USA TODAY: “Parents Who Do Not Vaccinate Their Children Should Go To Jail”

70-Year-Old Man Arrested For Walking With A Cane

Bitch Cop Pepper-Sprays Teacher After He Gives Speech On MLK, Jr. Day

Child Custody Dispute Ends In Murder

Canadian Spy Agency Granted Extra Powers

JIM HUMBLE‘s Master Mineral Solution




USC Researchers Regenerate Entire Human Immune System In 72 Hours

U.S. Senator JOHN MCCAIN Calls KISSINGER Protesters “Low Life Scum”

Texas Public School Strip Searches 11-Year-Olds

Red Cross Admits 271,301 Died In Nazi Camps, NOT 6 MILLION


Zen Buddhism Texts

Vatican To Offer Haircuts, Showers & Shaves To The Homeless

Popular Nutrient SODIUM SELENATE Is 4 Times More Toxic Than Cyanide

Truther Hijacks Dutch TV Station

E.U. To Install Tracking Computers In All Vehicles

The U.S. Navy’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

China Funding South Sudan Militia

“NSA-Proof” Cell Phone Hacked By Text Message

German Spy Agency Collects 220 MILLION Phone Records Each Day

Nazionist NETANYAHU To Speak Before U.S. Congress Again

Fracking Makes Black Sludge Flow From California Faucets

Harvard Researchers Store 700 TB Of Data In Single Gram Of DNA

Flu Shot Companies Admit Vaccinations Are Bullshit

Israel Bombs Syria . . . AGAIN . . .

Cambrian Genomics Can Print Custom DNA

Israeli Military Kills Off Dissenters

New Bill Seeks To End Tax-Exempt Status Of The NFL & NHL

The Truth About Ashkenazi “Jews”

More Veterans Today Fear Porn: Another Nuclear Super Bowl Threat

Whiteout Press

How The U.N. Controls U.S. Food & Energy

ISIS Admits The U.S. Is Funding Them

NAACP Bombing Hoax?

Swedish Tech Office RFID-Chips Its Employees

Alaska Cop Tases 11-Year-Old

Turkey Nets $8 BILLION USD From Unknown Sources

U.S. Congress Bolster’s FBI’s DNA-Collection Plans

4 People Beheaded Under New Saudi King

How To Block Harmful Frequencies

ArmorCore Bullet-Resistant Fiberglass Panels

New Liquid Body Armor Hardens On Impact

Google To Launch Cell Phone Service

The ROTHSCHILDs Own Charlie Hebdo

How To Build Your Own Cell Tower

Is The U.S. Pushing Australia Into Conflict With China?

NETANYAHU Sued For Racist & Physical Abuse

New Bill Seeks To Ban Police From Receiving Military Weapons & Vehicles

U.S. Funding Mass Sterilization In India

3 Russians Charged In NYC Spy Ring

2 FOX News Employee “Suicides” In 2 Months

10 Undeciphered Codes & Inscriptions

4 Russian Bankers Dead In “Murder/Suicide”

Hostages Taken In Libyan Hotel

Argentina Dissolves National Intelligence Agency

Spain Seeks Permanent U.S. Marine Base

Mandatory Obamacare Insurance Policies Cost Every American $50,000

Jails To Go: The U.S. Army’s Pre-Fab Detention Cells

DARPA Drones To Hunt In Packs

U.S. Downgrades Russia’s Credit Rating

New Bill Proposes €600,000 Fine For Protesting In Spain

CoinBase Launches First U.S.-Regulated BitCoin Exchange

New WAZE App Can Track Law Enforcement

U.S. Conducts “Counter-Terrorism Operations” In Yemen

Floods Displace 3,000+ People In Peru

Brazilian Transit Strike Strands 2 MILLION People

Bird Flu Cases Confirmed In Canada

8 French & 2 Greeks Killed In NATO Plane Crash In Spain

China To Allow U.S.-Grown GMO Apples

Official AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Report Won’t Include Black Box Data

Sex Magick: The Cabalist Jews’ Plan To Enslave Humanity

Detroit Man Threatened With Jail For Not Supporting Child That ISN’T His

Scientists Purposely Engineering Killer Viruses For “Research Purposes”

Dantian: The Center Of Life Force Energy

Wing Chun

CEO Of Government Monitoring Company Murdered In House Fire

Russia’s Amphibious Drone

Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth

Another Banker Suicided

Mandatory Quarantines If You Resist Forced Vaccinations?

