BRICS To Debut Gold & Silver-Backed Currency

China Targeting Followers Of ‘Falun Gong’ Religion For Organ Harvesting

Fake Shooting Of Ex-U.S. President TEDDY ROOSEVELT?

Google Develops Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence Technology

California Baby Dies After Getting 8 Vaccinations

The BRUCE LEE Challenge: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Any Habit

Man Gets Life In Prison Over $20 Worth Of Cannabis

China To Control Majority Of Russia’s Oil & Gas Fields?

Russia & Serbia To Hold Joint Military Exercises

Missouri State Auditor & Gubernatorial Candidate Suicided

Poland To Send Troops To Ukraine


Higher Intellect Document Archive

Apple To Purchase 30% Of World’s Gold Supply

FBI: “To Keep Budgets High We Must Keep Fear Alive”

France To Treat “Anti-Semitism” The Same As Child Pornography

New Zealand To Teach Sex-Ed To 5-Year-Olds?

True Ancient Hidden Evidence Of Religion’s Origins

Missouri Legislation Would Require Father’s Consent Before Mother Can Abort Their Baby

Iceland Jails Corrupt Banksters

Are The Hopi Indians Part Of The Biblical Tribe Of Joseph?


Ahura Mazda

101 Names Of God

Messianic Age

Did Israel Harvest Organs From 25,000 Ukrainian Children?

Alaska Legalizes Recreational Use Of Cannabis

U.S. Arms Israel With $3 BILLION In Military Aircraft & Bombs

The Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

Solicitation Of Written Comments On The Draft National Adult Immunization Plan

U.S. Soldiers Raped Imprisoned Teens In Front Of Their Mothers

Pahana: Hopi Indian Prophecy

Media Blackout On U.S. “Smart Grid” Deployment

Iraq Downs 2 British Planes Full Of Weapons For ISIS

U.S. State Department Official Arrested For Soliciting Sex From A Minor

U.S. To Separate Kurdistan From Iraq

U.S. President Vetoes Keystone Pipeline Bill

Your Cell Phone Can Be Tracked Even When It’s Turned Off

Homan Square: Chicago’s CIA-Style Interrogation Compound

FBI Covered Up Evidence From 9/11’s Ground Zero

Ukraine Cutting Off Gas Supply To Eastern Areas

Israel Shuts Off Electricity To Thousands Of Palestinians

Russia Inks Military Contract With Cyprus

U.S. Laundering Weapons Through Abu Dhabi

Minnesota Senator Proposes “None Of The Above” Option For Election Ballots

White Hat Patriots Secretly Working To Defeat The Banking Cabal

The Cabal: A Global Plutocratic “Elite” Exerting Global Domination


U.S. Sniper CHRIS KYLE Was A Lying Murderer [VIDEO]

How To Homestead When You Rent

Ukraine Prepares For Full-Scale War

Ukraine Gets $17.5 BILLION USD From The IMF

Has The U.S. Been Under Martial Law Since 1933?

Boko Haram Is Part Of ISIS & Both Are Controlled Opposition Groups

UFO Crash Lands In Canada

Scientists Say Parallel Universes Exist & Interact With One Another

Israel Intentionally Floods Gaza

Scientists Engineering 2-Father Babies

FBI Recording ALL Digital Communications

L.A.’s Drones Are Tracking Mobile Devices’ Locations

Al Jazeera To Release Hundreds Of Secret Intelligence Documents

U.S. Staged Mall “Attacks” In Kenya

Russian Military Drills In The Baltic Could Lead To War

Egypt Calls For Joint Arab Military Force

Reuters Journalist Suicided

Central Bank Whistleblower Faces Criminal Charges

Nerve Gas Spill At U.S. Army Base

Federal Rules of Evidence

Federal Rules Of Appellate Procedure

Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure

Code Of Federal Regulations

Get A Free Credit Card Knife, Just Pay S&H

The Hayflick Limit

Lockheed Martin’s HULC Exoskeleton

Raytheon’s Second-Generation Robotic Exoskeleton

PROJECT HOT EAGLE: U.S. Marines In Space

Nootropic Drugs


Wireless Electricity

Element 115: Ununpentium

The Universe’s Negative Gravity Force

Gravity Generator

U.S. PATENT 3,626,605: Method And Apparatus For Generating A Secondary Gravitational Force Field

U.S. Patent 6,960,975: Space Vehicle Propelled By The Pressure Of Inflationary Vacuum State

U.S./Philippines’ & China’s Military Dispute In The South China Sea

China & Turkey Ink $3.4 BILLION USD Military Arms Deal

Afghanis Rob Their Own Central Bank Of $1.4 MILLION USD

Onion City: Search The Deep Web

Grams: TOR Search Engine For Online Underground Black Markets

CIA Tried To Plant Nukes To Frame Iran

Lenovo Planted Tracking Software On Computers

U.S. Busts Corrupt Israeli Banks

Where Did The 9/11 Planes Land?

NSA Admits ISIS Was Created By U.S., British & Israeli Intelligence Agencies


Israel Inks $1.5 BILLION USD Military Contract With India

Did Lucifer Ever Really Exist?

New York Looks To Ban Knives & Machetes

Another Bankster Suicided

83% Of Vaccines Are Manufactured In China

Swedish & Finnish Militaries Join Forces

U.S. & Turkey Ink Deal To Arm & Train Syrian Rebels

Kol Nidre & Legal Straw Men

36 High-Profile Banksters Were Murdered/Suicided In 2014

3 Banksters Killed In New York Train Crash

Canadian Police Illegally Seize Citizens’ Firearms After Flood

6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Causes Tsunamis In Japan

Rhode Island Seeks To Label GMO’s

Minnesota Looks To Label GMO’s

U.S. & Ukraine Try To Frame Russia With Fake Photos

Italy Moves To Outlaw Holocaust Denial

18 MILLION Brits On File In Secret Facial Recognition Database

Missouri Police Caught In Illegal Revenue-Generation Scheme

U.S. Sends 4 Warships To Singapore

U.K. Intelligence Agency Now Has To Admit Who It’s Spying On

Montana To Ban Government License Plate Cameras

Florida Cops Admit To Routinely Planting Evidence

How The Jewel Trade Enslaves MILLIONS Of Africans

Russia Arms Armenian & Azerbaijani Troops

The Secret World Of Government Debt Collection

U.S. Sends 4,000+ Troops To Kuwait

The Vaccine-Autism Connection Explained

Watch For Assassination Of Sudan’s President

U.K. To Build World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

Ukraine Gas Prices Jump 280%

Law And Technology Resources For Legal Professionals

South Dakota Passes Open-Carry Legislation

United Nations Commission On International Trade Law

Admiralty & Maritime Law Guide

Canadian Admiralty Law

Tetley’s Maritime & Admiralty Law

American Society Of International Law

United Nations International Court Of Justice

Couple Have Sex In Public: Woman Gets Ticketed But Man Gets Arrested

NATO Dogs Sodomized Afghan Prisoners At Bagram Air Base

Did The CIA Buy Iraq’s Chemical Weapons?

Scientists Create Artificial Womb

Did Israel Leak Details Of U.S.-Iran Nuclear Talks?

The Islamic State’s Sex Slave Trade

Italy To Invade Libya?

West Virginia Evacuates After Train Derails

NSA Embedding Spyware On Peoples’ Hard Drives

Russian Airborne Troops Go On Alert

Political Disaster In Bangladesh

British Intelligence Agency Covers Up Sexual Abuse Of Children

Russia Creates Proprietary Payment System

How To Stop Some Drones From Flying Over Your House

Arizona Sheriff JOE ARPAIO Faces Civil Contempt Of Court Charges

Deadly Shooting In Copenhagen

DNA Nanobots To Target Cancer Cells [VIDEO]

How GMO’s & Vaccines Converge To Fuel Neurodegenerative Conditions

Jew Caught Painting The Word “Jew” On Jewish Peoples’ Cars

Canada & U.K. Involved In Venezuelan Coup

Martial Law To Be Imposed In Ukraine

Sweden Begins Quantitative Easing

The U.S.’ Secret War In Afghanistan

RACHEL CORRIE‘s Family Loses Wrongful Death Appeal In Israel

Suicided Lawyer Had Ties To Greece & International Banking

South Sudan Calls Off Elections

RoboCops To Hit U.S. Streets In 2016?

Former CNN Reporter AMBER LYON Exposes Media Deception

700 British Musicians Boycott Israel

Hackers Steal $1 BILLION From Banks

Montana To Block Federal Gun Bans

CIA Headquarters Goes On Lockdown

U.N. Pledges $706 MILLION In Aid For Palestine

ATF Trying To Ban Popular 5.56 NATO Ammunition

Israel Caught Secretly Sterilizing Ethiopians

Arizona Law Would Withhold Names Of Police Officers After They Shoot People

U.S. To Invade Syria?

Ceasefire Reached In Ukraine

Did Ukraine Hack U.S. Computers?

Terror “Drill” Ahead of Copenhagen Shooting

German Parade Cancelled Due To Terror Threat

Spanish Judge Makes Corrupt Banksters Pay

U.S. West Coast Sea Ports Shut Down

50 Tips For Jiu-Jitsu White Belts

Are We Seeing The Shutdown Of America’s Supply Chain?

Carnicom Institute: Research For The Benefit Of Humanity


The Zionist Undermining Of MAHATMA GANDHI

Journalist DAVID CARR Suicided Hours After Interviewing EDWARD SNOWDEN

81% Of Dollar Store Products Contain Chemicals Linked To Learning Disabilities, Cancer & Serious Illnesses

U.S. Interstate Handgun Transfer Ban Ruled Unconstitutional & Overturned

The Balfour Declaration

Man Invents Font To Help People With Dyslexia Read

Harvard Students Stage Sit-On Over Fossil Fuels

Tesla Motor Company To Unveil Batteries To Power Homes

2 Earthquakes Hit Russian/Ukrainian Border

Jewish Rabbi Secretly Videotapes 150+ Nude Women

Venezuelan Coup Thwarted

Loophole Lets Illegal Immigrants Vote In U.S. Elections

U.S. Wants A Permanent Naval Base In Australia

Florida Police Help Militarize Haitian Riot Police

Egyptian Military To Respond In Yemen

McDonald’s Giving Out Free Vaccinations

IMF Chief Attends Sex Party

Brazilians Hoard Water Ahead Of Government Rationing

How Hackers Use RFID Readers To Steal Credit Card Numbers

The Litany Against Fear

Herbal Supplements Banned From, GNC, Walmart, Target & Walgreens

How The Vaccinated Infect The Unvaccinated

U.S. Wants To “Regulate” Any Website That “Influences Policy”

Palestinian Embassy Opens In Sweden

Explosion At Spanish Chemical Factory

U.S. Court Allows Feds To Legally Read 180-Day-Old Emails Without Warrant

Vaccine Whistleblower Given Immunity To Testify In Court

DHS’ Secret Cell Phone Kill Switch

Stopping Smart TV’s From Spying On You Could Be A Felony

U.S. Military Training Ukrainian Troops

Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center: The U.S. Creates New Intelligence Agency

U.S. To Mandate Vaccinations For ALL Children In Headstart Educational Programs

Record Number Of Americans Renounce Citizenship

The CIA Infiltrated 9/11 Court Hearings

U.S. Proposes $1 BILLION In Aid & Military Assistance To Ukraine

The CIA’s Secret Profiles Of World Dictators

Arizona Bans NSA Resources

Armed Rebels Seize U.S. Embassy In Yemen

Pentagon Spent $504,816 On Viagra In 2014

Suicided Filmmaker Was Documenting CPS Abuse & Deaths

U.S. To Move Nuclear Weapons Into Eastern Europe

Russia To Help Egypt Build Nuclear Power Industry

U.S. Offers To Initiate “Russian” False Flag Attack In Ukraine

U.K. Government Documents Prove Vaccines Are A Fraud

50 Russian Tanks Enter Ukraine

Corporate Land Grab In Ukraine

CBS Reporter BOB SIMON Dies In Car Crash

Sandy Hook “Victim” Trademarks Her Name

Israel Creates New Cyber Intelligence Unit

Former U.K. Prime Minister TONY BLAIR May Face War Crime Charges

Missouri Government Sues Residents For Nearly $1 MILLION For Voting Against Red Light Cameras

New DARPA Program Can Search The Entire Deep Web

The Jews Behind The U.S. Department Of Homeland Security

6-Point Plan To Stop The Jewish Undermining Of The United States

Real Jew News

What The Bankers Are Forecasting

Canadian Military “Lost” 3 Excalibur Precision Guided Artillery Shells In Afghanistan

10 MILLION Private Usernames & Passwords Published Online

Journalist BARRETT BROWN Gets 63 Months In Prison For Posting Anonymous Link

Monsanto’s Land-Grab In Ukraine

Jordan Stations Thousands Of Troops On Iraq Border

U.S. & Thailand To Hold Joint Military Exercises

NBC Reporter BRIAN WILLIAMS Suspended 6 Months For False War Reports

The Zionist Infestation Of Africa

Jewish Terrorism: The Lavon Affair

Libya’s Water Wars: Gaddafi’s Great Man-Made River

Hidden Vault Inside Mount Rushmore

North Korea Test-Fires New Short-Range Missiles

Russia Has The World’s Most Powerful Non-Nuclear Bomb [VIDEO]

How Smart TV’s Spy On You

Jury Nullification

Concerted Manipulation: Mystery Behind Dropping Oil Prices Solved


JOSEPH NEWMAN‘s Free Energy Technology

Practical Guide To Free Energy Devices

The Reciprocal System Of Physical Theory

The Musical Universe


JLN Labs: The Quest For Over-Unity

How To Convert Your Lawnmower Into An Electric Generator

Terrorist Jew Convicted In Plot To Bomb Arab School

False Flag? Shooting In France During Prime Minister’s Visit

Another Banker Suicided

25 Charged In U.K. Child Sex Abuse Ring

Mega-Bank HSBC Sheltered Money For Dictators & Arms Dealers

U.S. Ships Weapons & Ammunition To Lebanon

Pakistan To Use Nukes Against India

Ukrainian Death Toll 10 Times Higher Than Reported

Russia & Egypt To Drop U.S. Petrodollar & Trade In National Currencies

Russia To Release More 9/11 Evidence?

Merck Bribes Whistleblowers To Keep Quiet About Vaccine Dangers


Zionist Jews To Shame Democrats Who Skip NETANYAHU Speech

Washington D.C. Rejects 99% Of Concealed Carry Gun Applications

U.S. Congress Trying To Ban Firearm Magazines That Hold More Than 10 Bullets

4-Strand Human DNA Discovered

Court Rules U.K. Surveillance Secrecy To Be Illegal

Intelligence Officer Goes Missing In Case Of Murdered Argentinian Prosecutor

New York Stock Exchange Sold To Derivatives Company For $8 BILLION USD

2 Dead In Murder/Suicide At South Carolina University

Power Of Arrest

Citizen’s Arrest

Militarization Of Police

Civil Liberties

Canary Watch: How To Track FBI & NSA Info Requests

5 Killed In Atlanta Shooting

3 Wounded In Pennsylvania Mall Shooting

EDWARD SNOWDEN Claims Advanced Underground Civilization

Survival Lessons From The 1800’s

Merck Threatens Vaccine Whistleblower With Jail Time

10 Amazing Ancient Inventions

6 Advanced Ancient Inventions

3D-Print Your Own Untraceable AR-15

Pocket Power Plus: Portable Charger

Mom Sets Up Sting & Busts Child Molester Cop

China To Force Web Users To Register Real Names

U.S. Congress Seeks Legal Exemption For Political Corruption

CDC Promoting Mandatory Vaccinations

Ukraine’s Currency Collapses 50% In 2 Days

U.S. To Build First Nuclear Power Plant In 2 Decades

U.S. Surgeon General Admits Cannabis Has Medical Benefits

Judge Rules FBI Doesn’t Have To Reveal Documents In Plot To Assassinate Occupy Activists

Israeli Organ Trafficking & Theft

The U.S.’ Secret Immigration Prisons

Belgium To Repatriate 200 Metric Tons Of Gold From U.K.

Shadow Government Statistics

Upload Your Mind To A Robot

Corruption At TBN

U.S. Oil Workers Go On Largest Strike In Decades

FOX News Blames Seahawks’ SuperBowl XLIX Loss On 9/11 Truthers [VIDEO]

NYPD To Make “Resisting Arrest” A Felony?

New Jersey To Remove The “Public” From The Water Supply

FEMA Preparing For 200 MILLION Deaths

Tel Aviv, Israel Is The Sex Slave Capital Of The World

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency




Deep Web: The Hidden Internet

Darknet File Sharing

Hidden Wiki

Freenet Project




The Frost Project



Voters Boot Entire City Council After Attempted Land Grab

Peruvian Billboards Produce Drinkable Water From Desert Air

Generator Converts Propane Into Electricity

The Wireless Brain-Computer Interface

Strangers Raise $200,000+ In 24 Hours For Detroit Man walks 21 Miles To & From Work Each Day

1 In 3 Of Brits Stored In National Facial Recognition Database

18 Suppressed Inventions

Texas Man Arrested For Paying Property Tax In $1 Bills

Operation LAC

Why U.S. Aid To Israel Is Illegal

U.S.-Led Ukrainian Military Is Murdering Civilians

2,500-Square-Foot House 3D-Printed In 20 Hours

Malaysia-Bound TransAsia Airways Flight 235 Crash Kills 26+ People

Protesters Storm Ukrainian President’s Office

Zionist LARRY SILVERSTEIN Files ANOTHER 9/11 Lawsuit Against Airlines

U.S. Military “Loses Track” Of $400 MILLION Worth Of Weapons It Sent To Yemen

NYPD Equates Protesting To Terrorism. New Unit Will Handle Both.

BitCoin Elite Gather For Secret Meeting

Lithium To Be Added To Public Water Supplies?

Spain Shuts Down Nuclear Reactor After Blackout

New “Lantern” Would Provide Free WiFi To Every Person On Earth

L.A. To Build Housing For City’s Homeless Veterans

Ancient Documents Destroyed In Russian Library Fire

25-Square-Foot Aquaponic System Can Feed 1 Adult For A Whole Year

The Illuminati NWO Card Game

Political Organization

Proof That Radiation Therapy Makes Cancer WORSE

British Army Creates New Cyber Warfare Division

U.S. Funding Recruitment For Islamic State

Israel Blackmailed ex-U.S. President BILL CLINTON With MONICA LEWINSKY Info

Terror Famine In Ukraine

Bomb Threat Evacuates European Parliament In Belgium

Croatia Writes Of Debt Of 60,000 Poorest Citizens

U.K. Soldiers Banned From Sleeping With Russians & Chinese

Ukrainian Citizens Flee From Military Draft [VIDEO]

British Military Sends Troops To Falkland Islands

EPA Raises Allowable Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In U.S. Food Supply

U.S. Military Recruiting Gamers To Be Drone Pilots

U.S. President OBAMA Admits U.S. Overthrew Ukrainian Government

List Of ADMITTED Government-Sponsored False Flag Attacks

Venezuelan Government To Use Lethal Force Against Protesters

TSA To Require ALL Passengers To Have Biometric ID By 2016

Egyptian & U.A.E. Militaries Intervene In Libya

Plague In Madagascar?

Oil Tycoon Murdered?

The National Liberty Alliance

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