Christianity & Jesus Christ

Adam & Eve

The Apocalypse Of Adam (George W. MacRae, The Nag Hammadi Library & The Pleiades Library)

The Book Of Adam

The First Book Of Adam And Eve (Earth History & The Pleiades Library)

The Second Book Of Adam And Eve (Earth History & The Pleiades Library)

The Two Adamic Lines: Abel And Cain (Gerry Zeitlin & Anton Parks)


Angelic Wisdom Concerning Divine Love And Wisdom (Emanuel Swedenborg & John C. Ager)

Angelic Wisdom Concerning Divine Providence (Emanuel Swedenborg & William F. Wunsch)

Channeling From Archangel Metatron (Metatron)

Divine Encounters: A Guide To Visions, Angels And Other Emissaries (Zecharia Sitchin)

Healing With The Angels: How The Angels Can Assist You In Every Area Of Your Life (Doreen Virtue)

A Thesis Of Angels (Zechariah Von Den Burg)

Bible Interpretations

The New King James Version Of The Bible Is A Counterfeit (Terry Watkins)

No Room In The Inn [And Other Interpretations] (C. J. Scofield & Mary Emily Reily)

Summaries Of The Internal Sense Of The Prophetical Books, The Psalms And Historical Parts Of The Word (Emanuel Swedenborg)

The Branch Davidians

The Decoded Message Of The Seven Seals Of The Book Of Revelation (David Koresh)

Cannon Law

The Code Of Canon Law (Pope John Paul II)

A Dictionary Of Canon Law (P. Trudel)


The Holy Bible: 1611 Pure Cambridge Edition

The King James Version Of The Holy Bible [With Apocrypha]


The Curse Of Canaan: A Demonology Of History (Eustace Mullins)

Fraternalism And The Church [By A Devotee To Both]

Israeli Extremists And Christian Fundamentalists: The Alliance (Grace Halsell)

The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Capitalism (Max Weber)

The Sermon On The Mount

The Seven Seals Of Revelation

The Seven Story Mountain (Thomas Merton)

UFO’s And Christianity (Robert F. Beck)

An Unexpected Word (Mike)

Christian Science

A 3-D Sacred Geometric Understanding Of Genesis [King James Version: Day Seven]

Christian Science Class Instruction: The Rudiments Of Christian Science (Arthur Corey & The Gnostic Liberation Front)

The First Church Of Christ Scientist: Manual Of The Mother Church (Mary Baker Eddy)

Science And Christ (Pierre Teilhard De Chardin & Rene Hague)

Christ‘s Birth, Infancy & “Missing Years

The Christ Of India (Swami Nirmalananda Giri & Atma Jyoti Ashram)

The First Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln)

The Life Of Saint Isha: The Best Of The Sons Of Men (Nicholas Notovich)

The Second Of St. Thomas‘ Gospel Of The Infancy Of Jesus Christ

The Secret Time Of Jesus‘ Birth (Bible Prophecy)

A True Account Of The Birth Of Jesus Christ (Noel Huntley & The Pleiades Library)

The Unknown Life Of Jesus Christ (Nicolas Notovitch, Project Gutenberg, J. J. Connelly, David Edwards, Paul Motsuk & L. Landsberg)

The Council Of Nicea

Before Nicea: The Early Followers Of Prophet Jesus (Salafi Manhaj)

First Council Of Nicea: 325 A. D.

Some Account Of The Council Of Nicea [In Connection With Life Of Athanasius] (John Kaye)

Extra-Cannonical References To Jesus

Jesus In The Talmud (Jacob Prasch & Moriel Ministries)

Jesus In The Vedas: The Testimony Of Hindu Scriptures In Corroboration Of The Rudiments Of Christine Doctrine

The Jesus Narrative In The Talmud (Gil Student & Angel Fire)

The Life Of Saint Issa: Best Of The Sons Of Men (Subtle Energies)

Survival Of The Crucifixion: Traditions Of Jesus Within Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism & Paganism (James W. Deardorff)

The Talmud Of Jmannuel (Albert “Billy” Meier, Isa Rashid & Judas Iscarioth)

