Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit

NSA Hacked Into Mexican President’s Email

U.S. Spy Agencies Mounted 231 Offensive Cyber Operations In 2011

CIA Admits To Full Monitoring Of Online Social Networks

Cache Of Rare Bilderberg Papers

Cops Make Up Laws To Force Homeless Out Of Town

The Turkish Lira Is Being Destroyed

U.S. DoJ Refuses To Release Interpretation Of NDAA

Fracking Linked To Sex Change In Animals

Witness Says He Witnessed Ex-Pope Murder A Child

IAWWAI: Everyone Is God & The Prophecies Are Now

Human Genetic Code Holds Multiple Hidden Meanings

UNMANNED: America’s Drone Wars [VIDEO]

Uruguay Becomes First Country To Legalize Marijuana Sale & Production

Project Blue Beam [VIDEO]

MARISSA ALEXANDER: Wrongfully-Accused Domestic Violence Victim FINALLY Released From Prison

NYPD Revokes Media Access To Police Precincts

Kiev Protesters Destroy Lenin Statue

ATF’s Rogue Tactics Revealed

Missouri Man Could Die In Prison Over Marijuana

Technological Singularity

The Post-Human Manifesto

WILLIAM COOPER: Return Of The Christ [VIDEO]


The Cosmic 432 Hz Frequency (Part 2) [VIDEO]

STUDY: Genius Linked To Insanity

Evidence Of Rigged Elections [VIDEOS]

The Darkest Secrets Of The Vatican

U.K. Mother Has Baby Taken By Social Services In Forced C-Section

Uncle Of North Korean Leader Executed?


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