Rife Frequencies: How To Heal Yourself With Sound & Vibrations

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……….For ages, mankind has used frequencies and vibrations to heal ailments. In recent times, ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE [18881971] has come to be well known for his research into this field.

……….RIFE claimed that certain frequencies could be used to target specific bodily ailments, including the ability to cure cancer and disease.

……….He used expensive, custom machines that were specifically designed and built for this purpose.

[ ^ Rife Machine ]

……….But don’t fret, there are ways to re-create the effects of these machines in your own home, without the need for complicated hardware or expensive equipment.

……….My fascination with and research into the field of audio / vibrational healing began with Whole Tones / Frequencies, followed by Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones.

……….I discovered that you can turn your computer or digital audio player into a make-shift Rife machine. All you need are stereo speakers and/or headphones / ear-buds.

……….Simply set your program to re-produce the desired frequencies. For better results, apply a set of stereo headphones to the desired area of the body.

Online Tone Generators:

……….There are websites which allow you to modulate whole tones and re-produce them to your liking.





 Computer Software:

……….All programs / installation packages have been downloaded from their original sources and re-uploaded by me as ZIP files for perpetuity.

Blaster 5 [7z @ 39.8 KB]

Digital Signals Generator [7z @ 66.6 KB]

Dr. Rife Frequency Generator [Installer] [7z @ 559 KB]

Frequency Generator [Installer] [7z @ 346 KB]

Marchand Function Generator [7z @ 27.2 KB]

MultiSine [7z @ 617 KB]

NCH Tone Generator [7z @ 344 KB]

Test Signal Wave Generator [7z @ 107 KB]

Here is the most thorough list I could find that shows you which frequencies correlate with which ailments.

Further Reading:

Understanding Our Frequencies Through Harmonic Associations

……….Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman

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