The Power Grid, Nuclear & Energy Issues

Free Energy

Free Energy Technologies (S. Sarg & Helical Structures)

The Hunt For Zero-Point: Inside The Classified World Of Anti-Gravity Technology (Nick Cook)

A Magneto-Electric Quantum Wheel (Alexander Feigel)

The Manual Of Free Energy Devices And Systems [Volume 2] (D. A. Kelly)

Passive Magnetically Assisted Bearing Flywheel: Final Report (Robert Marshall, Scott Nye, Brooke Stevens, Todd Becker & Van Dyke)

A Practical Guide To Free Energy Devices (Donald Lee Smith & Patrick Kelly)

Stanley Meyer‘s Water Fuel Cell (Wikipedia)

Zero-Point Energy And The Casimir Effect (Miles Mathis)


Treaty On The Non-Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons (The International Atomic Energy Agency)

The Truth About American Nuclear Waste (Jim Stone / James Heikkila)

The Workings Of An Ancient Nuclear Reactor (Alex P. Meshik)

The Rodin Coil

The Rodin Coil 1 (Rodin Aerodynamics)

The Rodin Coil 2 (Panacea-BOCAF University)

The Battery: How Portable Power Sparked A Technological Revolution (Henry Schlesinger)

Fueling A New Order: The New Geopolitical And Security Consequences Of Energy (The Project On International Order And Strategy, Bruce Jones, David Steven & Emily O’Brien)

Grid Security Exercise & Conference Update [March 6th, 2013] (The North American Electric Reliability Corporation & Brian M. Harrell)

Power Grid Tampering Will End An Era (Jim Stone / James Heikila)

Terrorism And The Electric Power Delivery System (The National Research Council &The National Academy Of Sciences)



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