BOUVET ISLAND: Secret NWO Headquarters?

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………..Does the NWO have a secret headquarters on the remote Bouvet Island?

………..Bouvet Island is a supposedly uninhabited sub-antarctic island which is legally under Norwegian rule. Located over 1,400 miles from the nearest civilization, it is hailed as the most remote island on planet Earth. It was declared a “nature reserve in 1971, putting it off limits to the public. A meteorological station is the only “official” edifice of the island.

………..On September 22nd, 1979, the U.S.’ Vela satellite captured a bright double flash emitting from the island, whose measurements were indicative of the detonation of a 2 to 4 kiloton nuclear device.

Double Flash

………..Known as the Vela Incident or the “South Atlantic Flash,” it was a joint nuclear weapons test between South Africa and zionist Israel, executed under the banner of Operation/Project Phoenix.” This has been confirmed by Israeli, South African, U.S. and Soviet sources.

………..Israel had purchased 550 tons of Uranium from South Africa for use in the Dimona nuclear plant. In exchange, Israel supplied South Africa with nuclear weapons design information materials.

………..All official records of the incident remain classified. The U.S. government “officially” refuses to acknowledge it as a nuclear detonation, thus pointing to their complicity in the event. Keep in mind, zionist Israel denies [to this fucking DAY!] that they possess nuclear weapons.

………..ANY detonation of a nuclear device at that time would have been in criminal violation of U.S. President JOHN F. KENNEDY‘s Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty of 1963.

………..Back to Bouvet Island itself. Despite being occupied by ThePowersThatBe “uninhabited,” it has its own top-level internet domain code: .BV“. Registered since August 21st, 1997, it has been the epicenter of numerous internet attacks which were orchestrated against government, private and public organizations.

………..You can freely view a LIVE feed of internet attacks on the NORSE website. Interestingly enough, they give Bouvet Island the exact same designation as MILITARY and GOVERNMENT organizations. Do ThePowerThatBe have a secret base in Bouvet Island, which they use to initiate internet attacks against the rest of the world? Remember, this island is supposedly “uninhabited,” yet global governments admit to performing military operations there.

………..In 2012, YouTube user RevMichelleHopkins discovered a mysterious HAARP signal emanating from Bouvet Island. Are ThePowersThatBe performing weather modification and geo-engineering operations from this supposedly “uninhabited” island?


………..With steep icy barren caverns, this island would make a great “Fortress of Solitude.”






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