Florida Cops Gun Down Unaware Deaf Man Inside His Own Vehicle

Good Guy With Legal Concealed Firearm Saves 4 People In Ohio Shooting

Kapanadze Free Energy Generator

Police Brutality & Misconduct Has Cost Americans $1 BILLION In The Past 5 Years

Vietnam Sentences Corrupt Banksters To Death By Firing Squad

The Azolla Foundation

Dmail: Self-Destructing Email

2 People Injured In Barcelona Shooting

Whistleblower Reveals Planned Parenthood To Be A Huge Trafficker Of Fetal Tissues

Proposed Legislation Would Require Breathalyzers In All New U.S. Vehicles

DHS To Fingerprint Non-Citizens At U.S. Airports

Colorado City Stops Water Fluoridation

L.I.P.E.: The U.S. Military’s New Laser-Induced Plasma Weapon

Russia To Block YouTube?

10 Toxic Ingredients Used By McDonald’s

The Ganzfield Experiment

The Men Who Own & Run The U.S. Government

Louisiana Actors & “Social Media Professionals” Playing Fake “Concerned Citizens

Israelis Sexually Abusing & Torturing Palestinian Children

U.N. Calls For RFID Chips & Biometric Tracking Of Firearms


United Airlines Gets Hacked

Impossible’ Rocket Drive Works & Could Get To The Moon In 4 Hours

MIT Researchers Crack TOR‘s Anonymity

7 Tips To Buff Up Your Chakra System

Gc Protein-Derived Macrophage Activating Factor


Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Are On Welfare

Media Blackout: Canadians Sued The Bank Of Canada & Won

Israeli Attorney General Orders Criminal Investigation Into PM NETANYAHU

12 Of The Worst Ideas Religion Has Unleashed On The World

American Psychological Association To Classify Belief In God As A Mental Illness

600TB MongoDB Database Leaked Online


Mass Rape Of Italian Women By French Colonial Soldiers In 1944

Turkey Bombs Syria

Israel Loots Syria’s Oil

Chip Grafting’ Lets 1 Tree Grow 40 Different Kinds Of Fruit

Greece & Russia To Construct Joint Natural Gas Pipeline

Japan Accuses China Of Stealing Gas

Florida Proposes Mandatory Vaccination Law

Zionist Shill ALEX JONES‘ Links To The JOHN BIRCH Society & The CIA

HORNET: The Super-Fast TOR-Style Anonymity Network

Proof That The Charleston Shooting Was Staged [VIDEO]

U.S. Military Drone Crashes In Iraq

Pakistan Building Its Own Bulk Surveillance System


Emergency Leak Shuts Down Missouri Nuclear Plant

Former Texas Governor RICK PERRY To Face Felony Abuse Of Power Charges


Lamaism: Tibetan Buddhism

Circle Of Tengerism


Original HAARP Facility To Go Back Online

Chrysler Recalls 1.4 MILLION Vehicles

NJ Clinic Shut Down After Giving 5 Children Too Many Wrong Vaccines

China May Allow Couples To Have 2 Children

Drug Lords Execute 35 People In Brazil

Russian Navy To Add 20+ Fighter Jets

Connecting The Dots On Crimes Against Children: Abortion, Organ Harvesting, Forced Vaccinations, Medical Kidnapping & CPS Child Abuse

Psych Drug Shooters

The Electronic Text Corpus Of Sumerian Literature

What Is ‘Cognitive Dissonance’?

94-Year-Old Auschwitz Guard OSKAR GRONING Sentenced To 4 Years In Prison On 300,000 Charges Of Accessory To Murder

9 Arrested For Deadly London Shooting

Numerous Power Outages Across U.S. As JADE HELM Begins

FALSE FLAG ALERT: 4 “Killed” & 3 “Injured” As Kuwaiti Muslim “Opens Fire” On 2 Tennessee Military Recruitment Centers

U.S. Army Used Deadly Viruses In European Exercises

Tragedy Of The Commons

Tragedy Of The Anti-Commons

Secret U.S. Underground Bases

Underground Bases Listed By State

15,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed In The Last 16 Months

Is Greece’s Bailout Reform Package An Act Of Treason Against The Greek People?

Annotated Terms Of The Latest Greek Bailout

The Endocannabinoid System

International Cannabinoid Research Society

Russia Paying Full-Time ‘Trolls’ To Spread Disinfo Online

Food Companies Using Aborted Fetal Tissue As Flavor Additives In Foods

42,800 Gallons Of Fracking Waste Spewed Into The Streets, Sewers & Streams Of Arlington, Texas

Man Arrested After 13-Hour Hostage Stand-Off With Australian Cops

$4.5 BILLION Per Year: U.S. To Increase Military Aid To Zionist Israel

Indian Navy To Add 200 Warships In The Next 10 Years

Koalitsiya-SV: Russia’s New Coastal Defense Gun

Israel-Bound Passenger Jet Makes Emergency Landing In Germany

U.S. Veterans’ Agency “Loses Track” Of $900 MILLION

Microscopic Brain Implants

33 Things To Keep In Mind For September 2015

Panasonic’s Consumer-Grade Exo-Skeleton To Be Released In September

Canadian Tar Sand Pipeline Spill Leaks 1.3 MILLION Gallons Of Oily Emulsion

NATO To Hold Largest Military Drill In 10+ Years

Russia To Form New Military Reserve Force

Adidas Making Sneakers From Ocean Waste

Russia Cuts Police Force By 10%

Pope Suggests Mandatory Sterilization Of Unwed Mothers To Curb Climate Change

Explosion Rocks Rhode Island Beach

Family Of NYPD Victim ERIC GARNER Settles Out Of Court For $5.9 MILLION

Judge Halts Merger Of Two Of The Largest Food Corporations On The Planet

How The U.S. Government Squandered $1 BILLION In Taxpayer Funds On ‘Ghost Schools’ & Warlords In Afghanistan

U.K. Freezes Bank Account Of The ‘Rossiya Segodnya’ Russian News Agency

Scientists Use Nano-Particles To Stop Cancer Growth

Agreement Reached To Bail Out Greece

Abstracting Electricity”: Man Arrested For Charging Cellphone On London Train

Bacteria That ‘Breathe’ Uranium Could Be Used To Naturally Clean Up Radioactive Waste

Roscosmos: Russia Creates New State Corporation To Manage Space Systems

Innovative Digital Tool Helps Expose Israeli Violations In Gaza

Scientists Genetically Modify Bacteria To Detect & Treat Intestinal Diseases

Pennsylvania Shale Gas Drilling Company Dumping Waste In Parks, Waterways & Canyons

Recreational Cannabis Legislation Passed By Texas HOR


Proof That Israel Controls & Funds ISIS

Global Powers Reach Deal On Iran’s Nuclear Industry

Afghan War Costs American Tax-Payers $4 MILLION Per Hour

2 Blasts Rock Oil Refinery In Southern France

PENTAQUARK: CERN Discovers New Particle

Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Fetal Organs On The Black Market

Florida Cops Caught Laundering $71.5 MILLION For Drug Cartels

U.S. Army‘s Use Of Hollow-Point Bullets Is Violation Of 1899 Hague Convention Protocol

Another Israeli Spy Drone Crashes In Lebanon

What Else Smells Like Cannabis? Why the Police ‘Smell Test’ Is Invalid

The Talpiot Tomb

Iran Discovers Giant Oil Shale Reserves

Cops Beat & Taser Deaf Man For Communicating Via Sign Language

15-Year-Olds In Oregon Can Get Sex-Change Surgery Without Parent’s Consent

How To Detoxify From Vaccinations & Heavy Metals

ERNST ZUNDEL Warns Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany [VIDEO]

U.S. HOR Kills Legislation That Would Have Allowed Federal Testing Of Medical Cannabis

Kosovo Cuts Off Water Supply To Tens Of Thousands Of Residents

1970’s Alabama History Textbook Reveals Why Southerners Are Confused About The Civil War Period

Why Are People Afraid Of The Facts About Jews? [VIDEO]

Leaked Documents Show How The FBI, DEA & U.S. Army Can Control Your Computer

Hollywood Stars Sell Out To Zionist Israel

Boeing Patents Laser-Powered Propulsion System

Project Orion: Nuclear Pulse Propulsion

South Korea Fires Warning Shots At North Korea

10 Ways Cops Are “Legally Allowed” To Lie

Syrian Intelligence Chief NADEEM SHALLAH Assassinated

How The U.S. Government Conducted 239 Secret Bio-Weapon Experiments On The American People

