The Samson Option: Israel’s Ultimate Trump Card & Last Resort

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……….The Samson Option is the name that has been given to Israel’s ultimate deterrence strategy; one of massive nuclear [and sometimes chemical and thermo-nuclear] retaliation against any and all attacks that may threaten zionist Israel’s existence or socio-political agenda.

……….It takes its name from the biblical character of SAMSON, whom, after being taken prisoner, pushed apart the pillars of a Philistine temple, thus bringing down the roof, simultaneously killing himself AND all of the Philistines who had captured him.

……….The rationale behind Israel’s Samson Option? If Israel dies, then EVERYONE dies…

……….Although they refuse to OFFICIALLY acknowledge the mere EXISTENCE of their arsenal of nuclear, thermo-nuclear and chemical weapons caches, Israel is believed to possess anywhere between 70 and 500 nuclear warheads [around 200 seems to be the general consensus], with records affirming that nuclear proliferation has been a TOP PRIORITY of Israel since the initial creation of the state itself. The country is also yet to sign the International Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons [NPT].

……….Israeli military forces have long possessed medium-range land, air and sea-based methods for deploying their nuclear weapons. In January of 2008, their Jericho III ICBM [Intercontinental Ballistic Missile] became operational, giving Israel extremely LONG RANGE nuclear strike capabilities as well. They are also reported to be capable of assembling and detonating Suitcase Bombs, Electro-Magnet Pulses [EMP‘s], Enhanced Radiation Weapons [Neutron Bombs], Nuclear Landmines [Atomic Demolition Munitions] and Mobile Tactical Nuclear Weapons.

……….Israel’s nuclear doctrine is said to have been shaped by its lack of strategic depth. It relies heavily on a reservist-based military which, in turn, magnifies civilian and military losses in its small population. Israel compensates for these weaknesses by emphasizing intelligence, maneuverability and firepower. As a result, its strategy is based upon the premise that it absolutely cannot afford to lose a SINGLE war and must accomplish this by maintaining massive deterrence, including the option of pre-emptive strikes.

……….Israel first articulated an official policy on the use of nuclear weapons in 1966, which revolved around their 4 “red lines” which they posited would lead to a nuclear response:

1) A successful military penetration into populated areas within Israel’s post-1949 [pre-1967] borders.

2) The destruction of the Israeli Air Force.

3) The exposure of Israeli cities to massive and devastating air attacks or to possible chemical or biological attacks.

4) The use of nuclear weapons against Israeli territory.

……….The Samson Option is not merely THEORETICAL in nature, but appears to have been threatened or even invoked NUMEROUS times in the past [and possibly even more, of which we are unaware]. I wouldn’t put it passed them, as these people [and I use that word extremely lightly] are capable of things that you and I wouldn’t do to our WORST enemies. Examples of the Samson Option being used by Israel include:

1) Israel threatened to use nuclear weapons on the third day of the 1973 Yom Kippur (Arab–Israeli) War, blackmailing then-U.S. President RICHARD NIXON and Secretary of State HENRY KISSINGER into air-lifting U.S. military supplies to Israeli troops. They also threatened nuclear retaliation against then-Egyptian President ANWAR SADAT for his part in the war.

2) In 1981, Israel bombed an Iraqi nuclear facility.

3) During the 1991 Gulf War, Israel deployed armed mobile nuclear missile launchers and aimed them toward Iraq.

4) When MENACHEM BEGIN’s conservative party coalition took control of Israel in 1977, he immediately targeted numerous Soviet cities with nuclear missiles.

5) In the build-up to the U.S.’ 2003 invasion of Iraq, Israel threatened Iraq with nuclear attack.

……….But possibly most DAMNING of ALL is research done by freelance investigative reporter JAMES HEIKKILA [a.k.a. JIM STONE”], who reveals that Israel’s main strategy has been to smuggle nuclear weapons into sensitive and important areas of other nations. They purportedly do so under the guise of security contracts, which allots them the opportunity to install their own proprietary equipment, replete with hidden, armed nuclear devices.

……….With Israel holding the whole world hostage via the threat of nuclear attack, what are nations and world leaders to do but give in to the ZIONIST demands?

……….[That is, of course, a rhetorical question. SEE: #Operation Delilah].

……….I will leave you with a quote from ALAN HART‘s 1971 BBC interview with former Israeli Prime Minister GOLDA MEIR:

HART: “Prime Minister … You are saying that if ever Israel was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield, it would be prepared to take the region and even the whole world down with it?”

MEIR: “Yes, that’s EXACTLY what I am saying.”


Israel’s Chemical / Biological Weapons: History, Deterrence And Arms Control (Avner Cohen) [PDF @ 133 KB]

The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal And American Foreign Policy (Seymour M. Hersh) [PDF @ 5.45 MB]

The Third Temple’s Holy Of Holies: Israells Nuclear Weapons (Warner D. Farr)

……….Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman