The TRUE Size Of Africa

Scientists Create Artificial Human Sperm & Eggs From Stem Cells

1 Dead & Hundreds Trapped In Greek Ferry Fire

Iranian Naval War Exercises Force Out U.S. War Ships

List Of 3-D Printed Weapons

The April Massacres

Was The Jonestown Massacre A Cover For A U.S. Attack On A Soviet Missile Base?

Scientists Create Self-Healing Liquid Metal

FALSE FLAG ALERT: If An EMP Hits The U.S. Power Grid, They’re Going To Blame It On North Korea

Dinosaur Soft Tissue, Skin & Feathers Uncovered In China

DARPA To Explore Synthetic Biology

Michigan To Require Drug Testing Of Welfare Recipients

New Jersey Vies To Privatize The Public Water Supply

Indian Science Congress To Explore Ancient Aviation Technologies

U.S. Carries Out Air Strikes In Somalia

Sony Now Admits “Hack” Was An Inside Job

30 Top Israeli Officials Under Fire For Corruption

Monsanto & Bayer Illegally Growing GMO Crops In Europe

Greece Formally Dissolves Parliament

U.S. & Australia Vote Against Palestinian Statehood At U.N.

Radioactive Leak At Ukrainian Nuclear Plant

3 Killed In Thwarted Gambian Coup Attempt

Hawaiian Lava Flow Spurs Evacuations

Why Microwave Ovens Are Dangerous

The Top 25 Censored Stories Of 2014

Mystery Drone Spotted Over Sabotaged Belgian Nuclear Facility

CONFIRMED PROOF: North Korea NOT Behind Sony “Hack”

North Korea Boycotts U.N. Security Council Meeting

MASSIVE Hack Against North Korea’s Internet

$300,000 In Ukrainian Central Bank Gold Swapped For Lead Bricks

Scottish Orphans Used In Military Experiments

2 NYPD Officers Murdered While Performing “Anti-Terrorism Drill”

Private For-Hire Gunships Are Roaming The Seas

Is The U.S. Trying To Overthrow Venezuela?

JOHN HANSON: The REAL First President Of The United States Of America

Hundreds Of Human-Animal Hybrids Illegally Created In U.K. Labs


JOHN MCCAIN Is In Bed With The Rothschilds

INTERNET ARCHIVE: Hands Down THE BEST Resource On The Web

DARPA’s New Micro-Drones

Ukrainian Military Pilot Says Kiev Shot Down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17

7 Major Earthquakes Hit British Columbia

South Korean Nuclear Plant Hacked

Leaked CIA Documents Teach Operatives How To Skirt Airport Security

NYC To Require Flu Shots For ALL Children In Public Preschools & Daycares

The Fukushima 50

Something Else Hit The Pentagon On 9/11

The Truth About “Educate-Yourself”

The Jenin Massacre

Police Using Pre-Charge Bail Tactics To Curb Citizens’ Freedom To Protest

Russia To Create DNA “Ark”

ANOTHER Vatican Priest Arrested For Pedophilia Crimes

The Giant’s Causeway

Bimini Road

Adam’s Bridge

Japan’s Yonaguni Monument

MUST WATCH: Why Utilities Should Legally Be FREE To The Public [VIDEO]

NASA’s Mars Rover Photographs Mayan/Aztec-Style “Head”

Does Mars Have A Blue Sky?

Are You A “Person” Or A “Citizen”?

NY Police Making Over $300,000/Year

Goodbye Petrodollar: China & Russia To Trade Using National Currencies

Cop Beaten & Fired For Stopping Fellow Cop From Choking Handcuffed Man

CIA Didn’t Just Torture People, They Experimented On Them

$1 BILLION Surveillance Blimp To Launch Over Maryland

ET Bodies & Technology Found In Giza Complex?

