The Vatican, Pope, Jesuits & Catholicism


The 1928 Book Of Common Prayer And Administration Of The Sacraments And Other Rights And Ceremonies Of The Church (The Protestant Episcopal Church In the United States Of America )

Freemasonry And Catholicism (Max Heindel & The Rosicrucian Fellowship)

The Jewish Peril And The Catholic Church (The Catholic Gazette)

The Plot Against The Church (Maurice Pinay)

The Jesuits [The Society Of Jesus]

The Jesuit Oath Of Induction

The Secret History Of The Jesuits (Edmond Paris)

Secret Instructions Of The Society Of Jesus: Jesuit Priests (Peritus)

The Vatican

The Broken Cross: The Hidden Hand In The Vatican (Piers Compton)

Judaism And The Vatican (Leon De Poncins)

Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here (Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam)

Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends (Eric Jon Phelps)

The Whole Truth About Fatima (Michel De La Sainte Trinte)



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