Netherlands To Ditch The Euro?

Former IMF Director RODRIGO RATO Headed To Prison For Fraud

The U.S. Sponsored Regime Changes In Syria: 1949, 1957, 1986, 1991, 2011 & Today

Former U.S. Vice President DICK CHENEY Behind Poisoning Of Military Troops In Iraq

Russian Consul ANDREY MALANIN Dies Mysteriously In Athens

Chinese Cardinal JOSEPH ZEN Accuses Pope FRANCIS Of Betraying CHRIST

U.S. President TRUMP To Skip The Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Pope FRANCIS Reduces Penalties For Priests Who Have Sex With Children

British Conspiracy Theorist MAX SPIERS Murdered In Poland

List Of ROTHSCHILD-Owned & Controlled Banks

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica: Special Ops & Military Troops Move In

Late U.K. Prime Minister EDWARD HEATH Confirmed As A Pedophile

U.S. Senator JOHN MCCAIN Steals MILLIONS In Child Trafficking Donations

CNN Caught Purchasing 16 MILLION Fake Twitter Followers

Anonymous Hackers Take 9 Central Banks Offline

German Military Adds 200,000 Troops

#PizzaGate Journalist DAVID SEAMAN Disappears From Social Media Sparking Concerns

Earn 80 BitCoins Per Month [VIDEO]

South Africa To Legalize Medicinal Use Of Cannabis

$9 MILLION+ Of U.S. State Department Funds Funneled To Former Secretary Of State JOHN KERRY’s Daughter

Polish Study: Vaccines Have No Benefit & Cause Neurological Damage

Gun Control Advocate LELAND YEE Headed To Prison For Weapons Trafficking

The Art Of Invisibility: How To Go Invisible Online

The Aleppo Codex

U.S. To Increase Military Spending By $54 BILLION

Russian President PUTIN Bans The U.S. From Adopting Russian Children

Operation GreenStar: Mind Control Project Creates UFO Abductions Scenarios

U.S. DHS Testing Mandatory Facial Recognition Scans Of Passengers

Saudi Arabia Offers To Deploy Special Forces Troops To Syria

Should Artificial Intelligence Be Afforded The Same Rights As Humans?

India Inks $2.5 BILLION Missile Deal With Zionist Israel

The Origins & Techniques Of Project MK-ULTRA‘s MONARCH Mind Control


Hollywood Subliminals

In Search Of Black Assassins


BILL MAHER Condoned Sex Between Adults & 12-Year-Olds

Feds Kidnap Alabama Baby After Parents Decline Birth Certificate & Social Security Number

Utah To Sentence Pedophiles To The Death Penalty

New Hampshire Legalizes Permitless Concealed Carry Of Weapons

Project Veritas’ CNN Leaks: Part 1 [119 Hours Of Raw Audio From CNN‘s Atalanta Headquarters]

EPA To Allow Unlimited Dumping Of Fracking Waste-Water In Gulf Of Mexico

Arizona To Seize Assets Of Protesters?

Spain’s Corrupt Central Bankers To Be Charged In Court

2012: Explosives Discovered At Swedish Nuclear Plant

The United Arab Emirates Plans To Colonize Mars

Is WikiLeaks A ROTHSCHILD Operation?

Project MK-ULTRA, Project Monarch & JULIAN ASSANGE

Racial Identity & Bias: Dr. KENNETH CLARK‘s Doll Experiments

Nuclear Incident: Radioactive Iodine Levels Spike Across Europe

Russia’s U.N. Ambassador VITALY CHURKIN Dies Mysteriously In New York

Lies That Psychiatry Professors Teach Medical Students

Record-Breaking Rain & Floods Strike Saudi Arabia

Manhunt At JFK Airport As 11 Passengers Bypass Security Checkpoints

Passenger Plane Crashes Into Australian Shopping Center

Yale Establishes Link Between Vaccines & Major Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders

Ecuador To Hold Chevron Accountable For Mass Contamination Of The Amazon

Should Robot Labor Be Taxed?

Zealandia: Is New Zealand Part Of A Sunken Lost Continent?

Zealandia: The Lost 8th Continent?


Operation Gladio B: U.S./NATO-Sponsored False Flag Terrorism

68 Injured At German Airport After Exposure To Unknown Substance

The ‘EmDrive’: Disclosure Of Free Energy Device In China

Are Earthquake Weapons Being Tested On Turkey?

U.S. President TRUMP Wants Russia To Give Crimea Back To Ukraine

North Korean Leader KIM JONG-UN‘s Brother KIM JONG-NAM Assassinated In Malaysia

Ireland Halts All Investments In Fossil Fuels

WikiLeaks: What Is Vault 7?

WW2: The Zionists Offered To Fight For The Nazis

Passengers Evacuated Following Explosion On Paris Train

The Jewish Role In The Bolshevik Revolution

U.S. Military Sends Tanks To Norway

17+ Injured In Hong Kong Subway Fire

13 Nootropics To Unlock Your Brain’s True Potential

Online Ancient Language Translator

HILLARY CLINTON‘s Scandalous Conduct In Haiti

Haiti Police Rescue 31 Girls In Child Trafficking Sting

The Role Of HILLARY CLINTON‘s Brother TONY RODHAM In Haiti’s Gold Mines

The Haitian Blogger

Mining Awareness

House Joint Resolution 10: U.S. Gearing Up For War With Iran

Did Yemen Strike Saudi Arabia With A Ballistic Missile?

Zionist Israeli Spies Exposed In London

13 Evil Experiments The U.S. Government Performed On Humans

How & Why The Episcopal Church Invented “Hell

U.S., U.K., France & Australia Conduct Military War Games Off Iran Coast

#PizzaGate: Was ANDREW BRIETBART Murdered For Trying To Expose Ring Of Elite Pedophiles?

Mapping The War Machine

Vizio To Pay $2.2 MILLION Settlement For Collecting Info From Smart TV’s Without Users’ Consent

U.S. Military Sends Tanks & Troops To Estonia

Former French President NICOLAS SARKOZY To Stand Trial For Breaking Campaign Finance Rules

German Military Deploys Troops To Lithuania

Germany Unveils New Zero-Emissions Train

The Socio-Economics History Blog

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU’s Long History Of Crying Wolf About Iran’s Nuclear Weapons

DNA Proves Ashkenazi Khazars Are Gentiles

TRUMP To Let U.S. Companies Buy Conflict Minerals From African Warlords?

The FBI‘s Secret Rules

The Intercept

Treating Cancer With Vitamin B17

474 Arrested In California Child Sex Ring

Operation HYPO: Infiltrating Violent Protest Organizations

Magnatone CEO TED KORNBLUM Threatens TRUMP Assassination Within 100 Days


U.S. President TRUMP To Allow Churches To Fund Political Parties

Is Ukraine Violating Terms Of The Geneva Convention?

Lockheed Martin Inks New $8.5 BILLION Deal With The Pentagon

The Pragmatic Maxim

Saudi Arabia To Build 600-Mile Wall To Keep Out Iraqis

250,000+ Romanians March To End Government Corruption

Greater Israel: The Yinon Plan

Were CLINTON & OBAMA Behind The Resignation Of Pope BENEDICT XVI?

1 Killed As Prisoners Hold Guards Hostage At Delaware Prison


Glaring Omissions From The World’s Oldest Bible

Kuwait Bans Travelers From Syrian, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan & Afghanistan

U.S. Code [CHAPTER 8, SECTION 1182]: Inadmissible Aliens

6 Killed & 8 Wounded In Quebec Shooting


Colombia To Oklahoma: 31 Pounds Of Cocaine Found In Nose Of American Airlines Jet

ErythroMer: The Long Quest To Create Artificial Blood May Soon Be Over

The ErythroMer Blood Substitute

Muslims Are Enforcing Sharia Law In London

Did Syrian President BASHAR AL-ASSAD Suffer A Massive Stroke?

Leaked Drafts Of U.S. President TRUMP’s Next 3 Executive Orders

3-D Printed Skin To Facilitate Artificial Organs

U.S. President TRUMP Bans Government Officials From Being Lobbyists

Pedophiles In Politics: An Open-Source Investigation

1 Dead & 3 Injured In Hollywood Stabbing Spree

TYR [Norse God]

Iraq Moves To Ban Americans

Iran To Dump The U.S. Dollar

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