Who Is Jim Stone?

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……….In the world of independent journalism, there are princes and there are paupers. The Haves and the Have-Nots. If ALEX JONES of InfoWars acclaim is APOLLO CREED, the man with loads of money and a mass of affluence to throw about, then surely, the ROCKY BALBOA, the every-man doing his damnedest to stand up to the status quo, must be no other than freelance investigative journalist JIM STONE.

……….Any truther worth their salt has read STONE’s report on the March 2011 Fukushima disaster. It is the backbone of his journalistic catalogue. His magnum opus. It weaves the evils of political zionism with the theatrics of undersea nuclear explosions, all under the blanket of a government cover-up.

……….But who is the man behind the media? STONE guards his privacy with a virtual chastity belt of anonymity. While he slips in the rare quip about his personal life every now and again, his readers know relatively little about the man whom they idolize; the man to whom they donate their hard-earned money in order to assure that his brand of no-nonsense truth continues to reach the masses. Who is the REAL “JIM STONE”? I’m about to tell you.

……….While the name “JIM STONE” may be catchy, the man steering this particular ship of freelance journalism is better known to his friends and family as JAMES MILFORD HEIKKILA. Born to a young Jewish woman on March 13th, 1966 in Hartford, Wisconsin, HEIKKILA was given up by his mother as a toddler, going to live with a wealthy Jewish couple, along with his older brother RICHARD, as part of the state’s foster care system. “HEIKKILA” is the name he was given in foster care. He eventually aged out of the system. As a teen, he attended Prescott High School in Prescott, Wisconsin. There, he developed a love for music, playing the contrabass in the Rivermen Drum and Bugle Corps. He graduated in 1983 and would go on to release his own musical album, “The Menstrel.”

……….HEIKKILA has been married numerous times. He met his first wife in Wisconsin. She would go on to file for divorce and they legally separated in 1993. He would later marry another woman, but that relationship also ended badly. HEIKKILA divorced his second wife, citing her drug issues and infidelity as the catalyst for their separation. He met his third wife in Utah. He adopted her son from a previous relationship and they eventually had a daughter together, but separated after JAMES filed for divorce in August of 2001. In 2009, his fourth wife helped him pen his initial truther report, entitled Tainted Nightmare. It outlined the dangers of the Swine Flu vaccines and the plans that were in place to unleash those tainted vaccines onto selected members of the populace. He had a bad falling out with wife number four. Upon hearing that she was leaving him, HEIKKILA a can of pepper spray in her face. He would go on to be charged by the State of Maryland with second degree assault for his actions and, later, domestic violence. He told his readers that the assault charge was due to a can of pepper spray accidentally discharging in his luggage and inadvertently striking a law enforcement officer, resulting in trumped-up charges. This was a lie. He now resides in León, Guanajuato, Mexico with his fifth wife.

……….Before he became a freelance investigative journalist, HEIKKILA tried his hand at different trades. He delivered pizzas in Wisconsin in 1993. He was a mill worker at Geneva Steel in Vineyard, Utah until it shut down in 2001. He later started his own company, selling, renting and stocking vending machines. He continued to play music, becoming a locally renown pianist in Massachusetts, before leaving the world of music in 2003.

……….In early 2001, HEIKKILA introduced himself to the online world with his first website, StoneBound.com, dedicated to his music. In early 2008, he launched a website dedicated to his photography. Jim Stone: Freelance Photographer featured original images that he had photographed. In early 2013, he started another site, Budget Camera Review. HEIKKILA eventually added a forum, where he would discuss his conspiracy theories and political views with others. That forum would eventually evolve into what is now his current site, JimStone.is. He would later integrate another truther forum into his site, the Reactor Breach Forum. It was heavily controlled and moderated. Anyone spouting anti-JIM STONE rhetoric was quickly gaslighted and banned. The forum eventually fizzled out after it became evident that the goal was not to share ideas, but rather to blow smoke up HEIKKILA’s rear end and to proliferate the personal website of the head forum moderator, a power-hungry Canadian Scientologist.

……….In September of 2011, HEIKKILA claimed to have been arrested and illegally held for 6 days due to his report on Fukushima. There is no legal record of this ever occurring. He claims that law enforcement officers destroyed all of the inventory and equipment for his vending machine company at this time. He wanted to leave the country, but claims that the U.S. government denied him a passport because he was an NSA whistle-blower. He was actually legally forbidden from getting a U.S. passport because his court-ordered child support payments were in arrears.

……….HEIKKILA’s back story would not be complete with addressing the 800-pound neon elephant in the room: his claim to have been an MOS33Q10: Electronic Warfare Intercept Strategic Signal Processing / Storage Systems Specialist with above-top-secret clearance at the NSA [United States National Security Agency]. HEIKKILA has offered up ZERO proof over the years to substantiate this claim. Furthermore, such a rank and designation does not even exist within the NSA. FOR THE RECORD: it has been confirmed by his ex-wife, LORIANNA, that he NEVER worked for the NSA, but, in reality, worked for the U.S. Army, in some capacity. His lies aside, HEIKKILA has, for the most part, proven to be pretty reliable in the information that he puts out. But why the dishonesty?

……….Let’s move on to HEIKKILA’s beliefs. He constantly espouses his hatred for the zionists [namely the Ashkenazi Jews], but does he subscribe to any particular religion himself? He says that he was raised as a Christian. He claims to have converted to Islam during his fourth marriage, taking on the name “ANNAS HEIKKILA” during that time. From 2005 to 2008, he attended Jewish services in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada. He was in the process of converting to Judaism until the Jews there supposedly poisoned him and tried to kill him. Luckily, he says that he was [magically] able to cure himself with pickling salt, vinegar and ammonia window cleaner.

……….Since absconding to Mexico with his fifth wife, HEIKKILA continues to claim to be on the run from Israeli-sponsored assassins. He went so far as to claim that 30 “storm troopers,” replete with helmets, shields and riot gear, were camped out at his domicile, waiting to murder him. Luckily, he spotted them from afar with his god-given night vision abilities and subverted the attack.

……….Let’s harken back to HEIKKILA’s Fukushima report. While it is the cornerstone of his website, it, like the rest of his history, is not without controversy. HEIKKILA has been accused by Educate-Yourself.org of plagiarizing parts of their report on Fukushima, which was published a full ten weeks before his. It seems that HEIKKILA elaborated on their earlier report, adding high resolution photographs of the Fukushimna disaster from Cryptome.org to it and repackaged it as his own. To his credit, HEIKKILA’s report is leaps and bounds above that of Educate-Yourself.org.

……….HEIKKILA has constantly been able to milk his readers out of HUNDREDS of dollars every month [sometime THOUSANDS]. He has used the money to purchase land, multiple vehicles and to build a house in Mexico. He is unable to return to the U.S., however, as he is wanted by the courts on past-due child support, contempt of court and domestic violence charges.

……….So love him or hate him . . . believe him or don’t; but these are the FACTS about freelance investigative journalist “JIM STONE.”

……….Stay conscious my friends.



~ Merit Freeman

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