Belgian Politician Speaks Out Against The Zionist Machine

Listen To This Article In AUDIO FORM:

……….Good guy LAURENT LOUIS is a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. He speaks out against the zionist war machine and the pedophile bastards that think they run this planet.

……….ThePowersThatBe tried to jail him in 2014 for going against the status quo. He was wrongfully arrested and given an 8-month suspended prison sentence and a € 1,200 fine after publicly outing then-current Belgian Prime Minister [and admitted FreemasonELIO DI RUPO as a pedophile. He was also suspended and had his right to speak in Parliament temporarily revoked.

……….Here is a video of his violent arrest. The arresting officers can clearly be seen assaulting LOUIS and threatening bystanders who speak out against the corrupt cops for their actions.

……….He is brave enough to publicly speak out against the tyranny of zionism. He even has the balls to say the truth, that the zionists bankrolled World War II and killed their own Jewish people, along with MILLIONS of Christians, Muslims and atheists in the engineered holocaust-hoax.

“I apologize for my low class speech, but fuck you, all the so-called do-gooders, both left and right wingers, or from the center, who are today licking the boots of our corrupted powers and who will be pleased to ridicule me. Fuck you all, leaders who are playing with your bombs, as kids do in a playground! Fuck you! You, who pretend to be democrats, while you are nothing more than low class criminals. I don’t have much respect either for the journalists who have the audacity to label the opponents as mentally retarded while, basically, they know very well that these opponents are right. Finally, I despise, at the highest point, those who believe they are the kings of the world and who are dictating their laws, because I am on the side of the truth, the side of justice, the side of innocent victims of looting, at all costs.”






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