FALSE FLAGS: June 2015 Edition

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……….The month of June 2015 has been rife with false flags events. For those who don’t know, in short, a “false flag” is:

“a covert operation conducted by a government, corporation or other organization, which is designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operation appears as if it was carried out by another entity.”

……….False flag events happen all the time, on almost a DAILY basis. Most go unnoticed by the public, as they are designed to accomplish relatively SMALL goals. When ThePowersThatBe [think: Governments, Politicians, Religious Leaders, Corporate Elite, the Obscenely Wealthy, Globalists, etc.] have MAJOR agenda that they would like to implement or would like to DISTRACT the masses from certain agenda or happenings, they perpetrate a false flag event.

……….In order to sell the false flag as being legitimate, the perpetrators generally turn to the FOURTH BRANCH of the federal government, also known as THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA [think: Popular TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.]. Remember, the mainstream media IS NOT “NEWS.” It is a controlled group that is paid to convey certain ideas and stories to the masses. It is nothing more than WHORISH PROPAGANDA.

……….Thus far, June 2015 has seen 4 MAJOR false flag events take place across the globe [though undoubtedly, countless others have gone virtually unreported]. Here they are in chronological order:

Charleston, South Carolina Church “Shooting

DATE: Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

ALLEGED EVENTS: 21-year-old “White Supremacist” DYLANN STORM ROOF supposedly entered Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for a Bible study. Roughly an hour in, he randomly opened fire with a .45 caliber pistol, killing 9 people [6 females and 3 males] and injuring 1 other. He supposedly had to reload his pistol 5 times in order to do so. After shooting the church-goers, he supposedly put the gun to his own head and pulled the trigger, only to find that he was out of ammunition. He fled the scene and was captured the following morning, 245 miles away. He was charged with 9 counts of murder and 1 count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. He remains in jail.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: On the date of the “shooting,” there was a government-sponsored ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL taking place in Charleston. Sponsored by the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security, it was a 5-day-long event taking place for the benefit of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers.

……….The “suspect,” 21-year-old “DYLAN STORM ROOF,” was actually 32-year-old crisis actor JOHN CHRISTIAN GRAAS [born October 10th, 1982]. He was a former child actor and current U.S. Marine aviator. His name can be found on the official website of the U.S. Marine Corps, on their FY 2013 Officer Retention Board.

[ ^ A picture of the “shooter” in one of his Hollywood acting roles as a child, followed by a recent image of him after the “shooting.” ]

……….Besides the active shooter drill that was going on amidst the “shooting,” we cannot overlook the fact that preparations are being made for the MASSIVE JADE HELM 15 “exercise” coming up in July 2015. JADE HELM 15 will be a HUGE U.S. “military exercise” that will span 9 states.

……….By all accounts, the “shooting” in Charleston was a classic FALSE FLAG. Did 9 people actually DIE that day and 1 more get injured? Who can say. I would posit NO. After all, the U.S. Department Of Justice DID expedite $29 MILLION to the “families of the victims.” Can you say COVERUP???

WHY IT HAPPENED: The reasonings behind the Charleston false flag were many-fold.

— To distract the masses from the passage of the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership], a proposed regulatory treaty which covers 12 nations and would stifle free speech and freedom. It would give the “government” (a.k.a those who OWN the government) the authority to not only MONITOR digital media, but to POLICE it and TAKE OWNERSHIP of the personal media of others and their private intellectual works and copyrights. The legislation was passed by the U.S. Senate on June 24th, 2015, while the Charleston “shooting” was fresh in everyone’s minds and still plastered all over television screens, radio programs, newspapers articles and magazines covers.

— To prepare the masses for the horrors of the upcoming JADE HELM 15, which will be the LARGEST “exercise” of its kind EVER performed on U.S. soil.

— To cause racial division amongst the masses. By branding the shooter a “white supremacist” and having a white person “shoot up” a black church, this one is as clear cut as, well . . . black and white.

— To push gun control legislation. Just days after the false flag, politicians were already clamoring to strengthen gun laws across the U.S.

