your Web Browser History Could Be A “Crime

IBM‘s New “Racetrack” Computer Memory Could Make The Hard Disc Drive Obsolete

Canadian Supreme Court Rules That ALL Forms Of Medical Cannabis Are Legal

Did This Nigerian Professor Create A Cure For HIV & AIDS?

Women & Children Forced Into Sex By U.N. “Peacekeepers

Wellston, MO Police Force Disbands

Boeing‘s Drone That Can Fly Forever

France Rules It Unconstitutional To Cut Off Water Supply

Argentine Judge Says That 6-Year-Old Victim “Invited” Sexual Abuse

New Technology Is 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G LTE

Children Abused At California Police Boot Camp

JULIAN ASSANGE Addresses E.U. Parliament

11 Countries To Supply Weapons To Ukraine

The ‘USA Freedom Act’ Is Just As Destructive As The ‘USA Patriot Act

5 Incredible Lasers That Could Change The World

Home-Brewed Heroin? Scientists Create Yeast That Turns Sugar Into Opiates

5 Methods For Detecting Secret Nuclear Bomb Tests

Red Cross Squanders Half A BILLION Dollars In Donations For Haiti

The Pentagon’s Latest Killer Robots

2 More Bankers Dead

Burundi Cops Fired Live Rounds At Protesters

Baltimore Had To Fire 72 Cops In 3 Years For Misconduct

U.S. Doubled It’s IT Security Budget In 2014

700 MPH Hyper-Loop Train To Be Free To The Public?

Plasma Tubes Discovered Drifting Over Earth

Singer AKON To Supply 600 MILLION Africans With Solar Power

Russia Develops New Metal-Vapor Laser

2 Israelis Arrested With Guns & Explosives Inside The Mexican Congress

Cops Killing More Whites Than Any Other Race

Ex-Colombian Spy Chief MIGUEL MAZA MARQUEZ On Trial For 1989 Political Assassination Of LUIS CARLOS GALAN

Russian Helicopter Crash-Lands In Moscow

200+ Schools Close As MERS Spreads In South Korea

U.S. To Ship Anti-Tank Rockets To Iraq

U.S. Launched Failed Stuxnet Attack Against North Korea In 2010

87 Things Only Poor Kids Know

GLENN GREENWALD Wrapping Up the EDWARD SNOWDEN Psy-Op? Advocating The U.S.A. Freedom Act

Native American Tribes Declare Sovereignty & Break Away From The State Of Maine

U.S. Helicopters To Be Assembled In Russia Despite Sanctions

Ex-Nuclear Plant Contractor Charged With Terrorism: Arrested With Car Load Of Explosives & Ammo

Russia Bans 89 Western Leaders

6,000 NATO Troops Participate In Lithuania War Games

Oklahoma Bans Fracking

Pentagon Shipped Live Anthrax To Canada

Turkish Stream Project To Spearhead Europe’s Gas Supply?

Russian Soldiers Have Held Over 1,000 Winter Drone Exercises

China To Hold War Games In Myanmar

Russia Planning 40 Large-Scale War Games For Summer 2015

South Korea Reports 2 Deaths From MERS

U.S. Gifting Vietnam $18 MILLION To Buy Military Patrol Boats

U.S. To Deploy Advanced Weapons Near Chinese Border

Cops Routinely Forge Drug Tests To Put Innocent People Behind Bars

South Korea & U.S. Begin Massive Joint Anti-Submarine Drills

The Posse Comitatus Act

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