The Military

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army

Handbook Of The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (The Defense Intelligence Agency)

Counter-Insurgency Operations

Counter-Insurgency Operations (The United States Army)

U.K. Army Field Manual (Volume 1: Combined Arms Operations) [Part 10: Counter Insurgency Operations – Strategic And Operational Guidelines] (The United Kingdom Army)

The U.S. Army And Marine Corps Counter-Insurgency Field Manual (The United States Army, The United States Marine Corps & Black Mask Online)

The First Earth Battalion

►  The First Earth Battalion [Dare To Think The Unthinkable: Ideas And Ideals For Soldiers Everywhere] (Jim Channon)

►  The First Earth Battalion Guidelines: The Warrior Monk’s Vision (The First Earth Battalion)

J.A.G. [The United States Judge Advocate General]

►  Law Of Land Warfare: J.A.G.S. Text Number 7 (The United States Judge Advocate General’s School)


Basic Training For Revolutionaries (Subverted Nation & Adam Austin)

How To Start And Train A Militia Unit (George Westmoreland)

The Modern Militia Movement: Missouri Information Analysis Center Report (The Missouri Information Analysis Center & InfoWars)

PATCON Revealed: An Exclusive Look Inside The FBI‘s Secret War With The Militia Movement (IntelWire & J. M. Berger)

PATCON: The FBI‘s Secret War Against The “Patriot” Movement And How Infiltration Tactics Relate To Radicalizing Influences (J. M. Berger & The New America Foundation)

Right-Wing Extremism: Current Economic And Political Climate Fueling Resurgence In Radicalization And Recruitment (The United States Department Of Homeland Security)

The United States Air Force

Aircraft Piracy [Hijacking] And Destruction Of Derelict Airborne Objects (The United States Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff)

The Paths Of Heaven: The Evolution Of Air-Power Theory (The School Of Advanced Airpower Studies & Phillip S. Meiling)

The United States Army

Army Operating Concept And Force 2025 & Beyond (David G. Perkins & The United States Army)

Army Intelligence 2020 And Beyond (The United States Army)

Army Vision: Force 2025 And Beyond

Army Vision: Force 2025 [White Paper] (The United States Army)

ARSOF 2022: U.S. Army Special Operations Command (The United States Army)

Attack Helicopter Operations (The United States Army)

Covert Operations Of The U.S. National Security Agency (John St. Claire Akwei, Nexus Magazine, Mind Control Forums & The Pleiades Library)

Defining Force 2025 (Brandon Smith & The United States Army)

FM 3-18: U.S. Army Special Forces Operations Manual (The United States Army)

Force 2025 & Beyond: Investing To Secure The Future (Steve Townsend, Stephen B. Cheney & The United States Army)

Force 2025 And Beyond: Setting The Course (The United States Army, Raymond T. Odierno & John M. McHugh)

Force 2025 And Beyond: Unified Land Operations [Win In A Complex World] (United States Army)

Force 2025 Maneuvers: White Paper (The United States Army)

Future Soldier 2030 Initiative (The United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center)

The Mega City [Operational Challenges For Force 2025 And Beyond: Army Chief Of Staff’s Future Study Plan] (The United States Army)

Strategic Land-Power And Force 2025 And Beyond: Implications For Technology (The United States Army & Bill Hix)

U.S. Army Doctrine And Belligerent Occupation (The United States Army & Christopher Todd Burgess)

The United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Common Skills Handbook [Book 1B: Individual Training Standards] (The United States Marine Corps)

Military Assassination Squads (The Arctic Beacon & Greg Szymanski)

The United States Space Command

U.S. Space Command: Vision For 2020 (The United States Space Command)


Bio-Electromagnetic Weapons (Harlan Girard & The Institute Of Science In Society)

Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten (James S. Ketchum & Alexander Shulgin)

Professional Knowledge Gained From Operational Experience In Vietnam, 1969, Special Issue, Mines And Booby-Traps (The United States Navy & The United States Marine Corps)

The Rise Of The Machines: Why Increasingly ”Perfect” Weapons Help Perpetuate Our Wars And Endanger Our Nation (Douglas A. Pryer, The Military Review & The United States Army)

13th U.S. Department Of Defense’s International Command And Control Research And Technology Symposium [Topic 050: Organizational Issues] (The United States Department Of Defense)

General Grant And His Campaigns (Julian K. Larke)

Instances Of Use Of United States Armed Forces Abroad: 17982015 (Barbara Salazar Torreon & The Congressional Research Service)

Military Government And Martial Law (William E. Birkhimer)

The Military Institutions Of The Romans [De Re Militari] (Flavius Vegetius Renatus, The Digital Attic & John Clarke)

Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces And Resources For A New Century (The Project For The New American Century, Donald Kagan, Gary Schmitt & Thomas Donnelly)

The Report From Iron Mountain: A Satirical Indictment Of RANDthink (Leonard Lewin & Mega)

A Study Of Assassination



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