The Non-Aggression Principle

Ahimsa: Non-Violence Toward All Living Things

Primum Non Nocere: First, Do No Harm

VINNIE PAZ“You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train [VIDEO]

VINNIE PAZ“Writings On Disobedience And Democracy [VIDEO]

2 Killed In Australian Plane Crash

JOEL M. SKOUSEN‘s “World Affairs Brief

The Mars Canals

Matching Mars: The Lost Canals Of PERCIVAL LOWELL

Asteroid 2016 HO3: Earth’s Second Moon

Standard Operating Procedure 303: The U.S. Government’s Internet & Telephone Kill Switch

The U.S. Navy’s New Laser Weapons

Norway Police Uncover 150 Terabyte Cache Of Child Porn

U.S. Bans All GMO Labeling

German Whistle-Blower UDO ULFKOTTE Dies Mysteriously

The Pentagon / CIA / NSA Link To Child Porn

Germany Legalizes Medicinal Use Of Cannabis

CIA Publishes 13 MILLION Declassified Documents Online

Moon Landings Faked: WikiLeaks Reveals NASA’s Apollo Program Fraud

Australian Airports To Replace Passports With Facial Recognition Scanners

Convicted Child Rapist DENNIS HASTERT Demands Victims’ Families Return ‘Hush Money

U.S. Withdraws From The Trans-Pacific Partnership

California Whistle-Blower JOHN LANG Assassinated

U.K. Submarine Fires Trident Missile Towards Florida

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice TEORI ZAVASCKI Gets Assassinated

Mexican Protesters Seize Control Of Tijuana Border Crossing Into U.S.

Russia Becomes China’s Top Oil Supplier


Smart Meters Emit 100 Times The Radiation Of A Cell Phone

Secrets Of The CIA‘s Global Sex Slave Industry

U.S. Senate Repeals ‘The Affordable Care Act

U.S. Sends Troops To Russian Border

Is Big Pharma Purposely Poisoning Medical Cannabis?

4 Killed & 700+ Arrested In Mexico Protests

Assassination Attempted On U.S. Consular Official In Mexico

California Tax Payers Fund Sex Reassignment Surgery For Convicted Murderer

Predictive Policing: Cops Secretly Install Spy & Tracking Equipment On Boats

Kali Yuga

The Most Likely Way That U.S. President-Elect TRUMP Could Be Forced Out Of Office


Flat Earth Psy-Op Gets Busted

The CIA & The Media: 50 Facts The World Should Know

Russia & The Jews: ALEKSANDR SOLZHENITSYN Exposes The Christian Holocaust

Chicago Is The Center Of A National Child Pornography Ring

WikiLeaksJULIAN ASSANGE Agrees To Extradition If U.S. President OBAMA Releases BRADLEY MANNING

JOHN KERRY: U.S. Allowed Rise Of ISIS To Force ASSAD Out Of Power

U.S. Behind India’s Cash Grab

Russian Diplomat ANDREY MALANIN Found Dead In Greece

Washington D.C. Police Find Hidden Caches Of Guns & Ammo Throughout City

South African Book: NELSON MANDELA Died In 1991

Scientists Create New Form Of Hydrogen

5 Killed & 15 Injured In Mexican Nightclub Attack

32 Killed As Turkish Cargo Plane Crashes In Kyrgyzstan

Congresswoman TULSI GABBARD Introduces Bill To Stop U.S. From Funding Al Qaeda & ISIS

FBI & Memphis Police Admitted Their Role In MARTIN LUTHER KING JR‘s Assassination

Clinton Global Initiative’ Shuts Down

KEK & KAUKET: Deities Of Darkness, Obscurity & Night


U.S. President OBAMA Commutes Prison Sentence Of BRADLEY MANNING

Lasers To Turn Earth’s Atmosphere Into Massive Surveillance System?

50+ Killed As Skyscraper Collapses In Iran

Hidden Gems In The SNOWDEN Files: Part 1

Hidden Gems In The SNOWDEN Files: Part 2

Nevada Becomes 7th U.S. State To Legalize Recreational Use Of Cannabis

10 Stories The Mainstream Media Ignored In 2016

Albuquerque Cops Caught Manufacturing & Selling Crack Cocaine

35+ Killed & 40 Wounded In Istanbul Nightclub Shooting

The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin & Installation By The British Crown

The Origin & Historical Background Of The Saudi Royal Family

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