U.S. Minutemen Arrest 2 CIA Agents Carrying 1,300 Pounds Of Cocaine Across Texas/Mexico Border

ISIS Using Israeli Weapons

Scientists Discover Ashkenazi Jews Are Genetically Predisposed To Schizophrenia

CHIP TATUM: Top Secret Ex-CIA Black-Ops Warns U.S. Citizens [VIDEO]


The U.S. Government’s Underground Bunker At The Greenbrier Resort

The Mormons’ Secret Underground Vault

Download FREE College Text Books

Americans Flood Texas Courtroom To Oppose JADE HELM

Baltimore Declares States Of Emergency As Thousands Protest Police Murder Of Black Man

Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN Is A Pawn Of The NWO Jews

Hidden Messages In Star Wars & Superman: GEORGE LUCAS Had Foreknowledge Of 9/11 [VIDEO]

Washington Teacher Stops School Shooter

U.S. Legislator Who Voted For Drug Testing For Food Stamp Recipients Gets Busted With Cocaine

Iran Detains U.S. Cargo Ship & 34 Sailors

9/11 Predictive Programming In Pro Wrestling [VIDEO]

Explosives Missing From Texas Halliburton Plant

U.S. & Japan Strike New Military Pact

Robot That Can Pull 2,000 Times Its Own Weight


FDA Says 93% Of Food Additives Aren’t Properly Tested

FBI Tortured U.S. Citizen For Months In Foreign Prison For Refusing To Become An Informant

Bulgaria To Build $236 MILLION Gas Corridor With Romania & Greece

Billionaire Paying Off Saudi Pilots To Attack Yemen

U.S. Army Testing Handheld Ray Guns

STEW WEBB & CHIP TATUM Leave Veterans Today

Dalai Lama Says He’s A Marxist

Israel Has The World’s Highest Per Capita Utilization Of Sex For Hire

LIBERLAND: The World’s Newest Country

The Child Support System Should Support Families, Not Governments

PayPal Asserts Copyright Ownership Over ALL Intellectual Property Of Its Users

The 80 People With As Much Money As Half Of Humanity

The Giving Pledge


Vacationing Swedish Police School The NYPD

South Koreans March Against Government Corruption

Israeli Military Simulated An Alien Attack

Tennessee Outlaws Speed Cameras

Canadian City Council Members Could Be Held Personally Liable For Harm Caused By City’s Fluoridated Water

Giant Land Mass Rises Out Of The Sea In Japan

Pentagon Can’t Account For $1 BILLION In Afghan “Aid

Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency Due To Bird Flu

10 Mind-Blowing Vaccine Facts That The Mainstream Media Refuses To Report

STEW WEBB Splits With GORDON DUFF And Veterans Today [VIDEO]


Former U.S. Attorney General ERIC HOLDER Inks $77 MILLION Job With Megabank JPMorgan Chase

CHIP TATUM‘s Take On Jade Helm [VIDEO]

The Pegasus Files With CHIP TATUM

No Lies Radio

JADE HELM UPDATE: U.N. Vehicles Spotted In Mississippi

The U.S. Special Forces Are Operating In More Than 80 Countries

Robots That Can Carry Over 100 Times Their Own Weight

Russian Military To Get 2 New Subs By End Of 2015

Russia To Supply Argentina With Nuclear Fuel

Mexican Federal Police Gun Down 16 Civilians

Israeli Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishing Boats … AGAIN

Nepal Earthquake Kills Thousands

U.S. Government Confirms That Fracking Is Causing Earthquakes In Oklahoma

U.S. Lawmakers Quietly Advance Legislation To Penalize Boycott Of Israel

6-Month-Old Dies Just 5 Days After Receiving 13 Vaccines

The Hidden History Of The Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

21 Holohoax Facts

The Great Deception [VIDEO]

Walmart & Jade Helm 15

Universal Bio-Pesticide

Annunaki Message In 1958 UFO Magazine

Norway To Discontinue FM Radio In 2017

Swedish Restrooms For “Third Gender

300 Tons Of Gold Thrown Away Each Year As Electronic Waste

NATO To Start Military Drills In Estonia In May

Israel Shuts Down 3 Petrochemical Plants

Science Reveals That Lesbian & Heterosexual Women Are More Domestically-Violent Than Men

Jewish Pornography Used As A Weapon Against Gentiles

Pedophilia Is Rampant In Orthodox Judaism

Bomb Explodes At Spanish Embassy In Libya

Saudi Air Strikes In Yemen Kill 40+ Civilians

El Salvador Farmers Refuse Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

3-D Printer Builds Houses From Mud

FBI Admits It Messed Up Forensic Hair Matches In Nearly All Criminal Trials For Decades

U.N. Demands $100 BILLION Per Year To Combat Climate Change

Kirlian Photography

Hollywood Execs Working For Israel

China’s Secret Gold Stockpile

Russia To Premier First Mass-Produced Floating Nuclear Power Plant In 2016

10 U.S. States Considering Forced Mandatory Vaccinations

Former Egyptian President MOHAMMED MORSI Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

STL Catholic Priest Says He “Didn’t Know It Was Illegal For Priests To Have Sex With Kids

FALSE FLAG: How The Boston Marathon “Bombing” Was Faked

U.S. Presidential Candidate HILLARY CLINTON Lies To Potential Voters

Walmart’s Secret Underground Tunnel System

The Councils Of Carthage





The Minoan Eruption

Goy Guide To World History [VIDEO]

America Is Freemasonry’s “New Atlantis

Real Currencies Blog

Gun Confiscation: Phase II Of Jade Helm 15 Is Emerging

Man Lands Personal Helicopter On White House Lawn

U.S. President OBAMA To Support National Legalization For Medical Cannabis

Google Holds Patent For Robot-Controlled Army

Iris Scanner Can Identify People From 40 Feet Away

Monsanto’s GMO Marijuana

Liquid Body Armor

Using Drones To Plant 1 BILLION Trees Every Year

Former Ukrainian Legislator OLEG KALASHNIKOV Murdered

Banksters’s Call For Abolition Of Physical Currency

Former Iraqi VP IZZAT AL-DOURI Killed In Battle

Chicago To Pay $5.5 MILLION In Reparations To Victims Of Police Torture

India Scraps French Arms Purchase & Inks Major Deal With Russia

FUTURE FALSE FLAG: Planes Can Be Hijacked Via WiFi

Renewed Concern Over Private For-Hire Mercenary Armies

Pennsylvania Public School Nurse Denies Medical Aid To Student Who Didn’t Pledge Allegiance To The Flag

5 Disturbing Things About Stingray Surveillance Programs

FALSE FLAG: The FBI’s Anthrax “Investigation” Was A Sham

Fiery Cross Reef: China’s Man-Made Military Island

World-Bank-Funded Projects Force Millions Off Their Land

Brain-Damaged Victims Of Swine Flu Vaccine Win $63 MILLION Lawsuit

Egyptians Hold Nationwide Protests Against Military Rule



Florida Town Installing “Smart Lights” That Record Audio & Video


U.S. Embassy In Kyrgyzstan Won’t Reveal What They Received In Their Secret 150 Ton “Shipment

20 Palestinian Journalists Held In Israeli Jails

Pennsylvania School Cop Raped 22 Male School-Children

Student Loan Debt Accounts For Nearly Half Of U.S. Government Assets

RFID Trackers To Replace License Plates?

Texas To Legalize Permitless Open-Carry Of Firearms

North Korean President KIM JONG UN To Visit Russia

11 People Injured In California Gas Pipeline Explosion

Texas Looks To Ban Fracking

Israel Brings 12 Charges Against Palestinian Legislator KHALIDA JARRAR

Shooting At North Carolina College Campus Leaves 1 Dead

Louisiana Bans Cash Transactions For Second-Hand Goods

Nestlé’s California Water Permit Expired 27 Years Ago

Russia Lifts Ban On Sending Missiles To Iran

20 Years Later: Facts About the Oklahoma City Bombing That Went Unreported

Bomb Goes Off Near Moroccan Embassy In Libya

47% Of U.S. Households Live Paycheck-To-Paycheck

NATO Ships Arrive In Scotland For Massive Military Exercises

Monsanto Has Known For Decades That Their Chemicals Cause Cancer

Bilderberg 2015 To Be Held In Australia

FOX News Says Minorities Should Be Trained To Be Sensitive To Police

Former CDC Exec JULIE GERBERDING Lands Vaccine Job At Merck

Standoff Between U.S. Bureau Of Land Management & Oregon Miners

Signs That Jade Helm 15 May Go Live

Did American Indians Sail To Europe With The Vikings?

