Metaphysics, New Age & Paranormal Studies

Grids & Fields

► 10 Vile Vortices Around The World (Deep Info & The Pleiades Library)

► Bodily Energy Charts

► Discovery Of The Bio-Field: A Different Type Of Magnetism?

► Earth Geometric Grid Points Described (The Pleiades Library)

► Earth’s Grids And Portals (Soluntra King, Even Star Creations & The Pleiades Library)

► The Energy Grid (The Pleiades Library)

► The Grid Of The Gods (Joseph P. Farrell & Scott D. DeHart)

► International Harmony Based Upon A Music Of Planetary Grid Systems (Barbara Hero & The Pleiades Library)

► Mapping The World Grid (David Hatcher Childress & The Pleiades Library)

► The Mathematics Of The World Grid (The Pleiades Library & Bruce Cathie)

► Metaphysics And Grids (The Pleiades Library)

► The Planetary Grid: A New Synthesis (William Becker, Beth Hagens & The Pleiades Library)

Harmonic Tones

13 Tones Of Creation

The Energy Grid [Harmonic 695: The Pulse Of The Universe] (Bruce L. Cathie)

Tones Of The Essence Of Creation


13 Cosmic Chakras: Cycles Of Creation

The Astral Codex (Mark H. Pritchard)

The Divine Language (The University Of California)

Etheric Vision And What It Reveals

Genetic Changes: 12-Strand DNA (Barbara Marciniak, Archive TC & The Pleiades Library)

Lucid Dreaming (WikiBooks)

Metaphysics (Aristotle & W. D. Ross)

The Metaphysics Of Sex (Julius Evola)

Mind And Body (J. Herman Randall)

One Crystal’s Dance: The Star Mother [Geometric Keys To The Resonant Spirit Of Biology] (Dan Winter)

The Secret Of The Golden Flower (Rex Research & Richard Wilhelm)

New Age Studies

Edgar Cayce‘s Story Of Karma (Edgar Kayce, Mary Ann Woodward & Hugh Lynn Cayce)

The Hidden Dangers Of The Rainbow: The New Age Movement And Our Coming Age Of Barbarism (Constance Cumbey)

The Hong-Sau Meditation: Clear The Subconscious Mind Of Unwanted Thoughts, Emotions And Memories (The Healers Journal)

Interpretation Of The Teachings Of G.I. Gurdjieff: A Study Of Transmission In The Fourth Way (J. G. Bennett)

A Modified Hexagram Ritual For Enochian Workings (Benjamin Rowe)

Open-Eye Meditation On Sacred Geometry [Specifically On Metatron‘s Cube]

Sacred Geometry: Flower Of Life (The Gnostic Liberation Front & Andrew Monkman)

Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation (Richard J. Boylan)

Paranormal & Psychic Phenomenon

Paranormality: Why We See What Isn’t There (Richard Wiseman)

Psi Functioning And Altered States Of Consciousness: A Perspective (Charles T. Tart, B. Shapin, L. Coly & Psi And States Of Awareness)

Supernatural: Your Guide Through The Unexplained, The Unearthly And The Unknown (Colin Wilson)

Pyramid Power

The Complete Pyramid Sourcebook (John DeSalvo, Christopher Dunn, Patrick Flanagan & Paul Horn)

Shape Power: A Treatise On How Form Converts Universal Aether Into Electromagnetic And Gravitic Sources And Related Discoveries In Gravitational Physics (Dan A. Davidson)

Cosmotheism Trilogy (William L. Pierce)

The Principles Of Light And Color (Edwin D. Babbitt)



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