Bladed Weapons

Japanese Katana & Wakisashi (Robert Forbes)

Knives And Swords: A Visual History

Principles Of Squad Instruction For The Broadsword (A. J. Corbesier)

Put ‘Em Down, Take ‘Em Out! Knife Fighting Techniques From Folsom Prison (Don Pentecost)

Explosives, Incendiaries & Demolitions

CIA Explosives For Sabotage Manual (The United States Central Intelligence Agency)

Expedient Hand Grenades (George Dmitrieff)

Expedient Incendiaries: CIA Field Manual (The United States Central Intelligence Agency)

Explosives & Demolitions Manual (The United States Army)

Explosives And Demolitions: United States Army Field Manual 5-25 (The United States Army)

Field Expedient Methods For Explosives Preparations (NeXuS & ExCDiG, Inc.)

Homemade Grenade Launchers: Constructing The Ultimate Hobby Weapon (Ragnar Benson)

How To Build Flash/Stun Grenades (George Dmitrieff)


5.56mm M16 Rifle Operator’s Manual (The United States Army)

Expedient Homemade Firearms [Volume 2: The .32/.380 Caliber & 9mm Machine Pistol] (P. A. Luty)

Homemade 9mm BSP Sub-Machine Gun Blueprints

Homemade 9mm Sub-Machine Gun Blueprints (P. A. Luty)

Homemade 12-Gauge Shotgun Pistol Blueprints

Homemade Shotgun Ammo (P. A. Luty)

Semi-Automatic 9mm M9 Pistol Operator’s Manual (The United States Army, The United States Navy, The United States Air Force, The United States Marine Corps & The United States Coast Guard)

Silenced .22 Caliber Pistol Blueprints

Survival Gunsmithing (Gadget)

Improvised Weapons

Improvised Munitions Handbook

Improvised Weapons And Other Officer Safety Concerns (John Williams & The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

Improvised Weapons [Parts 1 & 2] [Spanish/Español] (Alexandre Cruz, Jose R. R. Abrahao & Ricardo Nakayama)

Improvised Weapons [Part 3] [Spanish/Español] (Alexandre Cruz, Jose R. R. Abrahao & Ricardo Nakayama)


Naval Special Warfare Basic Sniper Training Syllabus (The United States Navy)

Sniping (The United States Marine Corps)

U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit: Pistol Marksmanship Training Course (The United States Army)

Counter Sniper Guide (The United States Army)

Encyclopedia Of Modern U.S. Military Weapons (Timothy M. Laur, Steven L. Llanso, Walter J. Boyne, The Army Times, The Navy Times & The Air Force Times)

Poor Man’s Bullet-Proof Vest (John J. Williams & Josey Wales)

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