Jewish Rabbi SAMUEL HILLER & 3 Friends Indicted For Stealing $12.4 MILLION From Disabled Children

STARSON vs. SWAYZE: Court Rules Individuals Have The Right To Refuse Unwanted Medical Treatment

World’s Largest Ocean-Harvesting Clean Energy Plant In Hawaii

Japan Expects Violence As Yakuza Syndicate Splits

Proof That An Israeli-Sponsored Austrian Group Helped Prepare WTC Building 1 For 9/11 Destruction

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Russia Supplying Iran With Missiles

Man Hacks $4 BILLION From 217 Banks: Donates It To Palestine & African NGO’s


Egypt Sentences Al Jazeera Reporters To 3 Years In Prison For “Broadcasting False News

Microscopic 3D-Printed “Smart” Nanobot Fish Swim In Bloodstream & Remove Toxins

Giant Natural Gas Field Discovered Off Egyptian Coast

Toxic EPA Disaster In Georgia

Texas Cops Announce “No Refusal” Blood-Draw Policy

U.S. Military Violates Finland’s Airspace

Activists Clash With Security Forces In Beirut

U.S. Military To Send 3,200 Troops To Peru

The Strongest Chronic: Cannabis With Highest THC Level Ever

CORRUPTION ALERT: Private Prisons Threaten To Sue States Unless They Get More Inmates For Free Labor

5 Things You Won’t Believe AREN’T In The Bible

5 Stories Everyone Wrongly Assumes Are In The Bible

Russia To Help Iran Build Satellite Observation Systems

5 Deleted Bible Scenes In Which JESUS Kicks Some Ass

Israeli Weapons Being Used In Sudan

California Judge Rules 10-Day Gun Waiting Period Unconstitutional

North Dakota Cops Using Armed Drones

Russian Serviceman Kills 3 Soldiers & Commits Suicide

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Very Serious Problems With The WDBJ “Shooting” Story

3 People Reportedly Commit Suicide Following ‘Ashley Madison’ Leak

2 Dead & 2 Wounded Following Louisiana Stand-Off

India Turns Off Mobile Internet Access To 63 MILLION People Amidst Protests

LAPD To Outfit All 7,000+ Of Their Officers With Body Cameras

Bolivia’s Cocaine Production Plummets After U.S.’ DEA Kicked Out Of Country

Russia Refuses To Participate In Ukraine Debt Restructuring

CIA Plans Huge Release Of Top-Secret Reports From The 1960’s

Malaysia To Introduce RFID Tracking For Every Vehicle

U.S. Military Now Has The “Authority” To Capture & Punish Journalists Who They Deem “Belligerent

Mega-Bank JP Morgan Hires Ex-4-Star U.S. General RAY ODIERNO Who Is Notorious For Extrajudicial Killings In Iraq

California Home School Interest Surges As Parents Look To Side-Step Unjust Mandatory Vaccination Laws

Socialist Magazines Being Funded By The CIA

E.U.‘s European Medicines Agency Opens Investigation Into Dangerous HPV Vaccine After THOUSANDS Fall Ill

FALSE FLAG ALERT: White House Fence Jumper CURTIS SMITH Shot Dead In Pennsylvania Court “Attack

Study Finds That Nearly All Ground Beef Sold In The U.S. Contains Feces

British Troops Protecting Afghan Opium Harvesting

Social Media Study Reveals 50% Of U.S. Not Happy With Their Local Law Enforcement Agency

Canada To Dump Nuclear Waste At U.S. Border

THOUSANDS Of Politicians Are Stashing Money In Swiss Bank Accounts

A.I. Robot Tells Human Creators It Will Keep Them In A “People Zoo

Secret U.S. Government Plan To Disable All Cell Phone Service During Emergencies May Finally Be Disclosed

Virginia False Flag “Shooting”: Meet The Actors [VIDEO]

JADE HELM Explained: U.N./U.S. Plot To Confiscate Weapons Moves Forward

The Difference Between ‘Hispanic’ & ‘Latino’ Explained

LadyBud Cannabis News

47,000 Indiana Residents Could Lose Their Food Stamps

The Terrorists Operating In Syria Are Agents Of Zionist Israel

Voter Fraud: 141 U.S. Counties Have More Registered Voters Than Citizens

Online Collaboration Tools

THOUSANDS Protest In The Philippines Over Religious Freedom

Australia Bans 3-D Firearm Blueprints Without A License

Pennsylvania Public Schools Start New Year Broke With “Minus $1 BILLION In Funding

The Banderite Coup D’État

Assassin Kamikaze Drones

Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story Of Vaccines [VIDEO]

IAN JACKLIN‘s ‘iCureCancer’ Presents: Expert Weapon (Episode 1) [VIDEO]

29 Injured In Cairo Bombing

Help Fund IAN JACKLIN‘s “Baby Killers: iCureCaner 2

Black Goo, Morgellons & Artificial Intelligence [VIDEO]

Why Vaccine Policies & Childhood Injections Are An Egregious Crime

2016 U.S. Presidential Candidate BERNIE SANDERS Promises To End The For-Profit Prison Industry

Are Judges & Lawyers Around The U.S. Finally Realizing It’s Game Over?

Long-Lost Nazi Train Packed With $1 BILLION In Gold Allegedly Discovered In Poland

Militaries Of North & South Korea Exchange Fire

Greek PM ALEXIS TSIPRAS Announces His Resignation

CIA Using Deceptive Tactics To Force Agenda 21 On Utah

Scientists Discover Way To Connect Quantum Electronics Together

Sheriff Says Whole Sections Of Arizona No Longer Functioning Under U.S. Control

10 Of The Scariest Theories Known To Man

U.S. Airways To Stop Flights To Israel

5 States De-Fund & 13 Investigate Planned Parenthood

Why You Should NEVER Sign The ‘Refusal To Vaccinate’ Form That Your Child’s Doctor Tries To Force On You

Twisted Physics: 7 Mind-Blowing Findings

9 Of The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In Physics

White Nationalist DAVID DUKE Debates Zionist Shill ALEX JONES [VIDEO]

Legionnaires Bacteria Found At Big Pharma Plant GlaxoSmithKline

Zionist Front Group ‘ISIS’ Is Using Chemical Weapons Against The Kurds

How To Survive When You Can’t Pay Your Bills

Dutchsinse Outlines True Universal Time

U.S. Navy On Alert As China & Russia Launch Largest-Ever Joint Navy Exercise

U.K. Police Stripped Of Stop-And-Search Powers After Persistent Abuse

Independent” GMO Researchers Secretly Funded By Monsanto

IMF Executor Director Is New VP Of Controlled Opposition BRICS Bank

Massive Uprising In Turkey

Value Theory

Graded Absolutionism

Chile To De-Criminalize Cannabis

Throwing The Game: Why The Globalists Are Exposing Their Own False Flags

Crippling Court Costs Forcing The Poverty-Stricken To Plead Guilty To Crimes They Didn’t Commit

U.S. Patent 6506148 B2: Nervous System Manipulation By Electromagnetic Fields From Monitors

Another Explosion Rips Through Chemical Plant In Eastern China

Macedonian Police Use Stun Grenades On Migrants At Greek Border

14 Injured & 7 Killed As Military Jet Crashes At U.K. Airshow

U.S. Patent 20060014125 A1: Walking Through Walls Training System

Geo-Engineering & Weather Modification Patents

Explosions Reported At U.S. Army Base In Japan

July 16th, 2015: Did The Chinese Chemical Plant Explosions Happen A FULL MONTH Before They Were Reported?

Self Defense: Syria Shoots Down Israeli Military Jet

Is China Testing The Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon Of All Time?

U.S. President OBAMA Slips Up: Admits U.S. Is Training ISIL Forces [VIDEO]

Japanese Government Scheduled To Start Dumping Radioactive Water Into The Ocean

Indonesian Airplane Carrying 54 Passengers Crashes

Toxic Sulfur Dioxide Spilled At Indiana Chemical Plant

Crashed Indonesian Plane Was Carrying $470,000 In Humanitarian Aid For Poor Families

South Carolina Nuclear Site Put On Lockdown

For $26 & An 8th Grade Education You Can Hack A Voting Machine

Bomb In Bangkok Kills 19 & Wounds 117

U.S. Military To Bolster Drone Use By 50%

Native American Activists Chase JOHN MCCAIN Off Navajo Land

Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets In Brazil Demanding President’s Impeachment