Iran Dropping The Petro-Dollar

Majority Of U.S. Public School Students Live In Poverty

Bomb Threats Made Against Atlanta-Bound Planes

Jim Stone Freelance

Counter Current News

Blacklisted News

The Sleuth Journal

Anti-NWO Alliance

Red Ice Creations

Food Activist JAMIE OLIVER Sells His Soul To The Gates Foundation

MAE BRUSSELS: Forgotten Truther

Advanced Photon Source Research Facility

BENJAMIN DISRAELI: Father Of The World Wars

Edible Public Park Feeds 200,000+ People Every Year

Thousands Protest In Kosovo

Protein In Coffee Is Stronger Pain Killer Than Morphine

Did Nazi Germany Develop The First Atomic Bomb During WWII?

Did The German Nazis Attack Russia With An Atomic Bomb During WWII?

How Corporations Are Profiting From Iraq’s Engineered Disintegration

Ukraine Defaults On $3 BILLION USD Grain Deal With China

Debt, Fraud & Other Secrets Of The Banking System

Tweel: The Tire/Wheel That Can’t Go Flat

74 Scientists Die In 2 Years

Woman Jailed For Reporting Drug Dealers

Saudi Arabian King ABDULLAH Dies At 90

Google Executive Predicts The Internet Will “Disappear”

The Jew Bill Of 1753

New Car Runs On AIR & WATER

Lip Service: White House Pretends To Be Mad At Israel

President Of Yemen Resigns

U.S. Imposing Unfair Taxes On Solar Panels

How The CIA Made Google

20 Shocking Photos Of Pollution In China

How Drug Money Saved Banks In Global Crisis

Russia & U.S. End Nuclear Cooperation Program

Was “Gray State” Director’s Murder/Suicide FAKED?

Oil Spill Into The Yellowstone River

U.S. Senator DIANNE FEINSTEIN‘s Conflict Of Interest Nets Her Husband $1 BILLION USD

Facebook To Censor Anything Going Against Government’s “Official” Story

Project AuroraGold: The U.S. Government’s Own Hacking Operation

CIA Admits Their Torturous Interrogation Tactics Don’t Work

China Creates The First 3D-Printed Apartment Building


Russia Signs Military Cooperation Deal With Iran

Russian Spy Ships In Cuba?

FBI Set Up Ohio Bombing Suspect [VIDEO]

OPRAH WINFREY Running Ads For Monsanto In Her Magazine

Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Fired For “Anti-Semitism”

U.S. Government Has Already Tested 600+ Aerosol Strains Of Mind-Altering Vaccines On Humans

Israel Bombs Syria … Again

Israel Further Infiltrates The Syrian Military

This Water Bottle Creates Its Own Water From Thin Air

Chinese Businessmen Pay $80,000 To Hunt Polar Bears In Canada

Producer Of “Gray State” Movie Gets Suicided

Scientists Says 2 Planets May Exist Beyond Pluto

New Police Radar Can See Inside Homes

Rabbis Urge E.U. To Let Jews Own Guns To Police Themselves & Others

Rebel Coup Underway In Yemen

Illinois Laws Allow Teachers To Access Students’ Social Media Accounts

Insurance Company’s Bluetooth Device Can Be Used To Hijack Users’ Vehicles

5 Important Facts About American Internment During WWII

Ukraine Holds Military Draft

Kenyan Police Use Tear Gas On School Children

Argentine Prosecutor Assassinated Hours Before Testifying Against Country’s President In Jewish Coverup Case

Debt Collectors Posed As FBI Agents

Apple To Store Customer Fingerprints In iCloud?

U.S. Officially Switched Sides In The “War On Terror”

Gray State: The Rise (Rough Cut) [VIDEO]

Reactor Breach Forum

Nitty Gritty Common Law Library

Public Intelligence

Homeless Man Arrested For Charging Cellphone In Public Park

How To Make Your Own Cannabis Oil

Project Blue Book Archives @ The Black Vault

Russia Cuts Off Ukraine Gas Supply To 6 European Countries

CIA On Trial For Planting Nuclear Evidence In Iran

China To Mine The Moon For Rare Helium Isotope?

Red Ice Radio Archives

Russia Continues To Drop The Petrodollar

China Bailing Out Latin America In Exchange For Oil

Russia Sells Iraq $1 BILLION In Weaponry

How Zionists Divide And Conquer [VIDEO]

NASA Scientists Killed

States Revoking Drivers Licenses For Unpaid Student Loans

Missouri To Tax Guns To Fund Police Body Cameras

Thailand To Recognize “Third Gender” In New Constitution

State Threatens To Confiscate Infant Unless Entire Family Gets Forced Vaccinations

International Criminal Court To Probe Israeli War Crimes In Palestine

U.K. & U.S. To Stage Cyber War Games To “Test” Banks

Capstone Exercise 2015: Eagle Horizon

2015 Baga Massacre

Gnostic Themes In “Fight Club”


