Project HODOR: DHS To Hold Chemical/Biological Weapons Attack Drill Near Oklahoma/Kansas Border

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……….Under the banner of Project HODOR [Hazards Of Dynamic Outdoor Release], the United States Department Of Homeland Security [DHS] will be holding drills simulating a chemical & biological weapons attack near the Oklahoma / Kansas border during January – February and June – July 2018.

……….DHSScience and Technology Directorate [S&T] is planning an outdoor release of chemical and biological stimulants at Oklahoma’s Chilocco Indian Agricultural School in Newkirk, Oklahoma [Kay County], just 6 miles south of Arkansas City, Kansas.

……….Aerosol Biologists from Sandia National Laboratory, Aerosol Engineers from the National Bio-Defense Analysis and Counter-Measures Center [NBACC], scientists from Oklahoma State University’s [OSU] Multi-Spectral Laboratories [UML] and numerous supporting state and federal agencies have partnered together for the exercises, which will reportedly be used to determine how humans would  fare if biological weapons were used in a terror attack.

……….Don’t let the OSU tag fool you. UML is NOT a public institution, it is a PRIVATELY OWNED FACILITY which provides research, development, testing, evaluation and tactical training to the United States Department of Defense and intelligence communities at large. Their mission statement is to:

Rapidly transition new and enhanced operational capabilities from innovators to operators.  ACCELERATE: Enhance technology transfer and commercialization rates by streamlining the innovation-to-deployment cycle. DELIVER: Greater access to unique network of equipment, laboratories and outdoor testing and training facilities at lower cost. DIVERSIFY: Fuse government, academia, and industry for mission-oriented products and services. Leverage an expanded non-traditional performer base.”

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……….Their first exercises in January 2018 will involve the airborne release of Titanium Dioxide [TiO2] and “Btk” [the Kurstaki sub-species of the Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria] combined in the form of bar-coded spores of the biological insecticide DiPel. They plan to use non-bar-coded airborne spores in their secondary exercises, which will require much more time and labor to execute.

……….Btk can cause skin redness, rashes and irritation in humans, as well as hay fever, throat irritation, upset stomach and difficulty sleeping. The project area is located only 470 feet north of Chilocco Creek, a vital part of the county’s watershed. KOCO in Oklahoma City reports that many people have called their newsroom and sent messages, expressing their concern about the safety of people living in the area.

……….The bar-coding will be done by using DNATrax” technology from Safe Traces, Incorporated [formerly DNAtrek]. DNATrax was initially funded by and created for the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency [DTRA]. DHS admits:

The safety of DNATrax particles cannot be assumed, therefore, its use presented unknown risks, not conducive to testing objectives.”

……….Titanium dioxide has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer [IARC] as a Group 2B Carcinogen. High concentrations of pigment-grade [powdered] and ultra-fine titanium dioxide dust can cause respiratory tract cancer. Studies have also found that titanium dioxide nano-particles can cause an inflammatory response and genetic damage. It can also cause Yellow Nail Syndrome.

……….According to Dr. JOSEPH MERCOLA,  nano-particles of titanium dioxide can easily penetrate the skin and travel to underlying blood vessels and into the bloodstream. Evidence suggests that it may also induce toxic effects in the brain, cause nerve damage and have negative effects on brain cell viability and function. Titanium dioxide nano-particles are capable of reaching numerous bodily organs via the lungs and gastrointestinal tract. A recent study showed that titanium dioxide nano-particles induced a decrease in mitochondrial membrane potential, suggesting mitochondrial damage. Researchers believe exposure to such particles may lead to neurological dysfunction, as they harm astrocyte cells, which help regulate serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

……….DHS will conduct follow-up testing from June – July 2018.

……….So, not only doctors, but the makers of the DiPel insecticide themselves EXPLICITLY WARN people that it is HARMFUL IF INHALED, yet the DHS and the combined wisdom of the entire United States federal government thinks that it is a good idea to release these toxins into our air supply? I call BULLSHIT! Can you say: Test Run For  POPULATION CONTROL?

……….And what if the government is LYING about what they plan to do at Chilocco? You think they wouldn’t perform secret tests on their own citizens? Just ask the city of Saint Louis about that! In 1994, the U.S. federal government admitted to testing radioactive chemicals on the city’s residents without their knowledge or consent in the 1950‘s and 1960‘s as a part of Operation LAC [Large Area Coverage].

……….Or in 1966 when government officials conducted secret vulnerability tests on the New York City subway, exposing an estimated 1,000,000 people to bacteria spores without their knowledge? Or in 1955 when the CIA [United States Central Intelligence Agency] conducted open-air biological tests of the “whooping cough” bacteria known as Hemophilus Pertussis? Or in 1953 and 1954 when the U.S. Army sprayed 6 kilograms of zinc cadmium sulfide onto unsuspecting citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada?

U.S. Government Secretly Poisoned Its Own Citizens

……….And even the location is BULLSHIT! A Native American reservation?! Are you kidding me? Hasn’t the U.S. government done enough to these people? MY people?! Now they have to use their land to spread harmful chemicals that could poison their water supply? When will it end?!

……….And need I even mention the numerous occurrences of drills such as these going live?

……….If you want to try to stop these exercises [and you SHOULD], please send an email to or or write to:

S&T CBD Mail Stop 0201
245 Murray Ln SW
Washington, DC 20528-0201

……….A petition, which has garnered nearly 10,000 signatures, has been started on to stop the exercises.

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……….Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman