Health & Medical Issues

Cancer, Viruses, Plagues, Diseases & Conditions

3% Efficacy Of Chemotherapy Treatment On Cancer Cure (Carlos M. Garcia & Utopia Awaits)

The American Plague: The Untold Story Of Yellow Fever, The Epidemic That Shaped Our History (Molly Caldwell Crosby)

The BHT Book: A Practical Guide To Resolving Viral Disease (Steven W. Fowkes)

The Cancer Act Of 1939

The Cure For All Diseases (Hilda Regehr Clark)

The Emperor Of All Maladies: A Biography Of Cancer (Siddhartha Mukherjee)

Gerstmann–Sträussler–Scheinker Syndrome (Wikipedia)

The Ghost Map: The Story Of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic And How It Changed Science, Cities And The Modern World (Steven Johnson)

The Great Influenza: The Story Of The Deadliest Plague In History (John M. Barry)

How To Treat The Spectrum Of Illness [Chapter 1: Cancer] (Alan Holman & Seth Louey)

Lab 257: The Disturbing Story Of The Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory (Michael Christopher Carroll)

Living In Fear (eClinik)

The One-Minute Cure: The Secret To Healing Virtually All Diseases (Madison Cavanaugh)

Outbreak: Plagues That Changed History (Bryn Barnard)

A Planet Of Viruses (Carl Zimmer)

Special Virus Cancer Program (Boyd Graves)

Survival Of The Sickest: A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease (Sharon Moalem & Jonathan Prince)

Towards Healthcare Emancipation: Defeat Cancer, AIDS-HIV & All Other Parasitic Disease Within 90 Days! (Edgar Capilitan Enero)

Treating Cancer Naturally (Karl Menninger)

U.S. Patent 5,676,977 [Method Of Curing AIDS With Tetrasilver Tetroxide Molecular Crystal Devices] (Marvin S. Antelman)

World Without Cancer: The Story Of Vitamin B17 (G. Edward Griffin)

Diets & Meal Plans

Alkaline / Acidic Food Chart

The China Study (T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell, II)

The China Study Cookbook (Leanne Campbell & Steven Campbell)

The Complete Book Of Juicing: Your Delicious Guide To Youthful Vitality (Michael T. Murray)

The Dark Side Of Wheat: A Critical Appraisal Of The Role Of Wheat In Human Disease (Sayer Ji & Ron Hoggan)

Fresh Vegetable And Fruit Juices: What’s Missing In Your Body? (N. W. Walker & R. D. Pope)

The Miracle Of Fasting: Proven Throughout History For Spiritual, Mental And Physical Rejuvenation (Paul C. Bragg)

Electricity & Light Therapy

Bio-Electromagnetic Healing: A Rationale For Its Use (Thomas Valone)

Blue And Red Light: Light And Its Rays As Medicine (S. Pancoast)

A Descriptive Study To Determine The Use Of Light And Color As A Healing Modality (Graham Heinrich)

The Effects Of Light On The Human Body (Richard J. Wurtman)

Electricity For Health In The 21st Century (Carole Punt)

Emission Of Mitochondrial Bio-Photons And Their Effect On Electrical Activity Of Membrane Via Microtubules (Majid Rahnama, Jack A. Tuszynski, István Bókkon, Michal Cifra, Peyman Sardar & Vahid Salari)

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (James L. Oschman & Candace Pert)

The Influence Of The Blue Ray Of The Sunlight And Of The Blue Color Of The Sky (A. J. Pleasonton)

Into The Light: Tomorrow’s Medicine, Today (William Campbell Douglass)

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual For Spectro-Chrome Therapy (Darius Dinshah)

Light Therapeutics: A Practical Manual Of Phototherapy For The Student And The Practitioner (J. H. Kellog)

Living On Sunlight: The Art And Science Of Sun Gazing (Vina Parmar, Stijn Cuypers & Hira Ratan Manek)

The Secret Of Life: Cosmic Rays And Vital Radiations (Georges Lakhovsky, Guy Thieux & Etienne Guille)

Spectro-Chrome Metry Encyclopedia: Home Training Course In Spectro-Chrome Metry (Dinshah P. Ghadiali)

Essential Oils

The King’s Medicine Cabinet: Essential Oil Uses, Cures And Recipes For Healing (Josh Axe)

Oil Pulling: A Wonderful Therapy (

First Aid

The Beck Protocol: A First Aid Kit Of The Future (Robert C. Beck)

First Aid, Survival And CPR: Home And Field Pocket Guide (Shirley A. Jones)

U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver Course: Medical Tasks (The United States Army Medical Department Center And School)