*** The next 3 false flags took place at roughly the SAME TIME on the SAME DAY [Friday, June 26th, 2015]. They also ALL had “Muslim ties,” which is quite convenient, considering that we are smack dab in the middle of the Muslim holy month of RAMADAN***

The Tunisia Beach “Shooting

ALLEGED EVENTS: A 23-year-old Tunisian student named SEIFEDDINE disguised himself as a tourist and opened fire on patrons of a beach resort at the Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Sousse, Tunisia. He supposedly opened fire with a Kalashnikov rifle and “killed” at least 38 people and injured 36 more before being “shot and killed by authorities,” whom it took over half an hour to arrive. ISIS took responsibility for the “attack.”

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Members of ISIS [a CIA and Mossad controlled opposition group] attacked the beach resort in Tunisia. Aided by local law enforcement [remember, local cops were NOWHERE TO BE SEEN for the duration of the 30-minute “attack”], they MAY have opened fire and killed 38 people. It is unsure at this time if there were any ACTUAL deaths involved in this false flag. Keep in mind that Mossad has an office in Sousse, the city of the “attack.”

……….The mainstream media reports that there was only ONE attacker and that he was “shot and killed” by local authorities, but this DIRECTLY CONTRADICTS eye-witness testimony. Here is an eye-witness photograph of SEIFEDDINE, the alleged “shooter”:

……….But according to eye-witness testimony, there were MULTIPLE SHOOTERS, all of whom had “long black hair” and “beards.” The “suspect” doesn’t quiiiiiite fit the description! Similar testimonies said that the shooters [plural] arrived on the beach using an inflatable boat, and that they also used GRENADES during the attack [ALL of which seems to be MISSING from the reports by the mainstream media].

WHY IT HAPPENED: It looks like this false flag attack took place in order to bolster the manufactured hatred of ISIS and, in turn, proliferate the hatred of MUSLIMS and the religion of ISLAM in general. By doing so, it makes it possible to keep the ZIONIST WAR MACHINE moving and to further propagate the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. And as with ALL gun crimes in the mainstream media, it will be used to push more stringent gun control legislation.

 The French Chemical Factory “Attack

ALLEGED EVENTS: 35-year-old YASSINE SALHI, a deliveryman with links to “radical Islam” drove his truck into Air Products, an American-owned chemical plant in St. Quentin – Fallavier, France, triggering a massive explosion. Though the explosion destroyed an entire hangar housing thousands of chemicals, the driver [MIRACULOUSLY!] came out unharmed. He then severed the head from a nearby body and planted it on a spike at the front gate of the factory. On an adjacent cloth, he wrote: There is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet.” The “suspect” was “captured” at the scene by local law enforcement.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: It appears that there WAS an explosion[s] at a chemical factory in France, though it is unclear what ACTUALLY CAUSED it. Eye-witness testimony reports that MEN IN A CAR were involved in the “attack” [which DIRECTLY CONTRADICTS the mainstream media report of 1 MAN IN A TRUCK]. Though 2 men were involved, only 1 was arrested, telling police that he had “ties to ISIS” [remember, ISIS is a CIA and Mossad controlled opposition group]. Eye-witness reports also say that the 2 men were seen “driving around in circles, throwing gas cylinders around the main yard.” These “cylinders” where what most likely caused the explosions.

WHY IT HAPPENED: The motivation for this false flag seems to be identical to the last, minus the gun control legislation.

 The Kuwait Mosque “Explosion

ALLEGED EVENTS: A “suicide bomber” with links to “radical Islam” supposedly entered the Imam Sadiq Shia Islamic Mosque in Kuwait City, Kuwait. He is said to have detonated a bomb, “killing” 27 and “wounding” 227 more.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: It appears that an explosion DID occur at the mosque. With no suspects or evidence, I would posit that it was some sort of REMOTE-CONTROLLED DETONATION. Did 27 people actually die and 227 more get injured? At this point, it is too soon to tell. Gun to my head, I would say NO.

WHY IT HAPPENED: The motivation for this false flag appears to be the same as the previous one, with OIL also being a motivating factor. Kuwait is known for its oil reserves. We are well aware of their history of war with the neighboring Iraq over oil. Now that the U.S. controls Iraq, this was done to send a message to Kuwait and warn them to comply with whatever agenda Iraq and the zionists propose.

Stay conscious my friends.



PERMALINK: https://ConsciousAwarenessForAll.WordPress.com/2015/06/27/June-2015-False-Flags

DOWNLOAD AS PDF: https://archive.org/download/ConsciousAwareness_Mail_PDF_20180124/PDF.pdf


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