Amygdalin: Vitamin B17

FUTURE FALSE FLAG ALERT: ATF Searching For 500+ Pounds Of Stolen Explosives

U.S. Patent 6506148: Nervous System Manipulation By Electromagnetic Fields From Monitors

Conflict Minerals: Coltan

Deep Black Lies

Decrypted Matrix

Indian Inventor PARAMAHAMSA TEWARI Creates Over-Unity Free Energy Machine

Tewari: Home Of The High Efficiency Reactionless Generator

Vacuum Energy

Computer Powered By Radio Waves


How To “Kill” Your Birth Certificate

Man Wearing Panda Outfit Storms Baltimore FOX Station, Gets Shot By Police

The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines Of The Illuminati

The Personal Income Tax Proves That You Are A Serf

The Ghost In The Machine

The Mind/Body Problem

Dualism: The Philosophy Of Mind

The Truth Seeker

The Doctor Within

The Biblical Link To The Annunaki

Is there An Ancient Annunaki Metropolis On Earth?

The Role Of Saturn a.k.a. Satan

New Opera Web Browser Integrates Free Unlimited VPN Service

The De-Program Wiki

72 Types Of Americans Who Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

KillTown: Questioning The 9/11 Attacks

Nuclear Fusion: Tokamak vs. Stellarator [VIDEO]

Ballot Ready

The LaRouche Political Action Committee

New Venice Dominates Planet Earth, Not The CIA

The 9/11 Attacks & The Black Eagle Trust Fund

Carbyne: Scientists Create World’s Strongest Material

Future Solar Panels Will Create Energy From Raindrops

The Unhived Mind’ Videos On Vimeo

Operation Looking Glass

JFK Counter Coup

Russia To Launch “Artificial Star

The Uniform Birth Numbering System

Flex Your Rights

Cop Block

5 Ways To Fight Corruption

The Judicial Watch‘s Document Archive

Idaho Becomes 9th U.S. State To Allow Concealed Firearm Carry Without A Permit

Iceland’s PM SIGMUNDER DAVID GUNLAUGSSON Resigns Amidst Scandal

FEMA To Perform ‘Full-Scale Exercise’ At NH/MA Nuclear Power Plant In April


The U.S. Government May Be Planting Child Pornography On Your Computer

Thimerasol: CDC Releases Documents Showing They Knew Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism

DARPA‘s Cortical Modem Connects Human Brain Directly To Computers For ‘Electronic Telepathy & Telekinesis

The Truth About Vaccines: Questioning Is Very Appropriate

Cash Flowed To Clinton Foundation Amidst Russian Uranium Deal

Those Sponsoring Refugees In North Carolina Will Be Liable For Any Crimes They Commit

The Corbett Report

The Panama Papers: 11.5 MILLION Leaked Documents

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