Architecture Of Radio: New App Lets You See Radio Waves From Surrounding WiFi, Cell Towers & Satellites

Microsoft Purchases Eugenics Technology From Merck

55,000+ People Killed Or Injured By Police In U.S. Each Year

Russia On Verge Of Major Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough

Pre-Crime: Nearly 1,500 People Arrested After “Predictive Policing Algorithm” Says They MAY Commit A Future Crime

Predictive Policing

T.R.A.P.: Chicago’s Targeted Repeat Offender Apprehension & Prosecution [Arresting People BEFORE They Commit A Crime]

DHS / TSA Install Microphones & Cameras To Spy On Public Transit Commuters

Israeli Pathologists Admit Stealing Organs From Palestinians

Dr. DAVID DUKE For U.S. Senate

Family Of Venezuelan President NICOLAS MADURA Caught Trafficking Cocaine To U.S.

Apps That Expose Stingray Surveillance

Coups Inside NATO

How To Delete Personal Info From The Internet

Massive Private I

List Of Things Police Field-Testing Drug Kits Have Mistakenly Identified As Contraband

Searchable Archive Of All EDWARD SNOWDEN Leaks

FUTURE FALSE FLAG ALERT: U.S. Spy Plane Handed Over To Russia

EDWARD SNOWDEN Reveals Details Of Earth’s Innermost Inhabitants

Democratic National Committee Hires Actors To Fill Convention Seats

Leaked HILLARY CLINTON Emails Reveal Direct U.S. Sabotage Of Venezuela

WikiLeaks Releases Hacked Democratic National Committee Voicemails

Former Law Enforcement Officers Demand Police Accountability & Reform

U.S. Government Calls For Assassination Of Whistle-Blower JULIAN ASSANGE

Massachusetts Law Enforcement Agencies Claim To Be Private Corporations: Exempt From FOIA Requests

The Real Tomb Of God: The Grail, The Ark, The Emerald Tablet & The Forgotten Father Of Mankind

The Smokescreen Of Symbology

The Secret You Never Got To Hear, But In Your Heart, Already Knew

The World’s 16 Crucified “Saviors

The Reality Of Truth: Where Plant-Based Medicines Used In The Bible?

Nevada City, California: First U.S. City To Ban All Chemtrails


Cell 411: Crowd-Sourced Emergency App Looks To End Police Brutality

U.S. Military Court Re-Opens JFK Assassination Case: 7 Arrest Warrants Issued

CLINTON / BUSH Assassination Teams Revealed

BUSH & CLINTON Tied To JFK, Jr. Assassination

How The CLINTONs Got Rich Off Poor Haitians

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Disposal Operations For American Soldiers

Scientists Seek Adventurous Woman To Give Birth To Neanderthal

U.S. Navy To Return To New Zealand After 31-Year Rift

U.S. To Seize $1 BILLION In Malaysian Assets

Did U.S. Navy Tests Cause Magnitude 3.7 Earthquake Off Florida Coast?

Global Temperature Data Almost Entirely Made Up By National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

WikiLeaks Dispenses 23,000 Confidential HILLARY CLINTON Emails

2 CIA Agents Arrested In Turkey For ERDOGAN Assassination Attempt

The Saudi Dynasty & Its Connection To The Zionist Jews

The Saudi Dynasty: Where Do They Come From & Who Are Their Real Ancestor?

Ethnic-Specific Weapons

Leaked Democratic National Committee Documents Show Plans To Reward Big Donors With Federal Appointments

Detailed List Of Findings In WikiLeaks’ Democratic National Committee Document Dump

Former NATO Commander JOHN F. CAMPBELL Behind Failed Turkish Military Coup

The Plan To Divide & Conquer America At The New Madrid Fault

2 Mexican Mayors Shot To Death In As Many Days

The Special Drawing Right: New One-World Currency?

CNN Cuts Off Reporter For Outting HILLARY CLINTON‘s Bad Deeds [VIDEO]

Were Cleveland Police Told To Stand Down For The 2016 Republican National Convention?

