Ancient Sciences, Arts & Practices

Acoustic Levitation

Acoustic Levitation Of Stones (Bruce Cathie & The Pleiades Library)


1611 Chemical Treatise Of Arnoldus De Nova Villa (Arnoldus De Nova Villa, The Bodleian Library, M. S. Ashmole & Hereward Tilton)

18th Century Chemical Terms List (Sacred Magick)

Alchemical Symbols (Unicode)

Alchemy: Ancient And Modern (Herbert Stanley Redgrove, Abika & Sacred Magick)

Alchemy: The Ancient Science (Neil Powell & The Supernatural)

Alchemy: The Black Art (David Cheribum, The Order Of The Thelemic Golden Dawn, The Aleister Crowley Foundation & Sacred Magick)

Alchemy Unveiled (Johannes Helmond, Sacred-Magick, Rohm Verlag Bietigheim, Gerhard Hanswille, Deborah Brumlich, The Order Of The Hermetic Initiated Gold, The Rosicrucians & Monte Abiegno)


Bad Astronomy [Misconceptions And Misuses Revealed: From Astrology To The Moon Landing Hoax] (Philip Plait & Tina Cash Walsh)

Fortune Telling

A French Method Of Fortune Telling By Cards (A. E. Waite, Meghan Roberts & Greg Wotton)


Astronomical Geomancy (Gerard Cremonensis)

Geomancy (Henry Cornelius Agrippa)

A Handbook Of Geomancy (Sacred Magick)


Uncovering The Missing Secrets Of Magnetism (Ken L. Wheeler)


A Short Course In Scrying (Benjamin Rowe & Sacred Magick)

Encyclopedia Of Ancient And Forbidden Secrets (Nye)

The Hieroglyphic Monad (John Dee, Maximilian & Benjamin Rowe)

Sacred Science (The Sacred Science Team)

A Work of Saturn (Johann Isaac Hollandus & Joshua Ben Arent)



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