Police Paychecks Depend On How Many Tickets They Issue

Forget The Third Amendment: U.S. Court Says Cops Can Lodge In Peoples’ Homes Without Their Consent

Japanese Judge Forbids Restart Of 2 Nuclear Reactors

Germany Funded Israel’s Nuclear Program

Germany Files War Crimes Against Bush Administration

BRICS Looking To Finance New International Space Station

Facebook Is Tracking EVERYONE, Not Just Its Users

10 California Sheriff’s Deputies Suspended For Assaulting Man Who Had Already Surrendered

HUGE Blow To Policing-For-Profit: New Mexico To Restrict Civil Asset Forfeiture Without Due Process

Further Facilitating The School-To-Prison Pipeline: Florida Middle-Schooler Charged With Felony Cyber Crime For Changing The Background On His Teacher’s Computer

Par For The Course: FBI Creates & Defuses Another Bomb Plot

Comedian DAVE CHAPPELLE Punished For Rejecting The Elites [VIDEO]

Poisonous Gas Leak At Texas Water Plant

U.S. & Russian Military Jets Nearly Collide Over Europe

U.S. Navy Bribery Scandal

Russia & Greece To Ink Turkish Gas Pipeline Deal

U.S.Capitol Locked Down After Protestor “Shoots Himself


Russian Navy Ship Evacuates 308 People From Yemen

Sprint Pays $15.5 MILLION Settlement In Wire-Tapping Case

Spoils Of War: How Private Military Contractors “Legally” Steal From Taxpayers [VIDEO]

U.S. Senate Vote Makes It “Legal” To Sell Off National Forests

Bangladesh Government Executes Opposition Leader MOHAMMAD KAMARUZZAMAN

Saudi Arabia Prevents Pakistani Plane From Entering Airspace

Rights Groups Sue U.S. State Department For Refusing To Evacuate Thousands Of Americans From Yemen

Locals Protest & Sabotage U.S. Navy Base Construction In Sicily

Mississippi To Allow Permitless Off-Body Concealed Firearm Carry

Australia To Withhold Benefits From Parents Who Choose Not To Vaccinate Their Children

HILLARY CLINTON Announces Candidacy For 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Boston Bomber” DZOKHAR TSARNAEV Found Guilty On All 30 Charges

How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

Hear How Porn Harms From One Of Their Own

How To Remove Chlorine From Water

How To Naturally Reduce Chemical In Bath Water

Massive British Corruption

Excel/Spreadsheet Formula Cheat Sheet

Human Blood Substitute Created From Sea Water

Scientists Creating Universal Artificial Human Blood

Detroit Building 1,000-Foot City Water Slide While Shutting Off Water To Thousands Of Residents

$8.5 MILLION USD In Gold Stolen From Canadian-Owned Mexico Mine

World’s First Head Transplant

Cop Assaults Child [VIDEO]

The Vatican’s Gay Orgies And Murder Scandals

$1 BILLION “Disappears” From European Bank

Proof Of Voter Fraud In Chicago

U.S. Government Can “Legally” Download Your Entire Computer Hard Drive At Border Crossings

U.S. Aerospace Command Moving Military Equipment Back To Cold War Bunker

Russia To Triple Missile Production In 2015

Austrian Government No Longer Guaranteeing Bank Deposits

3 Killed As Man Goes On Shooting Spree In Italian Court

Canada Conducting Air-Strikes In Syria

London Company Linked To Illegal Clearing Of Peru’s Rainforests


Possible Stuxnet-Related Explosion At Chinese Chemical Factory

Why Zionists Are Not Interested In Peace


Seat 12

Airless Tires

Is This A 250-MILLION-Year-Old Microchip?

Washington D.C. Left In The Dark By Power Outage During Iran Nuclear Talks Q&A

How Everything Is Becoming A Computer

Proposed U.S. Legislation Would Offer Tax Breaks For Handing Over Firearms

Kansas To Further Restrict Where Welfare Can Be Spent

New York To Allow Full-Term Abortions?


Former Israeli Politician: “We, the elders of Zion, pull the strings of Congress and the congressmen are nothing but marionettes who do our will.”

