Human Sacrifice At CERN?

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……….A disturbing video has surface of what appears to be a [mock?] human sacrifice at CERN [the European Organization for Nuclear Research].

……….Located in Geneva, Switzerland, CERN is home to the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful particle accelerator.

……….The video surface a few days ago [around August 10th, 2016]. Filmed from a window in CERN Building 40,  it shows a group of 8 hooded individuals surrounding a woman near a statue of the Hindu deity SHIVA. The woman lays on the ground and one of the hooded individuals appears to stab her in the chest with a dagger.

……….Here is the video in its entirety:

……….The video is definitely real. The location is easily confirmed; CERN Building 40 in Geneva, Switzerland.

[ ^ Screenshot from video ]

[ ^ Photo from CERN‘s website, taken inside of Building 40 ]

……….The video was originally uploaded to YouTube by a user calling himself Richie From Boston.” His Facebook page is no longer active, though his Google+ profile is still online. “RICHIE” recently told The Mirror that the man who filmed the video is now dead.

[ ^ “Richie From Boston” ]

……….From all accounts and judging by the content that he has posted to his social media accounts, “RICHIE” appears to be a legit truther.

……….Officials from CERN have publicly condemned the “mock” ritual, saying that it was simply scientists taking their brand of humor a little too far.

……….Was this a REAL human sacrifice or a mock ritual? You be the judge. Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman