Las Vegas False Flag Shooting


……….In late September 2017, a munitions cache was stolen from an IDF [Israeli Defense Force] armory in northern Israel during a Jewish holiday. This was perpetrated by a U.S.-backed group, with the foreknowledge and approval of the zionist “masters.” A deal to sell the stolen munitions was facilitated by STEPHEN CRAIG PADDOCK, a gun-runner who was working on behalf of U.S. black-ops [FBI CIA], the man hand-picked to be the fall-guy of this fiasco. The deal was supposed to go down on the night of Sunday, October 1st, 2017 on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hotel CEO JIM MURREN dumped $10 MILLION USD of company stock in the month leading up to the attack. The deal was a setup, as the buyers were actually Israeli Mossad agents who were there to take their stolen munitions back and use them to perform a false flag mass shooting [coined the #PyramidSacrifice]. Both sides [FBI CIA & Mossad] had multiple teams of gunmen with them, who were both in on the setup. PADDOCK was suicided and around 58 civilians attending the Route 91 Harvest country music festival were murdered, with another 489 or so injured.

Couple Warned Crowd Ahead Of Time

It’s Just Blanks

No Entry Or Exit Wounds

Shots Fired From Lower Level Of Mandalay Bay Hotel

They Tapped Into The Sound System

Muzzle Flashes Seen On Mandalay Bay Hotel‘s 4th Floor

Bellagio Hotel On Lockdown As Guests & Staff Confirm Multiple Shooters

Freudian Slip: MSNBC Says Government Did It

STEPHEN PADDOCK Caught On Camera At Harrah’s Casino In Atlantic City, NJ On October 6th, 2017

Shooter Caught In Crowd At Route 91 Harvest Concert In Las Vegas

Audio From First Responders

Police Audio Confirms Active Shooter On The Ground

Active Shooters Reported At Airport

Helicopter Firing At Crowd

Saudi Prince MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN Being Whisked Away From The Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel