Secret Government Projects

HAARP [The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program]

HAARP: Freedom Of Information Act Request (The Government Attic)

MAJESTIC – 12 / MJ12

Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual 1-01 [Part 1 Of 2] (The United States Department Of War)

Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual 1-01 [Part 2 Of 2] (The United States Department Of War)

Operation Majestic-12: Eisenhower Briefing Documents (The Pleiades Library)

Operation HIGHJUMP

Operation HighJump And The UFO Connection (Erich J. Choron & Grey Falcon)

Report Of Operation HighJump [U.S. Navy Antarctic Development Project: 1947] (The United States Navy)

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment 1 (Harry Osoff, Bruce Cathie & The Pleiades Library)

The Philadelphia Experiment 2 (William Moore & Charles Berlitz)


Aquarius Group Operations Briefing: Planned “Sedation” Of The Population [Radio Microwave Frequencies For Mass Mind Control] (Stop The Crime)

Project Aquarius Executive Briefing (The Pleiades Library, Think About It & Robert M. Collins)


Operation PaperClip (Agent Orange)

Post-World War 2 Recruitment Of German Scientists: Project PaperClip

Project PaperClip And The Nuremberg Trials Whitewash (White Out)


Project Monarch (Ron Patton)


A Proposal For Joint Services Research And Development Contract (The Townsend Brown Foundation)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty: Advanced Intellectual Property Chapter For All 12 Nations With Negotiating Positions (WikiLeaks)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Countries: Comparative Trade And Economic Analysis (Brock R. Williams & The Congressional Research Service)

2013 U.S. Government Secrecy Report (The Open Government, Steven Aftergood, Gary D. Bass, Tom Blanton, Lynne Bradley, Danielle Brian, Kenneth Bunting, Thomas Susman, Kevin Goldberg, Conrad Martin, Katherine McFate, Sean Moulton, Michael D. Ostrolenk, David L. Sobel, Anne Weismann, John Wonderlich, The Federation Of American Scientists, Bauman Foundation, The National Security Archive, The American Library Association, The Project On Government Oversight, The National Freedom Of Information Coalition, The American Society On News Editors, The Fund For Constitutional Government, Center For Effective Government / OMB Watch, The Liberty Coalition, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Citizens For Responsibility And Ethics In Washington & The Sunlight Foundation)

Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten [A Personal Story Of Medical Testing Of Army Volunteers With Incapacitating Chemical Agents During (James S. Ketchum)

Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras And The Crack Cocaine Explosion (Gary Webb)


The Heather Materials: Project Phoenix, Project Ember, Project Damocles & Project Elysium (Heather “J. J.” Anderson)

International No-Fly List [May 2014]

Nixon‘s Darkest Secret (Dois Gene “Chip” Tatum)

Secret Power (Nicky Hager)

State Secrets: A Documentation Of The Secret Revolutionary Mainspring Governing Anglo-American Politics (Leon De Poncins)

Timeline Of Secret Government Projects: LSD, Esalen, HAARP And The Cosmic COINTELPRO [When You Dance With The Devil] (Cassiopea, JH & Stealth Skater)



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