Hawara, Egypt

Black Lives Matter’ Leader CHARLES WADE Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking

COUP ALERT: Turkish Military Attempts To Overthrow Government

U.S. Military Issues Sex-Change Manual To Troops: Tax-Payers To Foot The Bill For Soldiers’ Gender Reassignment Surgeries


Inside Job: White House Finally Declassifies 9/11 Report Showing Saudi Involvement In False Flag Attacks [PDF]

British Treasury Boss GEORGE OSBORNE Threatens U.S. With Catastrophic Financial Warfare

The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret [Part 1]

The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret [Part 2]

The Body Politic

Leo X: The Bankers’ Pope

The Untold Story Of GHANDI & Theosophy

Project Stargate: Ancient Aliens & The CIA

The Sufi Conspiracy

25 Kids Who Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

The Wahhabis Are Of Jewish Origin

Understanding The Dangers Of The “5G” Roll-Out

Access Blocked & Power Cut Off To Turkish Military Base Holding 80 U.S. Nukes

Cleveland Police To Call For Temporary Suspension Of Second Amendment

U.S. Defense Contractor To Blanket Earth With New Surveillance Technology

Military Coup Attempted In Armenia

Turkish Coup Leader Had Military Ties To Zionist Israel

Operation Security Roof

Zionist Jew Rabbi Publishes Guide For Killing Non-Jews

U.S. To Deploy 1,000 Soldiers To Poland

U.S. Government Orders Banks To Call Cops When Customers Withdraw Or Deposit $5,000+

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Active Shooter Drill Near Dallas Just Days Before “Deadly Shooting

U.S. Spending On Prisons Growing At 3 Times The Rate Of Spending On Schools

All Israelis To Join Bio-Metric Database By 2017

The Link Between GEORGE SOROS, Cannabis Legalization, Patents & GMO’s

Infinite Unknown

FALSE FLAG ALERT: The Dallas “Shooting” Hoax

‘Back Lives Matter’ Leaders Reveal U.S. President OBAMA‘s Plan For 2016 “Summer Of Chaos” & Martial Law

FBI Director JAMES COMEY Handled HILLARY CLINTON‘s Shady Whitewater Scandal 20 Years Ago

Colorado To Fine Cops $15,000 Every Time They Try To Stop You From Recording Them: Costs Passed On To Tax-Payers

China Builds World’s Largest Radio Telescope

Secret Emails Reveal Libya’s Plan To Create Gold-Backed Currency To Compete With Petro-Dollars Was Motive For NATO Intervention

The GARY JOHNSON Swindle & The Degradation Of Third-Party Politics

Operation Summer Of Chaos Exposed: Plans To Enact Martial Law Before 2016 Presidential Election

1869 Plan For Jewish World Domination

Modern Turkey: A Secret Zionist State Controlled by The Dönmeh

GEORGE SOROS‘ & The CIA‘s Plan To De-Stabilize Europe

GEORGE SOROS’ Giant Globalist Footprint In Ukraine’s Turmoil

Facebook Buys Zionist Israeli Facial Recognition Firm ‘Face.com

The Islamists Work For The ROTHSCHILDs

How The ROTHSCHILDs Are Profiting From The Refugee Crisis [1]

How The ROTHSCHILDs Are Profiting From The Refugee Crisis [2]

The Power Of The ROTHSCHILDs In 2015

PUTIN & Russia Look To Nationalize Central Bank & Take Back Control From ROTHSCHILDs

The ROTHSCHILD / Illuminati Colonization Of India

Society Is A Zionists Jewish Psy-Op



The Biggest Secret Of WWII

Pokemon Go’ Video Game Is A Government Surveillance Psy-Op


Bank Runs Draining Italian ATM’s Of Cash

Civil Unrest: 3,500+ Riot Against Police In Berlin

North Carolina Makes All Police Body Cam Footage Private From Public

3 People Arrested Near U.S. Capitol After High-Speed Chase: Capitol Locked Down After Machine Gun & Ammo Confiscated

U.S. Democratic National Committee Staffer SETH CONRAD RICH Shot To Death In Washington D.C.

5 People Shot During Baltimore Candlelight Vigil

5 People Arrested For Shooting At Cops In Washington D.C.

Did CitiBank Confiscate $1 BILLION In Venezuelan Gold?