U.S. Army National Guard Sergeant JASON RAPPOCCIO Sentenced To 42 Months In Prison For Bribery

Alabama Man Dies In Police Custody After Being Pepper-Sprayed

Russia Launches Anti-Submarine Helicopters

6 Scary Warnings About Vaccines & Flu Shots

U.S. Public Schools Begin Scanning Students’ Fingerprints For ‘Tracking Purposes

HILLARY CLINTON Pledges To Kill 200,000 Gazans If She Becomes U.S. President

The Low-Down On Vaccines

International Court Of Justice Vows That DICK CHENEY Will Stand Trial For War Crimes

Media Banned From Reporting On JADE HELM 15 Exercises

Monkey “Brain Net” Paving Way For Human Brain-To-Brain Connection

New SWAT Documents Give Snapshot Of Militarization Of U.S. Police

Hackers” Stole 21.5 MILLION Social Security Numbers In U.S. Government “Breach

Israel Caught Transferring Weapons To Syrian Terrorists

U.S. Air Force Primed To Attack Iran

U.S. Senate Bill Would Reinstate ‘Glass-Steagall Act’ To Keep Banks From Gambling With Tax-Payer Money

Staged “ISIS Beheading” Video Hacked From Staffer Of U.S. Senator JOHN MCCAIN

GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile

German Shooting Leaves 2 Dead

H.R. 1508: Space Resource Exploration And Utilization Act Of 2015

Are We Being Chemically Altered Into Homosexuality?

Geo-Engineering Experiments & Who Funds Them

Is Your Birth Certificate A Federal Bank Note?

The State Citizen’s Service Center

China’s Stock Market Crashes

ANONYMOUS Attack? Wall Street Journal Website Goes Down & American Airlines Grounds Flights

CONTROLLED OPPOSITION ALERT: ANONYMOUS ‘Hack’ Halts Trading On The New York Stock Exchange For 3 And A Half Hours

State Citizenship

U.S. Congress Renews ‘No Child Left Behind’ Legislation

The Truth Denied

American Children Receiving 49 Doses Of 16 Different Vaccines Before Age 5

Russia Bans Cursing In Films, Books & Music

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Limiting Mercury Pollution From Power Plants

1,500+ Civilians Killed & 3,600+ Injured In Yemen Since March 27th

Explosives Stolen From French Army Base

Local Terror Exposed

MIKE HUCKABEE: “There’s Really No Such Thing As A Palestinian

Chemtrails, Smart Dust, Transhumanism & The Great Global Warming Lie

U.S. Dollar To Be Replaced As The World’s Reserve Currency On October 20th?

Constitutional Carry: Maine Allows Concealed Carry Of Weapons Without Permit

Oregon To Offer Free Community College Education To Students

Is JADE HELM 15 Preparing For The Mass Hanging Of Civilians?

U.S. Bureau Of Reclamation Requests 52,000 Rounds Of Hollow-Point & Shotgun Ammo

Extremely Disproportionate Number Of Homosexuals Are Child Molesters

New York Will No Longer Charge Bail For Non-Violent Crimes

CAPTAIN OBVIOUS: The NSA Is Intercepting 98% Of Latin American Communications

FUTURE FALSE FLAG ALERT: Tunisia Braces For Another “Terrorist Attack

U.S. Jewish College Fraudulently Squanders MILLIONS Of Dollars In Federal Aid Intended For The Needy

White House Spends $595,000 On “Cosmetic Upgrades

Former Italian Prime Minister SILVIO BERLUSCONI Sentenced To 3 Years In Jail For Bribery

Lithuania Training Ukrainian Troops

Russian Warships To Practice Missile Launches In Barents Sea Drills

108 People Executed In Greece For Abusing National Welfare System

TPP, TTIP & TiSA Grants Banks Terrifying Secret Powers

Free Trade Explained In One Excellent Comic

TiSA: The Scariest Trade Deal Nobody’s Talking About

The U.S. Orchestrated A Coup Attempt In Ecuador

Possible Leak At Hanford Nuclear Waste Site

Stem Cell Dental Implants Can Grow New Teeth

Laser Light Triggers Stem Cells To Re-Grow Teeth

FDA & FBI Raid Natural Cancer Treatment Clinic In Tulsa

New Police Radar Can ‘See’ Inside Homes

U.S., U.K. & France Behind The 1995 Massacre Of Bosnian Muslims

North Korean Bio-Chemical Expert Defects & Tells Of Human Experimentation

The CIA Experimented On Human Beings

TOM DELAY: U.S. DOJ Plans To Legalize Bestiality, Pedophilia & Other Perversions

Up To 20 Live Nukes Go Missing In The U.S.

