How To Hide Files Inside Of Images


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……….Sometimes it is necessary to covertly transfer files. I will show you how to hide files [audio, video, texts, documents, etc.] inside of JPG & JPEG images.

……….There are numerous ways to do this. Unfortunately, most of them involve using the Command Prompt and text-based commands, which can be a little daunting for some. Not to mention, one wrong key stroke and the whole thing fails to work.

……….There is, however, a simple, fool-proof method for doing this. All you need is a program called JPGRAR [I uploaded the program HERE for perpetuity].

……….The interface and process really couldn’t be any simpler.


1 – Create a folder

2 – In that folder, place the files which you wish to conceal.

3 – Compress that folder into a RAR file. If you need free software to do this, you can download WinRAR.

4 – Run the JPGRAR program. Click the “Create” tab.

5 – Choose the RAR file and the image which you wish to use to conceal the files, then click the “Create JPGRAR” button.

6 – Choose the destination and name of the newly create file. By default, the program will create a file called “archive.JPG” on your desktop. It will look like a simple image, but will contain your hidden files.


To extract the files:

1 – Run the JPGRAR program and click the “Extract” tab.

2 – Choose the image file from which you wish to extract the data and click the “Extract JPGRAR” button.

3 – Choose the destination for the extracted files.

……….That’s all there is to it! You can use this technique to transfer sensitive data disguised as images on your cell phone or digital camera!

……….Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman