RoundUp‘s Toxic Glyphosate Found In Nearly All Of California’s Wines

Mosaicism & Chimerism

U.S. President TRUMP To Return Control Of Public Schools Back To The States

Formerly-Imprisoned Journalist BARRETT BROWEN Re-Arrested & Taken Back Into Police Custody

Coup Attempt: Masked Men Storm Macedonia Parliament, Attack Deputies & Detain Journalists

Chinese Military To Stage Live Fire Drills In Response To U.S.’ Actions In South Korea

Russian Spy Ship Sinks In Black Sea After Collision With Togolese Freighter Off Turkey’s Coast

Feudalism & The Algorithm Economy

Japan’s Secret Deals With The NSA To Expand Global Surveillance

President DUTERTE Kicks The ROTHSCHILDs Out Of The Philippines

Venezuelan ‘Activists’ Paid To Protest & Disrupt

Physicists Create Substance With Negative Mass

The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing: BUSH, CLINTON & Israel Did It [Part 1 Of 3]

The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing: BUSH, CLINTON & Israel Did It [Part 2 Of 3]

The 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing: BUSH, CLINTON & Israel Did It [Part 3 Of 3]

Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Using Chemtrails & GMO‘s

Chaos Theory

Iran To Join Alliance With Russia & China?

Neu5Gc: Why Red Meat Causes Cancer

LYOR COHEN: The ‘Tall Israeli’ Who Controls The Rap Music Industry [VIDEO]

U.S. To Sell Patriot Missiles To Romania

Operation Gotham Shield: “Drill” To Simulate 10,000-Ton Nuclear Bomb Detonation & EMP Over New York & New Jersey

The ‘Birth Lottery

1 Dead & 3 Injured In Atlanta Train Shooting

Texas Looks To Legalize The Recreational Use Of Cannabis

Court Awards Family $1.5 MILLION+ In Vaccine-Induced Autism Case

Shell, BP, & Halliburton‘s Conspiracy Against Russia & Syria

U.S. Insurers Sue Saudis For $4.2 BILLION+ For Complicity In 9/11 Attacks

Texas Looks To Recognize Gold & Silver As Legal Tender

U.N. Peace-Keepers Ran Child Sex Ring In Haiti

U.S. Military Successfully Tests Nuclear Gravity Bomb

90%+ Of India’s ATM’s Run Out Of Cash

Disc Aircraft Of The Third Reich: 19221945 & Beyond



The Kecksburg Files

U.S. Army Deploys Troops To Somalia


3 Dead & 1 Injured In Fresno Shooting

Alabama Governor ROBERT BENTLEY To Be Impeached

New York To Offer Free Tuition At Public Colleges

3 Dead & 1 Injured In Murder/Suicide At California Elementary School

Rogue Leaks [Twitter]

Not My President [Twitter]

14,000-Year-Old Village Unearthed In Canada

Did China Deploy 150,000 Troops To The South Korean Border?

Syria General [4chan]

Within Syria [Twitter]

Syria Conflict Map: Tracking The Front Lines In Syria

Syria General [WordPress]

Missouri Looks To Legalize Industrial Hemp

Migrants From West Africa Being Sold In Libyan Slave Markets

Chechnya Rounds Up Homosexuals & Puts Them In Concentration Camps

20 MILLION Muslims March Against ISIS

Was JESSE JACKSON A Key FBI/CIA Operative In MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.’s Assassination?

Desert Farm Grows 17,000 Tons Of Food Without Soil, Pesticides, Fossil Fuels Or Groundwater

Alabama To Allow Churches To Form Their Own Police Forces

Zionist Israel To Sell India $2 BILLION In Military Weapons

1992: 86 Murdered As U.S. Used Chemical Weapons On Children In Texas

PUTIN: Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was A False Flag

U.S. Army Colonel LAWRENCE WILKERSON Says Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was A Hoax

Is Ex-U.S. President OBAMA Hiding From Arrest In French Polynesia?

U.S. Drops Largest-Ever Non-Nuclear Bomb On Afghanistan

PUTIN: Another False Flag Chemical Attack Planned For Damascus, Syria

U.S. Fires 59 Missiles At Syria’s ASSAD

French Presidential Candidate MARINE LE PEN Vows To Destroy The NWO

2013: U.S. Backed Plan To Launch Chemical Weapon Attack On Syria & Blame It On ASSAD

Australia Looks To Join U.S. In Strikes Against Syria’s ASSAD

U.S. Looks To Place Nukes In South Korea

BBC & CNN Caught Staging Fake Chemical Attacks In Syria

CHENEY, ROTHSCHILD & MURDOCH Drill For Oil In Syria In Violation Of International Law

1983 CIA Documents Reveal NWO‘s Plan To Obliterate Syria

U.S. Using Radioactive Munitions In Syria

U.S. Senate Confirms NEIL GORSUCH To Supreme Court

Voluntary Taxation: What If The Government Had To EARN Your Money?

Tax Revolution

Ex-U.S. President OBAMA‘s ‘Undetectable Assassination’ Scheme Exposed

No Arrests As ENTIRE Florida Police Department Caught Laundering $55 MILLION+ For Drug Cartels

License To Launder: Cash, Cops & The Cartels

World Government Of World Citizens

How To [Better] Encrypt Your Entire Life In Under An Hour

U.S. Hiring $1,500/Day Mercenaries For War In Yemen

Colombian Town Turns Down $35 BILLION Gold Mine

U.K. To Send Troops To Jordan

E.U. & Zionist Israel To Develop Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline

Russia & China Join Forces To Replace U.S. Petro-Dollar With Chinese Yuan As World Reserve Currency

U.S. President TRUMP Donates Entire First-Quarter Salary [$78,333] To National Park Service

God Helmet: The Shiva Neural Stimulation System


What Happens When A U.S. Senator Calls For Zionist Israel To Be Held Accountable?

14 Killed In Russian Subway Bombing

The Human Role In SOPHIA‘s Correction

List Of Old Norse Proverbs

SUGE KNIGHT Finally Reveals Who Murdered TUPAC SHAKUR

DreamTime Code: The Alphabet Conspiracy

CIA Behind Recent Subway Bombing In Russia

Arizona Wants To Sterilize Women Who Receive Food Stamps

Mexico’s Attorney General EDGAR VEYTIA Charged With Trafficking Drugs

Drug Lab Scandal Could Overturn 23,000 Convictions

Ex-South Korean President PARK GEUN-HYE Arrested On Bribery Charges

The MERCER‘s: The Most Powerful Family You’ve Never Heard Of

Montenegro Joins NATO

SB18: Legislation Allows Authorities To Enter Homes Of The Un-Vaccinated Without A Warrant

WikiLeaksVault 7: Marble Framework

9/11 Attacks & Investigation [IMAGES]

El Salvador To Ban Mining Of Metals

Connecticut Cops To Weaponize Drones

Protesters In Paraguay Set Fire To Congress Following Presidential Coup

AppFlash: Verizon To Pre-Install Spyware On Its Android Phones

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