Heaven & Hell

A Divine Revelation Of Heaven (Mary K. Baxter)

A Divine Revelation Of Hell (Mary K. Baxter)

Heaven And Hell (Emanuel Swedenborg)

Heaven And Its Wonders And Hell [From Things Heard And Seen] (Emanuel Swedenborg & John C. Ager)

Hell Is A Mistranslation: Quick Facts (John Lilly)

The Kingdom Of Heaven Revelation (NEBADON)

The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell: In Full Color (William Blake)

Jesus As A Myth

Caesar‘s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus (Joseph Atwill)

How The Jesus Myth Was Created (The Pleiades Library)

Jesus Christ / Jmannuel / Yehoshuah Ben Yosef / Saint Issa / Esu Sananda / Daitenku Taro Jurai / Pahana / Saint Germain / El Morya / Kuthumi / Jeshua Melchizedek

The Christ Of The New Age Movement (Ron Rhodes & Earth Link)

Christ Was Not A Jew: An Epistle To The Gentiles (Jacob Elon Conner)

Dialogue Of The Savior (Peter Kirby & Early Christian Writings)

The Epistles Of Jesus Christ And Agbarus: King Of Edessa (Eusebius, Archbishop Cave, Dr. Parker & Jeremiah Jones)

The Historical Jesus For Dummies (Catherine M. Murphy)

How Shall We Know Christ At His Coming? (Max Heindel & The Rosicrucian Fellowship)

The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery, The Investigation And The Evidence That Could Change History (Simcha Jacobovici, Charles Pellegrino & James Cameron)

The Jesus Of The New Age Movement (Ron Rhodes & Earth Link)

Jesus‘ Quotations Of Psalms 82:6 In John 10:34 [A Different View Of John‘s Theological Strategy] (Michael S. Heiser)

The Letters Of Herod And Pilot: Connecting Roman History With The Death Of Christ At Jerusalem

The Manly Christ: A New View (R. W. Conant)

The Masculine Power Of Christ: Christ Measured As A Man (Jason Noble Pierce)

Prophecies Of The Promised Messiah (Mirza Masum Beg)

The Sophia [Wisdom] Of Jesus Christ (Douglas M. Parrot, The Pleiades Library & The Nag Hammadi Library)

Wisdom Of Jesus, Son Of Sirach (The National Council Of Churches Of Christ In America & The University Of Pennsylvania’s Center For Computer Analysis Of Texts)

The Mark Of The Beast

The Mark Of The Beast (The Pleiades Library & Revelations Of Awareness)


The Light Of Martinism (The Traditional Martinist Order)

A Short History Of Martinism And The Martinist Orders (The Order Of The Grail)


The Book Of Mormon: Another Testament Of Jesus Christ (Joseph Smith, Jr.)

Quetzalcoatl, The Maya Maize God And Jesus Christ (Diane E. Wirth)

The New Church

Emanuel Swedenborg Compilation Concerning The New Church (Emanuel Swedenborg)

New Jerusalem And Its Heavenly Doctrine [From What Has Been Heard From Heaven To Which Is Prefixed: Something Concerning The New Heaven And The New Earth] (Emanuel Swedenborg)

Origins Of Christianity

Emanuel Swedenborg Compilations Concerning The True Christian Religion (Emanuel Swedenborg)

Fire In The Minds Of Men: Origins Of The Revolutionary Faith (James H. Billington)

The Origins Of Christianity (Revilo P. Oliver)

Arcana Coelestia: The Heavenly Arcana Contained In The Holy Scripture [Word Of The Lord Unfolded, Beginning With Genesis: Volumes 112] (Emanuel Swedenborg, John Clowes & John Faulkner Potts)

Concerning The Sacred Scripture: The Word Of The Lord, From Experience (Emanuel Swedenborg)

Ezekiel 6:3 [An Inhouse Directory For Christians On Spiritual Warfare To Pull Down The Altars & High Places] (Fritz Springmeier)

Nine Questions [Chiefly Relating To The Lord, The Trinity And The Holy Scripture, With Answers] (Emanuel Swedenborg)

The Precepts Of The Decalogue (Emanuel Swedenborg)



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