I have made it a point to keep EVERYTHING on this site 100% FREE OF CHARGE. This will NEVER change.

Inevitably, costs DO arise. I do my best to cover them myself or, more often than not, make due without. If you would like to support my hard work and help to keep my systems up and running, you can make a donation via PayPal at the following address:

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Seriously folks, ANYTHING that you can spare is appreciated MORE than you know!


Desktop Computer Memory [RAM]: 4 GB [2 sticks @ 2 GB each] / DDR2 SDRAM/ 240-Pin UBDIMM / PC2-6400 @ 800 MHz. [This will DOUBLE my PC’s current bare-bones setup and allow me to work MUCH faster. The replacement can be found here:]

External Hard Drive: 240 GB1 TB (preferably solid-state, but I’ll take whatever I can get). [My storage is spread across 3 drives and is essentially MAXED OUT, so I cannot back up any more of the network’s media or store anything new. A 240 GB drive would allow me to store ALL of the network’s current media in one place and free up room for new downloads. A 1 TB drive would hold me over for perpetuity.]


► Funds for a registered (non-WordPress) online domain name [URL] for the website.

► Funds to host the website on an OFF-SHORE server that cannot be breached by censors.

► A PHYSICAL mailing list [Funds to send out truther materials to individuals via mail].

► Funds to host IN-PERSON truther workshops.