Venezuela Drafts Youth Soldiers

Fire Breaks Out On Docked Russian Nuclear Submarine

Idaho Police Shoot Mentally-Ill Pregnant Woman

Kansas To Allow Concealed Firearm Carry Without Permit

EPA Superfund Sites: Abandoned Hazardous Waste Locations

CDC Registry To Track Your Vaccinations

U.S. Code > Title 18 > Part I > Chapter 13 > § 241: Conspiracy Against Rights

The World Freeman Society

Sweden To Go Cashless

Jewish Pedophile Ring Busted

Humans Get Night-Vision

Russia To Give Tajikistan $1.2 BILLION USD In Military Aid

The U.S. Has A Nuclear Reactor Orbiting In Space

How Norway Lost Control Of Its Secret $500 MILLION Arctic Military Base

U.S. Executive Order: Blocking The Property Of Certain Persons Engaging In Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

Raging Fire At Kentucky General Electric Plant

Innocent Black Man Sat On Death Row For 30 Years In U.S.

Russian President PUTIN Heads To U.S. For U.N. Event

Israeli Law Enforcement Sexually Abuses 40% Of Palestinian Children That They Detain

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Malaysian Helicopter Explodes, Crashes & Kills Government Officials

Ultrasonic Levitation [VIDEO]

U.S. Military To Deploy Autonomous Boats & Submarines

Canadian Man Dies After Being Tasered By Police

U.S. Government “Legally” Stole MILLIONS Of Dollars From KIM DOTCOM

India To Use Weaponized Drones For Crowd Control

Missouri Legislation Looks To Further Limit What Can Be Purchased With Food Stamps

10 Inventions Of NIKOLA TESLA That Changed The World

The Glass-Steagall Act

U.S. President OBAMA Blocks Secret Service Agents From Testifying Before Congress

4 Crises Of The Contemporary World Capitalist System

ROTHSCHILDs: Family Of The Red Shield


Jewish Faces: Who Controls The World?

Dutch Pilot “Predicted” Germanwings A320 Crash Weeks In Advance

Oil Tycoon Heir ANDREW RORK GETTY Found Dead

U.S.President OBAMA Grants Clemency To 22 Prisoners Serving Time For Non-Violent Drug Crimes

The Reciprocal System Of Theory

The Rh-Negative Bloodline That Rules The World

Thousands Evacuated As Fire Breaks Out In Central London

California Residents Forced To Ration Water

New Jersey Senator ROBERT MENENDEZ Indicted On 14 Counts Of Corruption

Saudi Air Strike Hits Russian Consulate In Yemen

New Scientist App: How Many Earths Are There?

Funds Intended For Gas Pipeline Safety Went To Executives’ Bonuses

600 Incidences Of Violence In First 300 Days Of MODI‘s Indian Government

American Murders 3 Muslim Students On University Of North Carolina Campus

Indian Catholic Priest Arrested In U.S. On Child Pornography Charges

Iceland’s Radical Currency Reform

Media Blackout On Turkish Hostage Crisis That Left 3 Dead

Israel Test-Fires New Missiles

Our Hollow Earth

Israeli Forces Abduct Palestinian Lawmaker In West Bank

Russians To Participate In Jade Helm 15 “Drill”?

2 Women Arrested In NYC Bomb Plot

$45 BILLION In Tax Dollars Goes Missing In Afghanistan

China Rejects North Korea’s Request To Join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Washington D.C. Court Strikes Down Ban On Carrying Guns In Public

2 U.S. Military Jets Make Emergency Landing In Taiwan

At Least 54 Dead As Russian Boat Sinks In Okhotsk Sea

February 2015 Report: 182 Palestinian Children In Israeli Jails

U.S. Patriots In 15 States Launch Protests Against Jade Helm 15 “Drills

Gunmen Kill 147 In Attack On Kenyan University

Filipino Farmers Reject GMO’s

200+ Acquitted In Turkish Military Coup

3,500+ Russian Troops Participate In Strategic Force Drills

Mind Control Researchers Create Fake Link Between Unrelated Memories

800 Unknowingly Infected With Syphilis In U.S. Government Experiment

Israel Admits To Aiding Al-Qaeda In Syria

U.S. Government Rolls Out Mandatory Adult Vaccination & Tracking Program

New Google Patents Could Download Human Personalities To Robots

PERMALINK: https://ConsciousAwarenessForAll.WordPress.com/News-Feed-Archive/April-2015-News-Feed-Archive


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