Intelligence Agencies

The CIA [United States Central Intelligence Agency]

The 2007 CIA World Fact Book (The United States Central Intelligence Agency)

The Art Of Intelligence: Lessons From A Life In The CIA‘s Clandestine Service (Henry A. Crumpton)

Central Intelligence: Origin And Evolution (Michael Warner, The Center For The Study Of Intelligence, The United States Central Intelligence Agency & David E. Jeremiah)

CIA Book Of Dirty Tricks (Recoil, Eutronix & Grog)

CIA Lock Picking: Field Operative Training Manual

CIA Organizational Chart

CIA: Psychological Operations In Guerrilla Warfare (Grog)

The CIA‘s Intervention In Afghanistan (Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bil Blum & Global Research)

Family Jewels (The United States Central Intelligence Agency)

In Search Of Enemies: A CIA Story (John Stockwell)

Inside The Company: CIA Diary (Philip Agee)

The Last Circle (Carol Marshall & Lycaeum)

Legacy Of Ashes: The History Of The CIA (Tim Weiner)

Mockingbird: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA (Alex Constantine)

The Old Boys: The American Elite And The Origins Of The CIA (Burton Hersh)

Research Aid: Cryptonyms And Terms In Declassified CIA Files [Nazi War Crimes And Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts]

The Secret Team: The CIA And Its Allies In Control Of The United States And The World (L. Fletcher Prouty & Julian C. Holmes)

The GCHQ [United Kingdom Government Communications Headquarters]

British Intelligence Agency Describes Attack On Anonymous (Edward Snowden & The National Broadcasting Company)

British Spies Used Sex And Dirty Tricks (Edward Snowden & The National Broadcasting Company)

The Israeli Mossad

By Way Of Deception: The Making And Unmaking Of A Mossad Officer (Victor Ostrovsky & Claire Hoy)

Historical Dictionary Of Israeli Intelligence (Ephraim Kahana)

Mossad Organizational Chart

Mossad: The Greatest Missions Of The Israeli Secret Service (Michael Bar-Zohar & Nissim Mishal)

The NSA [United States National Security Agency]

John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA

NSACSS Target Exploitation [TAREX] Program (The United States National Security Agency & The United States Central Security Service)

The NSA Declassification Program (The United States National Security Agency)

NSA Employee Manual (The United States National Security Agency)

NSA Handbook (The United States National Security Agency)

The NSA Security Manual (The United States National Security Agency)

Sentry Eagle: National Initiative Security Framework (The United States National Security Agency)

Body Language: How To Read Others’ Thoughts By Their Gestures (Allan Pease)

Foreign And Military Intelligence: Book 1 [Final Report Of The Select Committee To Study Governmental Operations With Respect To Intelligence Activities] (The United States Senate, Frank Church, John G. Tower, Philip A. Hart, Howard H. Baker, Jr., Walter F. Mondale, Barry Goldwater, Walter D. Huddleston, Charles C. Mathias, Jr., Robert Morgan, Richard S. Schweiker, Gary Hart, William G. Miller, Frederick A. O. Schwarz, Jr., Curtis R. Smothers, Audrey Hatry)

How To Be Invisible: Private Investigators’ Secrets (J. J. Luna)

How To Be Your Own Private Detective (Gerald Stein)

How To Change Your Identity (Aziza Research, Jim Petersen & Susan Petersen)

Identifying Undercover Activity And Agents (Timothy W. Tobiason)

The Non-Verbal Dictionary Of Gestures, Signs & Body Language (Adam’s Apple Jump, Zygomatic Smile & David B. Givens)

Practical Handbook For Private Investigators (Rory J. McMahon)



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