Taiji Philosophy

Tai Chi


Taoism Portal


Truth Sector News

The 2014 Ebola Report: Final Nails In The Ebola Scam Coffin

Fukushima 3/11 Truth

Corruption In The Belgian Government

The 108 Facts You Should Always Remember About 9/11

Truth News International

Corruption Of The Demiurge

Veterans Today’s GORDON DUFF: “About 30% of what’s on Veterans Today is patently false. About 40% of what I write is at least purposely partially false…” [VIDEO]

Russia Makes Moves On The Arctic

U.S. Lawmakers 18 Times Wealthier Than Average Citizens

BPA-Free Plastic May Be More Harmful Than BPA

Italian Courts Rule That Vaccines Cause Autism

Silk Road Leaves TOR & Relaunches On I2P

Plaintiff Who Filed $1 TRILLION Lawsuit Against Sandy Hook Goes Missing

Ex-U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Director Gets 25 Years In Prison For Kiddie Porn

45 Communist Goals To Take Over America

NYPD Cops Denied Vacation Until They Make More Fraudulent Arrests

France Uses Hebdo False Flag To Deploy 10,000 Troops To The Streets

Hi-Tech Gear Stolen From Russian Warship In France

Israel Will Justify “Need” To Take Over Palestinian Land By Using Hebdo False Flag To Cause 10,000 French Jews To Migrate To Israel

Denuclearize Or Lose Our Species: Multigenerational Effects Of Exposure To Radiation

Israel Urges U.S. To Halt Aid To Palestinians

Israel Illegally Freezes Palestine’s Tax Revenue

Palestine To Join The International Criminal Court

Undeniable Proof That 9/11 Was A Nuclear Event

When Airliners Vanish

How To Eat Healthy On A Food-Stamp Budget

Billionaire Sex Offender’s Phone Had 21 Numbers To Reach Bill Clinton

Ex-U.S. Soldier Planned Gambian Coup

2 Killed In Active Shooter Situation At Texas VA Clinic

Group Vies To Makes Shooting Police A Hate Crime

Cop Tries To Shoot Dog But Instead Kills Woman In Front Of Her Family

How To Survive When They Shut Off Your Water

Why Google Earth Won’t Show You Israel

Veterans Today Truth Warriors

11 Earthquakes Hit Texas In Less Than 2 Days

The Berzin Buddhism Archives

Texas Group To Produce 3D-Printed Gun Machines

Electric Egyptology And The Pyramids

Cops Admit To Fabricating Charges To Meet Quotas

Family Left Homeless After SWAT Team Demolishes Home To Arrest Man For DUI

Secret Underground Nazi Nuclear Bunker Discovered In Austria

SABBATAI ZEVI: The Self-Proclaimed Jewish Messiah

FALSE FLAG ALERT: “Sandy Hook Victim” & Pakistan “School Shooting” Victim Are The SAME PERSON [VIDEO]

Lithuania Joins The EuroZone

Duke Of York Named In Pedophilia Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Smartphone Use Can Alter Your Brain

STANLEY FISCHER: #2 Jew In Charge At The Fed

U.S. Uses Fake Sony “Hack” As Ammo To Further Sanction North Korea

Banks Write Their Own Laws Allowing Them To Confiscate Deposits During A “Crisis”

Who’s To Blame When A Robot Breaks The Law?

Australian Government Forces Terminally Ill Man To Spend His Last Days Job Hunting In Order To Receive Aid

Russia Allows Foreigners To Join Their Military As “Contractors”

High Fructose Corn Syrup Renamed “Fructose / Fructose Syrup”

Aspartame Renamed “Amino Sweet”

Planned Parenthood Murdered 327,653 Human Beings In 2014

Oklahoma Introduces Bill To Criminalize Masks & Hoodies

NATO’s “Kill List” Targets Civilians

Archeologists Discover The Mythical Tomb Of Osiris

Israel’s Use Of False Flags In Global Terrorism

Mossad Treating Boycotters Of Israeli Products As “Terrorists”

Cop Who Forcibly Sodomized Child Only Spends 30 Days In Prison & Not Even Labeled A “Sex Offender”

BitCoin Founder Charged With Money Laundering

Connecticut Authorities Take Teen Into Custody & Force Her Into Chemo Therapy

The Fair D.U.I. Movement

Iran Thwarts Mossad’s Attempt To Assassinate Nuclear Scientist

The Rh Negative Bloodline That Controls The Earth


CIA Torture Report Incriminates DICK CHENEY

PERMALINK: https://ConsciousAwarenessForAll.WordPress.com/News-Feed-Archive/January-2015-News-Feed-Archive


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