U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Handbook (The United States Army Institute For Military Assistance)

Natural Cures

Amanita Muscarita: Herb Of Immortality (Donald E. Teeter)

Chinese Medical Herbology And Pharmacology (John K. Chen & Tina T. Chen)

A Complete Handbook Of Natural Cures (The Health Library)

Culpeper Index Of Herbs [The English Physician: An Astrologo-Physical Discourse Of The Vulgar Herbs Of This Nation] (Nich & Culpeper, Gent)

De Material Medica (On Medical Material) [Volumes 15] (Pedanius Dioscorides & Tess Anne Osbaldeston)

The Essential Book Of Fermentation: Great Taste And Good Health With Probiotic Foods (Jeff Cox)

The Fasting Cure (Upton Sinclair)

The Fundamentals Of Meditation Practice (Ting Chen, Lok To, Sam Landberg & Frank G. French)

Geohuasca Healing & Recipe (Chris Geo & Sheree Geo)

Healing With Herbs And Spices (Simone McGrath)

Herbal Antibiotics: Natural Alternatives For Treating Drug-Resistant Bacteria (Stephen Harrod Buhner)

The Holistic Handbook Of Sauna Therapy [SAMPLE] (Nenah Sylver)

The Honest Food Guide

The Master Mineral Solution Of The Third Millennium: The Chlorine Dioxide Ion (Jim V. Humble)

Nutrition For Healthy Living [Second Edition] (Wendy J. Schiff)

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Construction Plans, Experimental Use And Protection Against Toxic Energy (James DeMeo)

Ozone Therapy And Its Scientific Foundations

The Reflexology Bible (Louise Keet)

Reiki For Dummies (Nina L. Paul)

Roots Of Chinese Culture And Medicine (Wei Tsuei)

Traditional Medicinal Plant Use In Quepoan Society (Susanne Lynch)

The Oxford Book Of Health Foods: A Comprehensive Guide To Natural Remedies (J. G. Vaughan & P. A. Judd)

Rife Frequencies

The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (ElectroHerbalism)

Understanding Our Frequencies Through Harmonic Associations (James E. Bare)


Compulsory Vaccination: A Curse And Menace To Personal Liberty (J. M. Peebles)

A Critical Analysis Of The Australian Government’s Rationale For Its Vaccination Policy (Judy Wilyman & The University Of Wollongong)

Deadly Choices: How The Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All (Paul A. Offit)

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines And The Forgotten History (Suzanne Humphries & Roman Bystrianyk)

Ethical Vaccine Alternatives

Horrors Of Vaccination Exposed And Illustrated: Petition To The President To Abolish Compulsory Vaccination In The Army And Navy (Chas. M. Higgins)

How To Legally Take Vaccine Exemptions In The U.S. (Dr. Mercola)

Inoculations: The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Rebecca Carley)

Peace Without Poison (The Center Of Global Consciousness)

Physician’s Warranty Of Vaccine Safety

The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination (Eleanor McBean)

Science Of Vaccine Damage (Catherine O’Driscoll)

Vaccination: All (Green Med Info & The United States National Library Of Medicine)

Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary (The United States Centers For Disease Control And Prevention)


20/20 Vision Without Glasses (Dr. Mercola)

Corrective Lenses vs. Improving Your Eyesight Naturally (Zen Gardner)

How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally (Elle & Zen Gardner)

The 1 Reason Why You Get Back Pain And What To Do About It (Eric Wong & The Bulletproof Back)

Basic Human Anatomy (The United States Army Medical Department Center And School)

Basic Human Physiology (The United States Army Medical Department Center And School)

The Canon Of Medicine Of Avicenna (O. Cameron Gruner)

The Code Killers: Why DNA And Ionizing Radiation Are A Dangerous Mix (Ace Hoffman)

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, Martin Zucker & James L. Oschman)

The Encyclopedia Of Poisons And Antidotes [Third Edition] (Carol Turkington & Deborah Mitchell)

Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (Russell L. Blaylock)

The Magnetic Blueprint Of Life (Albert Roy Davis & Walter C. Rawls, Jr.)

The Medical Mafia: How To Get Out Of It And Take Back Our Health & Wealth (Ghislaine Lanctot)

Mental Health (The United States Army Medical Department Center And School)

The National Health Insurance Act Of 1922

Principles Of Epidemiology And Microbiology (The United States Army Medical Department Center And School)

Proust Was A Neuroscientist (Jonah Lehrer)

Schizophrenia: A Non-Existent Disease (Lawrence Stevens)

Suppressed Health Secrets (Glenn Canady)



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