Torture, Slavery, Racism & Classism

African Americans

Operation Ghetto Storm: 2012 Annual Report On The Extrajudicial Killings Of 313 Black People By Police, Security Guards And Vigilantes (The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)

Child Abuse

An Expose On The Child Abuse Industry: Recognizing The Problems, Seeking The Solutions (The American Family Rights Association)


The Bell Curve: Intelligence And Class Structure In American Life (Richard J. Herrnstein & Charles Murray)


Documents Illustrative Of The History Of The Slave Trade To America [Volume 1: 14411700] (Elizabeth Donnen)

The Gulag Archipelago: 19181956 [An Experiment In Literary Investigation: Parts 17] (Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn & Thomas P. Whitney)

Monsanto Family Were Jewish Slave Dealers And Owners

Who Brought The Slaves To America? (Walter White, Jr. & John Kaminski)


1963 Kubark Counter-Intelligence Interrogation Torture Manual (The United States Central Intelligence Agency)

1983 CIA Latin American Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual (The United States Central Intelligence Agency)

2006 Report On Torture And Cruel, Inhuman And Degrading Treatment Of Prisoners At Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (The Center For Constitutional Rights)

CIA‘s Combined Use Of Interrogation Techniques (The United States Central Intelligence Agency)

The Torture Reporting Handbook (Camille Giffard)

U.S. Army Interrogation Course: Approaches (The United States Army)

U.S. Senate Select Committee On Intelligence: Committee Study Of The Central Intelligence Agency‘s Detention And Interrogation Program

Whites & Aryans

The White Resistance Manual (Aquilifer)

They Were White And They Were Slaves: The Untold History Of The Enslavement Of Whites In Early America (Michael A. Hoffman, II)

Human Rights Situation In Palestine And Other Arab Occupied Territories (The United Nations)

The Istanbul Protocol (The United Nations)



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