U.S. Military Jets Intercept Russian Bombers

Huge Fire Near Chernobyl Nuclear Facility

New Jersey Governor CHRIS CHRISTIE‘s Conspiracy: The Real Story Behind ‘The Fort Dix Five’ Terror Plot

U.S. Mint Runs Out Of Silver

3 U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruling On Cases Involving Companies Whose Stock They Own

NYPD Destroyed Evidence In Class-Action Lawsuit Against Department

NYC Awards $300,000 To Abused Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Ukraine To Create $1 BILLION Energy Reserve Fund

CERN To Create Miniature Particle Accelerator For Cancer Treatment

U.S. Public School Textbooks Deny Slavery’s Role In Civil War

California Groundwater Contains Dangerous Levels Of Arsenic

3 New Russian Landing Ships Join Baltic Fleet

BitPremier: The BitCoin Portal Exclusively For Luxury Goods

U.S. Missile Destroyer Enters Black Sea

U.S. & Israeli Controlled-Opposition Group Blows Up Thermal Power Plant In Syria

U.S. President OBAMA Admits U.S. Is Training ISIL [VIDEO]

U.S. Army To Cut 40,000 Soldiers Over Next 2 Years

German Missiles Received Commands From ‘Hackers

Saudi Arabia To Invest $10 BILLION In Russian Projects

Zen Pencils

HILLARY CLINTON: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran

LWS: Boeing’s New Compact Laser Weapon System

China Stationing Thousands Of Troops In Africa

Germany Deploying Troops To Ukraine

To Maintain Its Economic Growth, The United States Needs A War Every Four Years

The Pope To Visit Ecuador, Bolivia & Paraguay In July

Iran’s New Long-Range Radar System

MERS Virus Reportedly Reaches The Philippines

60,000 Gather At Honduras Anti-Corruption Protest Rally

Capital Control Laws’ Cut Off Greek Access To iTunes, iCloud & PayPal

Recreational Use Of Cannabis Legalized In Oregon

Facebook‘s Satellites Plan To Provide Internet Access To BILLIONS Using Laser Beams

Argus II’ Bionic Eye Implant Tested Successfully

Seattle Public School Implants 6th Grade Girls With IUD’s Without Their Parents’ Knowledge Or Permission

The Newly-Discovered Danger Of High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Israel Admits Aiding (Other) Terrorists In Syria

Fire Erupts At French Nuclear Plant

Military Coup In Greece?

Explosion At Syrian Mosque Leaves At Least 25 Dead

Stop The Crime

Saudi Prince ALWALEED BIN TALAL To Donate Entire $32 BILLION Fortune To Globalist BILL GATES

Active Shooter Situation Shuts Down Washington D.C. Navy Yard . . . Again

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional “Three Strikes” Law

Crisis Actors Exposed: Texas Chemical Plant “Explosion

Have The CIA Announced An Upcoming July 4th JADE HELM False Flag?

U.K. Ministry Of Defense To Release “Top Secret” UFO “X-Files

U.S. Admits Funding (Other) Terrorists In Syria

XKeyScore: The NSA‘s Search Engine For Private Communications

Proxyham: Device Lets You Anonymously Connect To Wi-Fi From 2.5 Miles Away

Texas Medical Clinics Turning Away Unvaccinated Children

BP To Pay $18.7 BILLION For 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Tesla‘s ELON MUSK Donates $7 MILLION To A.I. Research

China Enacts New National Security Laws

U.S. & Israel Responsible For Government Data Thefts

Israeli Navy Plans Major Upgrades To Entire Combat Surface Fleet

Dozens Of Protests In Spain Ahead Of Implementation Of “Gag Law

Russian Military Getting A $400 BILLION Upgrade

50 U.K. Cops Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Iran Repatriates 13 Tons Of Gold From South Africa

5,000+ Evacuated As Train Carrying Toxic Chemicals Derails In Tennessee

Dozens Dead As Ferry Capsizes In The Philippines

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