The Maryland Pollinator Protection Act: State Bans Bee-Killing Pesticides

3 People Dead After Shooting At Michigan Courthouse

Pokemon Go’ Video Game Linked To CIA

U.S. Approves United Nations’ Use Of Military Force On U.S. Soil

U.S. Sending More Troops To Iraq

Activists Kicked Out After Infiltrating U.S. Government “Terror Drill” & Attempting To Expose It

HILLARY CLINTON Super-Delegate CORRINE BROWN Indicted For Corruption

Tunisia Bans All Israelis From Entering Country

U.S. Navy Destroys Cruise Missile That Zionist Israel Fired At Syria

Was Zionist Israel Behind The 2001 Anthrax Attacks?

New York De-Funds All Of State’s Colleges That Boycott Israel

The Ultimate Legal Guide For Photographers

Archived Searchable Database Of HILLARY CLINTON‘s Personal Email Server

Operation Merlin

The Military Can Literally Put Voices In Your Head

A Voice Only You Can Hear: DARPA’s Sonic Projector

The Microwave Auditory Effect Crowd-Control Gun

Telepathic Ray Guns & Vaporized Shoes: The Truth Is Weirder Than You Think

Russian Military Working On Electro-Magnetic Radiation Guns

Military Death Ray Replaced By The “Voice Of God

U.S. Navy Develops Super-Sonic Submarines

Scotland To Introduce Its Own Currency?

Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia As China’s Top Oil Supplier

U.S. To Deploy Israeli Missile System On Russian Borders

CIA “Loses” ANOTHER Shipment Of Weapons [i.e. Gives Them To Controlled Opposition Terrorists]

California First State To Mandate Vaccines For Adults: Criminal Penalties For Those Who Refuse

Jordanian Intelligence Steals U.S. Arms Intended For Syrian Rebels

EU‘s Plan For “Super Nation” Exposed

Indian Military Reinforces Chinese Border

FBI‘s Secret Surveillance Budget Tops $800 MILLION

944 Police-Issued Weapons “Go Missing” In California

Voter Suppression Rampant In Every U.S. State

Idaho Legalizes Permitless Concealed Carry Of Firearms

FALSE FLAG ALERT: FBI Admits Nobody Died In Orlando Nightclub Until SWAT Teams Entered The Building

Mass Protests In France Against Ruling Class

GMO’s Outlawed In Russia

Zionist Israel Linked To Istanbul Airport Attack

Jesuits Are Crypto-Jews [VIDEO]

The Jesuit Order Of Skull & Bones: Brotherhood Of Death [VIDEO]

The Truth About LENIN & The Bolsheviks [VIDEO]

Ireland’s Shadow Government Is Run By Banksters & Religious Orders

Virginia Court Rules Home Computers Connected To The Internet Aren’t Private

Active Shooter Reported At Andrews Air Force Base

The U.S. Government’s Newest Spy Satellite

Gunman Shot Dead By Police After Taking Hostages In German Cinema

CHUCK NORRIS‘ Son MIKE NORRIS Poisoned After Debuting Controversial Film

Paralyzed Teen With Brain Tumor Beaten By TSA Guards

Bomb Blows Off Man’s Foot In NYC’s Central Park

Illinois Illegally Seizes Bees Resistant To Monsanto’s RoundUp Pesticide

Children Being Vaccinated With Toxic Levels Of Aluminum Causing Neurological Damage & Autism

Swiss Fighter Jets Intercept Flight From NY To Israel After Bomb Is Reported Aboard

EXPOSED: Massive Israeli Manipulation Of U.S. Media

Caterpillar Withholds Delivery Of Bulldozers To Zionist Israel

U.S. Admits That Zionist Israel Bombed Syrian Nuclear Reactor

2011: Brave Journalist DAVID CRONIN Attempts Citizens’ Arrest Of Zionists Israel’s Defense Minister AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN

Monsanto Admits Faking Scientific Data To Gain Regulatory Approval

Arkancide: The CLINTONs’ Dirty Deeds In Arkansas

Canada Sends 1,000 Military Troops To Russia’s Doorstep

U.S. To Deploy Military Troops To Iceland

Arizona Legislator Suggests Sterilizing Welfare Recipients

How The Corporate Media Manufactures False Narratives

German Weapons Exports Nearly Doubled In 2015

Uncounted: The True Story Of The 2016 California Primary

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