Nazism, Hitler & The Third Reich

Adolf Hitler

FBI Records Of Adolf Hitler (The United States Federal Bureau Of Investigation)

Hitler‘s War [And The War Path] (David Irving)

Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler)

The Secret Diaries Of Hitler‘s Doctor (David Irving)

The Testament Of Adolf Hitler: The HitlerBormann Documents (L. Craig Fraser)

Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler (Antony C. Sutton)

Zweites Buch [Second Book: The Sequel To “Mein Kampf”] (Adolf Hitler)

Erhard Milch

The Rise And Fall Of The Luftwaffe: The Life Of Field Marshal Erhard Milch (David Irving)

Erwin Rommel

The Trail Of The Fox: The Search For The True Field Marshal Rommel (David Irving)

Hermann Goring

Hermann Goring: A Biography (David Irving)

Joseph Goebbels

Goebbels: Mastermind Of The Third Reich (David Irving)

Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann: Nazi In Exile (Paul Manning)

Nazis In The Antarctic

Hitler’s Antarctic Base: The Myth And The Reality (Colin Summerhayes & Peter Beeching)

The ‘New Berlin’ Base: Nazis In The Antarctic (Project Camelot, Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy)

Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions: Germany’s Antarctic Claim (Christof Friedrich)

Project Paperclip

Secret Agenda [The United States Government, Nazi Scientists And Project Paperclip: 1945 To 1990] (Linda Hunt)

Rudolf Hess

Hess: The Missing Years [19411945] (David Irving)

Wilhelm Keitel

In The Service Of The Reich: The Memoirs Of Field Marshal Keitel (Walter Görlitz & David Irving)

Zionism & Nazism

51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis (Lenni Brenner)

The Nazi’s Real Plan For The Re-Creation Of Israel [Part 1: The Wannsee Meeting]

Nazi – Zionist Collaboration (Jews Against Zionism And Anti-Semitism, Britains Against Zionist Occupation, Palestine Solidarity & Anti-Zionists Against The Nazis)

Showdown In Jerusalem: Jewish – Nazi Cooperation (Gert Timmerman & John S. Torrell)

The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story Of The Pact Between The Third Reich And Jewish Palestine (Edwin Black & Abraham H. Foxman)

Zionism And The Third Reich (Mark Weber & The Institute For Historical Review)

Armies Of Spies (Joseph Gollomb)

Demystification Of The Birth And Funding Of The National Socialist German Worker’s Party (V. K. Clarke & Inconvenient History)

Falange: The Axis Secret Army In The Americas (Allan Chase)

Germany’s Master Plan: The Story Of Industrial Offensive (Joseph Borkin, Charles A. Welsh & Thurman Arnold)

Germany’s Secret Weapons In World War 2 (Roger Ford)

The Nazi Economy

The Nazi Hydra In America: How America’s Right Wing Politicians Are Plunging The Country Into A Fascist Police State (Glen Yeadon & John Hawkins)

The Nazis Go Underground (Curt Riess)

The Occult Roots Of Nazism: Secret Aryan Cults And Their Influence On Nazi Ideology (Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke)

Proof That Nazi Concentration Camps Didn’t Use Poison Gas (Major Miller & Lieutenant Lachout)

The Rise & Fall Of The Third Reich (William L. Shirer)

The Thousand-Year Conspiracy: Secret Germany Behind The Mask (Paul Winkler)

Treason’s Peace: German Dyes And American Dupes (Howard Watson Ambruster)

The Turner Diaries (Andrew MacDonald & Solar General)

Under Cover: My Four Years In The Nazi Underworld Of America [The Amazing Revelation Of How Axis Agents And Our Enemies Within Are Now Plotting To Destroy The Unites States] (John Roy Carlson)



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