Was Joseph’s “Coat Of Many Colors” Code For Multi-Strand DNA?

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……….In the Hebrew and Christian cannons, JOSEPH was gifted a coat of many colors by his father, JACOB. Was this “coat” actually code for advanced, multi-strand DNA?

……….Before JOSEPH‘s birth, JACOB had 10 other sons with LEAH [his cousin]. JOSEPH was the first to be born by JACOB‘s second wife, RACHEL [LEAH‘s sister and also his cousin]. JACOB also bore children by 2 of his wives’ handmaidens. JOSEPH was the great-grand-son of ABRAHAM [on his father’s side], as well as ABRAHAM‘s great-great-grand-nephew [on his mother’s side]. ABRAHAM was said to have been “chosen by God” to accomplish many great things in his life. Did JOSEPH‘s genes and strong DNA-relation to ABRAHAM give him an upper hand in life as well?

……….In the religious cannons, JOSEPH rose up from poverty and slavery to become the second most powerful person in all of Egypt, second only to the Pharaoh. Can this be attributed solely to faith and hard work, or did he have a “helping hand” in his ascension?

……….Many believe that ABRAHAM and many other Biblical figures] had ties to extraterrestrials. With JOSEPH being related to ABRAHAM on BOTH sides of his family tree, would his DNA have been even STRONGER [more closely resembling ABRAHAM‘s] than that of his relatives?

……….JOSEPH was said to have been given the gift of a “coat of many colors.” His 10 older brothers were all said to have been jealous of this gift. Throughout history, a ‘coat of arms has been used to signify a family tree. JOSEPH‘s “coat” was said to have been comprised of many colors, as well as numerous pieces of cloth from other garments, all sewn together.

……….Having a different mother than his 10 older brothers, his DNA would have been different from theirs, as well. Were the “many colors” a code for many strands of DNA, such as an extraterrestrial or future human would possess?

……….Normal humans have DNA [deoxyribonucleic acid] which is comprised of 2 strands. But recent scientific revelations have shown exceptions to this rule. In 2009, ALFIE CLAMP was born with 3 strands of DNA. Scientific research shows that 4-strand DNA is on the horizon, with humans being capable of developing DNA with up to 12 strands.

2 & 3-Strand DNA

[ ^ 2 & 3-Strand DNA ]

4-Strand DNA

[ 4-Strand DNA ]

……….While JOSEPH and his 10 older brothers all had the same FATHER, they had different MOTHERS. But their mothers [LEAH & RACHEL] were SISTERS. Did something happen in LEAH and RACHEL‘s lives to make them genetically different from one another?

……….RACHEL was said to be a follower of ancient, heathen, folk religions, belief systems, idols and superstitions. Did she make a pact with one of the folk deities, one which would have made her genetically-different from others, namely her sister LEAH?

……….Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman

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