Dozens Of Disney Employees Arrested In Child Sex Stings

Indigenous Indians Storm Brazilian Congress & Attack Police Over Corrupt Land Ownership Bill

U.S. Secretary Of State Strikes Deal With Saudis To Buy Oil Below Market Price

Scientists Find 1/2 Of Info On Dr. Oz Is Incorrect

Israel’s “Iron Dome” Is A Farce

Magic Mushrooms Grown At Buckingham Palace

Senior U.K. Cop Proposes Regional Law Enforcement “Super Forces”

The Wolfowitz Doctrine: Building Blocks For War

9/11 Throwback: The Death Of Minnesota Senator PAUL WELLSTONE

1,000+ Gather For Largest Felony Civil Disobedience Rally In U.S. History

Houston Police Ordered To Turn Off Body Cameras During Protests

Chinese Military Has ICBM’s With Multiple Warheads

OBAMA Signs 5 Cyber-Security Bills Into Law

Holocaust Hoax: 271 References To 6,000,000 Jews” PRIOR To Nuremberg Trial

Hollywood Celebrities Raise $34 MILLION For Israeli Defense Forces

“Hackers” Threaten 9/11-Style Attack At Christmas Movie Premier

The Free Energy Party

Pure Energy Systems Wiki: Alternative & Free Sources Of Energy

U.S. Citizens Denied Passports Due To Child Support Arrears

Researchers Regenerate Entire Human Immune System In 72 Hours

NYPD’s Murder Of ERIC GARNER Was In Retaliation To Charges He Filed Against Them

H.R. 4681: The Intelligence Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2015

North Korea Calls On U.N. To Investigate U.S.’ CIA Torture

Gallery Of Newly-Released UFO Documents

Pennsylvania Judge Deems OBAMA‘s Executive Action On Immigration To Be Illegal [VIDEO]

Walmart Employees Awarded $188 MILLION In Class-Action Wage Theft Suit

U.S. To Give Israel Another $350 MILLION

*GRAPHIC*: The Standard Force-Feeding Procedure For U.S. Captives [VIDEO]

European Court Removes Hamas From E.U.’s List Of Terrorists

Chinese Government Employs 500,000 Internet Trolls

OBAMA: Post-Nobel Peace Prize

Israel Proposes Natural Gas Pipeline To Southern Europe

Global Politics Be Damned! Lockheed Martin & Boeing Explore Cooperation With Russian Space Corporation

Banking While Black: Man Arrested For Depositing $9,000 Check In His OWN Account

Belgium Shuts Down Due To Strikes

H.R. 5344: The Responsible Body Armor Possession Act

U.N. Peacekeepers Open Fire On Haitian Protesters

U.S. Special Forces Conduct Urban Training Drills In Dallas

GEORGE SOROS To Head Ukrainian National Bank?

False Flag Alert: North Korea DID NOT “Hack” Sony

FBI Admits NO EVIDENCE Linking North Korea To Sony “Hack”

OBAMA Using Fake Sony “Hack” As Ammo To Attack North Korea?

At 80%, Police Are Most Overweight Workers In U.S.

Verizon’s “End-To-End Encryption” Has Backdoor For Law Enforcement

2/3 Of U.S. Children Live In Households On Federal Aid

Hepatitis B Vaccinations In France Caused Multiple Sclerosis

Washington State Looks To Nullify Federal Ban On Hemp Production

OBAMA Says He’s Jewish “In His Soul”

Gematria Calculator

GEORGE W. BUSH Cancels Switzerland Visit Over Fears Of Arrest

Pennsylvania Manhunt: 6 Dead & 1 Wounded In Shootings

“I Trust The Leadership”: U.S. Congressmen Admit To Not Reading NDAA Before Voting For It

Corrupt Police Caught Hiding Their Badges At Boston Protest

U.S. Supreme Court Permits Evidence Acquired In Unlawful Searches

Zionist Controlled Opposition Group Massacres 140+ At Pakistan School

Texas Opens Largest U.S Immigration Detention Center

ROCKEFELLERS Tried To Sterilize 15 MILLION Americans A Century Ago

U.S. Taught Torture Techniques To Brazil

Feds Give $70 MILLION In Military Surplus Gear To State Of Georgia

Controversial Malaysia Airlines Suspends Stock Shares And Goes Private

Suppressed Technology: Water Spark Plugs

Aluminum Linked To Alzheimers

U.S. Government Invests $5 BILLION+ In Overthrow Of Ukraine

Major Fires Shut Down Huge Portions Of Los Angeles

Promissory Notes Act Of 1704

Active Denial System: Non-Lethal Weapons System Fries Targets With Microwaves

Links Between CitiGroup & U.S. Government Run Deep

Spain Outlaws Filming Law Enforcement

Polish Masses March To Protest Corrupt Elections

Ferguson/STL Protesters Granted Restraining Order Against Law Enforcement

U.S. Offers Legal Immunity To Ebola Vaccine Manufacturers

Boycott Israeli Products That Support Zionism & Murder

Israeli PM Vows To Make Jewish Talmud The National Law

MUST WATCH: ‘Veterans Today’ Founder GORDON DUFF‘s Keynote Speech At The Damascus Terror Conference [VIDEO]

Library Of UFO Videos

Mars Anomaly Research

Group Takes Hostages At Sydney Cafe While Displaying ISIS Flag

DARPA Creates Self-Guiding Bullets

It’s Time For A Registry Of Police Offender

Massive Federal Land-Grab Hidden In 2014 NDAA

U.S. Army Builds $33 MILLION Drone Airport In Texas

NATO Sells $600 MILLION In Weapons To The Baltic

Programmable 3-D Vaccines On The Way

Canada Legalizes Warrantless Cellphone Searches

U.S. Congress To Prohibit Feds From Undermining State Marijuana Laws

Iowa To Launch Smartphone Driver’s License App

U.S. To Allow Native Americans To Grow/Sell/Use Marijuana On Sovereign Land

BPA-Free Plastics Still Contain Estrogenic Chemicals

Elites Transport Children To U.K. To Harvest Organs

Stellar Engines

Is It Possible To Mine The Stars?

The Dyson Sphere

Police Raid Pirate Bay Servers In Sweden

Rogue Scientists Fight Back Against Geo-Engineering With Their Own HAARP Technology

3 Wounded In Oregon School Shooting

Washington To Charge Drivers By The Mile?

Hungarian PM Wants To Drug-Test All Journalists & Politicians

Norway Sells Arms To Nigerian Warlord

U.S. Funds Anti-Government Hip-Hop Music In Cuba

Zionists To Bomb 5 Planes On Christmas?

Unitarian Universalism


Coca-Cola Introducing GMO “Super Milk”

Amazon Loggers “Mistakenly” Cut Down 5,800-Year-Old Tree

Shot Down? Private Plane Crashes 350 Feet From U.S. Army Reserve Legal Command HQ

Russia Halts European Natural Gas Pipeline

Illinois Makes It A FELONY To Record Law Enforcement

Scientists Re-Create “Spark Of Life” Using Lasers

BPA 100 Times More Deadly Than Previously Thought

Scientists Erase Memories Using LIGHT

9 CIA “Black Sites” Where Detainees Were Tortured

Boston “Bombing” Truth: Feds Admit TSARNAEVS Weren’t Involved In Waltham Triple Murder

Thousands Of Kentucky Residents “Mistakenly” Alerted To Prepare For “Civil Emergency”

IAN JACKLIN‘s “I Cure Cancer”

Ophiuchus: The Hidden Zodiac Sign

U.S. Troops In Iraq Granted Immunity

Chinese Firm Planning Nicaragua Canal Has Ties To Peoples’ Liberation Army

36 Major Bankers Suicided In 2014 So Far

Israeli Air Strikes In Syria

Drug Corruption At Scotland Yard

Cop Fired For NOT Resorting To Violence

Vaccines To Be Produced From Human Cancer Tumors

Cops Getting Paid MILLION In Overtime During Protests

Illuminati Strikes Again: ROCKEFELLER Single-Handedly Kills Freedom Of Information Act Reform

JULIAN ASSANGE Says Google Will Support HILLARY CLINTON In 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Monsanto To Release GEORGE SOROS-Funded GMO Marijuana

Missouri Proposes Mechanism To Reject Unwanted Federal Acts

H.R. 758: U.S. Everything BUT Declares War On Russia

All Hostages Killed As One Zionist Terrorist Branch “Attempts Rescue” From Another

CONTRAST: Iceland Grieves Over First Police Murder EVER

British Laws Overstepping The Marital Threshold Once Again

Steam Leak Causes Partial Shutdown At Florida Nuclear Plant

Doomsday Lairs Of The Elite

Tesla Motors Set To Make Waves In Solar Power & Storage

German Engineers Convert Water Into Fuel

Switzerland Bombed With Chemtrails

How Virtual Reality Shuts Down The Brain

Israel’s Plan For A “Second Israel” In The Ukraine

BORDERS: University Of Arizona’s Creepy Human Screening Tools

Is There A “Super Stonehenge”?

Scientists Achieve Superconductivity Without Cooling

U.S. Congress Passes Joint Israeli Strategic Partnership Bill

New Trans-National Federal Reserve Currency In The Works?

U.S. Government Purposely Stalling Patents

The Constitutionality Of Child Support Guidelines: Part 1

The Constitutionality Of Child Support Guidelines: Part 2

The Child Support Guideline Problem

The Art Of Subversion [VIDEO]

71-Year-Old Gets Life In Prison For Writing “Hateful” Letter

Utah To Seize Land Back From Corrupt Federal Government

NYPD’s “Cop Of The Year” Busted Buying 10 Kilos Of Cocaine

NASA’s Secret Mission In Africa

188 Protesters Sentenced To Die In U.S.-Backed Egypt

Egypt To Criminalize “Insulting” Revolutions

U.S. Government Takes Land From Natives & Gives It To Foreign Mining Company

How To Remove Fluoride From Water

The Subversive Use Of Sacred Symbolism In The Media [VIDEO]

Illuminati Pre-Programming: Zionist Website Posts KIRK DOUGLAS‘ Obituary While He’s Still Alive

Project MESHNET: The Alternative To The Internet

Vaccine Truth: Kenya Catches U.N. In Mass Sterilization Scheme

New Zealand Spends $103 MILLION To Join Ranks Of Zionist Spies At Taxpayers’ Expense

Florida Judge Has A <3: Lifts Ban On Feeding The Homeless

The U.S. Air Force’s “Space Fence” Is Alive And Well

NATO Takes Pre-Emptive Measures Against Kremlin

U.S. Hocks “Investment Opportunities” To Chinese In Exchange For “Legal Residency”

Anarchists Protest In Greece

Trouble In Hell?: Israeli PM Dissolves Parliament & Calls For Early Elections

9/11 FALSE FLAG: Watch The CRUISE MISSILE That Hit The Pentagon [VIDEO]

Accident At Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant

Trimurti: The Hindu Holy Trinity

Triple Deities In Religion: Starting To See A Pattern?

Metzitzah B’peh: Jewish Pedophilia Exposed

SHECHITA: Jewish Ritual Slaughter

Jewish Ritual Murder

Kapparot: How Jews “Transfer Their Sins” To A Chicken

METAPEDIA: The Non-Zionist Online Encyclopedia

MARK ZUCKERBERG (Minus The Zionist Spin)

Jewish Mimicry

Rothschild Illuminati Conspiracy Completely Exposed [VIDEO]

Former Canadian Defense Minister Comments On UFO’s

December 2nd, 2014 BENJAMIN FULFORD Report

NYPD Refuses To Release Its Drone Documents

U.S. Secret Service Codenames

BOOM Heard From NY to UK: HAARP?

2011 British Film “THE VETERAN” Drops Some MAJOR Truth [VIDEO]

2011 U.K. Movie Admits Al-Qaeda Is CIA [VIDEO]

2011 British Film Drops Truth About CIA Drug Trafficking [VIDEO]

OBAMA Proposes Body Cameras For All Cops

Bosnian Immigrant Murdered In Ferguson/STL Riots



CIA Cryptonym

“You Murderous, Zionist Piece Of Shit”: Truther Confronts GEORGE H. W. BUSH At Restaurant



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