The U.S. Government Is In Total Control Of Ukraine’s Parliament

Another Explosion Rocks China’s Tianjin

Russian Scientists Create Artificial Brain That Can Educate Itself

France Considers Offering Asylum To EDWARD SNOWDEN & JULIAN ASSANGE

4 Ways To Get Internet Access Off-Grid

California Judge Disqualifies 250 Prosecutors Due To Widespread Corruption

Comedian Creates Fake Church To Demonstrate How Easy It Is For Churches To Scam You

List Of The Nearly 600 People Who Are Running For President Of The U.S. In 2016

Washington D.C. Bans Testing Of Job Applicants For Cannabis

Ohio Scientists Grow Human Brain In Lab

Russian Artillerymen Begin Drills In North Caucasus

Enlightened Self-Interest

The Prisoner’s Dilemma

The Gene-Centered View Of Evolution

Canadian Company Gets Patent For Space Elevator

Costa Rica To Shut Down Zoos & Free All Animals

Hundreds Of Tons Of Toxic Gas Spilled At Texas Shell Oil Facility

Leaked Documents Show AT&T Collaborated With The NSA

Tracking Glitch” Grounds Over 440 U.S. Flights

Proof That The U.S. Is Controlled By Foreign Corporations

FBI Opens New 360,000 Square Foot Biometric Technology Center In West Virginia

Zionist Israel’s Presence In Africa

The Chinese Military’s New Missile Launcher

The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015

Puerto Rico Defaults On Massive $72 BILLION Debt Repayment

Mass Protests In Ecuador Against Corrupt Government

Habonim Dror: The Socialist-Zionist Youth Movement

Tikkun Olam: The Jewish Attempt To Change The World In Their Favor

FIDEL CASTRO Demands U.S. Reimburse Cuba MILLIONS Of Dollars For Unfair Trade Embargo

U.K. Government To Pay $92 MILLION To Victims Of Big Pharm’s GlaxoSmithKline

Alphabet (Formerly ‘Google’) To Experiment With Breeding GMO Mosquitos

Connecticut Does Away With The Death Penalty

Nestle Sued For $100 MILLION Over Hazardous Lead In Their Foods

The U.S. Military Uses The IMF & World Bank To Launder 85% Of Its Black Budget

Researchers Successfully 3D-Printed Brain Tissue

Alabama School Officials Used 14-Year-Old Girl As “Bait” In Rape Sting: It “Backfired,” She Was Raped & They Covered It Up

Russia Bans ‘Reddit’ Website

10 Scary Hacks That Came From The ‘Black Hat’ & ‘DEF CON’ Hacking Conferences

Murdered BUSH Aide Was An Expert In Chemical, Biological & Cyber-Warfare

Russian Warships Dock In Iran For Training

Value Of Gold & Silver Surges Compared To U.S. Dollar

Understanding Why The HILLARY CLINTON Emails Matter


Unified Physics Institute Of Technology

The Heart & Prayer

Lockheed Martin‘s New Fusion Reactor

JEB BUSH Linked To CIA Drug Cartels & Money Laundering

Chinese Air Pollution Is Killing 4,000 People Every Day

Blue Freedom: The World’s Smallest Hydro-Power Plant

Hemp-Based Batteries

Rods From God: Space-Launched Darts That Strike Like Meteors

Illinois Parents “Must” Get Doctor’s Authorization To Refuse Vaccines For Their Children

Iran To Resume Missile Tests

Geologist Predicted EPA Would Intentionally Pollute Animas River In Order To Secure Federal Funding

Communist North Korea Threatens Imminent Strikes Against The South

U.S. Government & Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed As Partners


National Nano-Technology Initiative

Scientists Manage To Recharge Batteries Via Wi-Fi

5 Real Conspiracies Confirmed By People Swept Up In Them

EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION: The Governments’ Secret Abduction & Torture Program

19 Sinister Conspiracies That Actually Happened

Map Of 54 Countries That Participated In The CIA’s ‘Rendition Program

17 Killed & HUNDREDS Injured As Huge Explosions Rock Chinese City

Gunmen Attack U.S. Consulate In Turkey

Scotland Bans All Genetically-Modified Crops

14 Incredible Facts About 9/11

Tennessee Hate Crime Hoax: Lesbian Couple Torches Own Home

Debunking The ‘Muslim Suicide For 72 Virgins’ Myth

Russian Military’s Invisible Nano Armor

EUSTACE MULLINS Proves That The Nazi’s Were Zionists

Japan Restarts Reactors & Resumes Use Of Nuclear Power

Chicago Public Schools To Lay Off 1,500 Teachers & Staff

Investigating Kansas’ Voting Machine Sabotage

NYPD Spending $4.5 MILLION To Increase Its Weapons Arsenal

U.S. Internet Firms ‘MUST’ Obey E.U. Laws

Disturbing Photos Of The Colorado River Toxic Waste Spill

Has The CIA Infiltrated The Spiegel German News Company?

U.S. Federal Judge Rules Cops Can Seize Medical Records Without A Warrant

California State Senator RICHARD PAN Caught Lying About Deadly Vaccines

L’Oreal To 3-D Print Living Human Skin

Families Of 9/11 Victims On The Verge Of Proving Government Cover-Up In Court


Looting Sweeps Venezuela As Hunger Takes Over

Missouri Man With Life Sentence For Cannabis Offenses Finally Gets Parole After 22 Years In Prison

JEB BUSH & The 1986 Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler BARRY SEAL

Yemen Military Shoots Down Saudi Helicopter

FDA Caught In Massive Property Theft Scheme

North Korea To Establish Its Own Time Zone

NASA Signs $490 MILLION Contract With Russia

Russia To Create Complex Arctic Monitoring System By 2025

The 2030 Agenda: The U.N.’s New ‘Agenda 21

Hatchet-Wielding Man Attacks Tennessee Moviegoers

Russia’s New Reconnaissance Strike Drone

U.S. Re-Opens Weapons Sale/Trade To Bahrain

Critic Of Brazilian Government Assassinated Live On Air

NASA Putting Astronauts Into 6-Month Deep Sleep


This ACLU Website Let’s You Search NSA Documents

Pennsylvania State Rep CHAKA FATTAH Indicted On 29 Charges

2010 THROWBACK: Man Crashes Private Plane Into Texas IRS Office

Activists Confront Shell Oil Ship In Oregon


2013 THROWBACK: Anonymous Hacks The Federal Reserve & Leaks Personal Info Of 4,000 Banksters

Washington State Man Arrested After Firing Shotgun & Threatening To Blow Up Marina

Nepal Bans World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice

Russia Ready To Send Troops To Syria To Fight Proxy War

GMO’s Could Be Used As Weapons

FBI Raids 3 Men Who Were Prepping For Martial Law

Ex-British PM EDWARD HEATH Named In Child Sex Abuse Investigation

1/3 Of Donations In 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Come From The SAME 60 People

U.S. Military Jets To Strike Syrian Forces If They Target Pro-U.S. ‘Rebels

Truther Journalists Being Murdered In Mexico

Bankster In LIBOR Scandal To Be Jailed For 14 Years

Politicians Say That Banking Corruption Has Destroyed America

73% Of U.S. Inmates Who Die In Jail HAVE NOT Been Convicted Of A Crime

Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics

U.S. HoR Votes To Revoke Passports Of Citizens Without Due Process

Waterless Protesters Tap Water Supply At Detroit Mayor’s Mansion

ECHELON: Secret Satellite Communication Surveillance

President Of ‘Mothers Against Drunk Driving’ Gets Caught Driving Drunk

2 Men Open Fire On Soldiers At Mississippi JADE HELM Training Site

REVEALED: Planned Parenthood Making $100$200 Off Each Fetal Body Part

Abortion Is The #1 Killer Of African Americans In The U.S.

Biological Mother’ DEBORAH CAVE Claims “Batman Shooter” Was Taken At Birth By FBI

62% Increase In U.S. Homeschooling In The Past Decade

U.S. Cops Kill More People In 1 Day Than Norway Has In The Last Decade

Shooter In Garland, Texas False Flag Got Gun From The ATF

U.S. Cops Can “Legally” Collect Your DNA After An Arrest (No Matter How Unlawful)

Japan Fires World’s Most Powerful Laser

CISA: The Dirty Deal Between Google & The NSA

The British Government’s Secret Ties To ISIS

MUST WATCH: How To Access Your Exemption Account [VIDEO]

6 Massive Secret Operations That Are Hidden All Around You

U.S. Sells Israel $1.8 BILLION Worth Of Bombs

Second Suez Canal Opens

20 Crucial Tips For Not Getting Screwed By The Legal System

The Underground City Of Derinkuyu

Project Greek Island

Texas Attorney General KEN PAXTON Indicted By Grand Jury

100 Years Of Patents Reveal Secret History Of U.S. Weather Control Programs