……….Thank you for visiting the Conscious Awareness For All truther network.

……….My nom de guerre is MERIT FREEMAN and I am the sole administrator of this website, as well as the accompanying  Facebook  and Twitter pages. I work tirelessly to bring you the best content possible.

……….I am dedicated to the promotion of FREE thought, the FREE dissemination of information and the never-ending search for TRUTH and WISDOM. By connecting the dots and filtering out judgments and viewpoints, we can get down to the FACTS. I promise to give you the stories that DESERVE to be told and to do so WITHOUT the spin of the left-right paradigm.

……….Feel free to contact me with any messages, thoughts, questions or suggestions. You can reach me via email at ConsciousAwareness@RiseUp.net, on Facebook at FB.com/ConsciousAwarenessForAll or on Twitter at Twitter.com/MeritFreeman.

……….The permalink [permanent link] of this website is https://www.ConsciousAwarenessForAll.WordPress.com. There are also shorter URL‘s that re-direct to this site, such as:




As well as others that are saved for redundancy.

 F.A.Q. [Frequently Asked Questions]

Guest Writing – I get a lot of inquiries about guest writing. I will gladly feature your work on my site if it is LEGIT; just get a hold of me via email, Facebook or Twitter & start a dialogue. I would also be willing to guest write for you, as long as it is a topic that piques my interest & I have the time to do so. Please note that while I will let others guest write for this site, it does not mean that I 100% agree with their views.

Comments – Though I receive copious amounts of spam [100+ every day], comments on this site remain ENABLED. Why don’t you see them? I simply read & delete them, allowing the site to continue looking CLEAN! I respond to ALL legitimate comments and questions, utilizing whatever email address is tied to the user who left the comment. If you want to let me know your opinion or start a dialogue, send me an email.

PERMALINK: https://ConsciousAwarenessForAll.WordPress.com/About

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