The Definitive AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Report


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……….ANOTHER Malaysian airliner has “gone missing.” This time it was AirAsia flight QZ8501 from Surabaya, Indonesia to Changi, Singapore on December 27th, 2014. The plane reportedly diverted from its initial course due to inclement weather, subsequently lost contact with air traffic control and disappeared from radar. The plane is said to have crashed” into the Java Sea, but I did some digging and found out that things may not be what they seem on the surface.

Before you read any further, please keep this in mind: WITH THE MEDIA PLAYING UP THIS STORY, WHAT ARE THEY DISTRACTING YOU FROM?????

……….The official story says that the plane “crashed” into the Java Sea due to bad weather conditions. But as we have seen with other crashed/missing planes, there is usually more than meets the eye. Mainstream media has fully jumped on board Indonesian news site DETIK‘s first report which states that debris and multiple bodies [between 2 and 40, depending on which zionist-controlled mainstream media report you choose to entertain] were found floating in the Java Sea’s Karimata Strait, just south of Borneo. It is clear that the mainstream media will be using this as their OFFICIAL cover story. Oh, and those “bodies” that they found. . .

Capturedummykneejoint - Copy

. . . they look almost comically similar to those fake LAX false flag mannequins . . .


……….Yahoo Singapore had the audacity to tweet that 3 of the “bodies” that they recovered were “holding hands.” Pretty hard to “hold hands” when you’re DEAD [that is, unless you’re mannequins whose hands were linked together]. The tweet has since been taken down.


……….Here are all of the odds and ends of the AirAsia flight QZ8501 saga [I’ll address/debunk the easy ones first]:

► For starters, the airliner was reportedly flying the route from Surabaya, Indonesia to Changi, Singapore without permission from the Indonesian Transport Ministry. This was most likely done simply to add another layer of “fluff” to the story.

► The FlightRadar24 flight tracking service says that the plane LANDED safely [and even 1 minute early] in Singapore. This is a mistake or a glitch. It would be pretty obvious if it DID land there.


► Singapore’s Changi Airport [the flight’s destination] lists the flight as CANCELED, which is just a reflection that the flight would not be landing there as scheduled.


► The Flight Aware live flight tracker has NO RECORD of the flight. The Plane Finder website also has no history of the plane’s flight. This wasn’t a MAJOR flight, so the fact that it was overlooked by auxiliary third-party flight tracking software is no surprise.

One report claims that French authorities stated that the plane made an emergency landing in the eastern part of Belitung, an Indonesian island in the Java Sea. This is the only article on the internet saying this and no sources were cited. After the flight went missing, a relative of one of the flight’s passengers is reported to have received a BlackBerry message from a friend, also stating that the plane made an emergency landing in Belitung and that all of the passengers were safe.

……….There is no doubt that the plane DID take off from Surabaya as planned. There are too many first-hand reports from family members of those on board that corroborate this for it to be questioned. So that leaves us with this question: What DID happen DURING the flight?

……….Now, I’m NOT going to jump to conclusions and throw on my tin-foil conspiracy hat here, but I AM going to examine some possibilities and some information here:

► If inclement weather WAS what brought down the plane, why didn’t it affect the other commercial airliners who were flying in the EXACT same vicinity? I don’t buy it. Modern airliners are equipped with a plethora of contingencies which make it nearly impossible for weather alone to bring them down.




[REMEMBER: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was intended to crash into the 2014 Hague, Germany Nuclear Summit in a false flag event before being intercepted by Dutch military fighter jets].

*** NOTE: The globalists have UNLIMITED funds and even OWN the aviation and production industries, so they have no need to STEAL an airplane. This is done to act as a BUFFER, adding another layer between themselves and the dirty work. Also, by adding as many stooges into the mix as possible, they create more fall-guys to take the blame in case something goes wrong, thus keeping them, their names and their plans out of the public eye.

……….Judging by the evidence, I wholly believe this to be what happened to Air Asia flight QZ8501. But I will explore some ALTERNATIVE theories below.

……….Would there be any reason or motivation for the plane to be PURPOSELY downed, possibly as a WARNING to Indonesia or Singapore?

Haaretz recently reported that the composition of the United Nations’ Security Council’s non-permanent members is set to change in January of 2015, with New Zealand, Venezuela, Indonesia [the country from which the flight initiated], Angola and Spain expected to replace Rwanda, Argentina, South Korea, Luxembourg and Australia. This would translate into increased international support for Palestine at the U.N.

……….I initially believed that the plane may have been intentionally downed by an anti-Palestinian nation [*cough* ISRAEL *cough*] as a warning to Indonesia for their support for Palestine, but upon further research, I discovered that Haaretz‘ report was INCORRECT, as it is MALAYSIA, not INDONESIA, who is expected to join the U.N. Security Council in 2015. Malaysia does, however, share borders with both Indonesia AND Singapore.

……….Though Indonesia is not expected to alter the future U.N. power structure, there are MORE than enough reasons for Israel to initiate a strike against them:

● At more than 200 MILLION, Indonesia has more Muslims than ANY other country on the planet.

● According to a 2013 BBC poll, only 12% of Indonesians view Israel in a positive light.

● Israel’s National Security Council maintains a permanent travel warning for Israelis, advising them not to travel to Indonesia, as the country is unfriendly towards Jews.

● Though Indonesia has around 250 MILLION people, only a around TWENTY [yes, 20] individuals are Jewish.

● In 2005, the Indonesian government stated that they would only be willing to develop full diplomatic ties with Israel after Israel reaches peace with Palestine [which doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon].

……….In short, there is no love lost between the two nations. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Israel [or one of its proxies, like the U.S.] intentionally downed AirAsia flight QZ8501, but I AM examining as many POSSIBLE/PROBABLE scenarios as possible.

……….Israel also has a rocky relationship with Malaysia, the country from which the AirAsia airline originates.

● In November of 2013, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission [KLWCC] found Israel guilty of genocide against the people of Palestine and convicted former Israeli general AMOS YARON of crimes against humanity and genocide for his involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

……….In November of 2011, that same Commission exercised universal jurisdiction and tried former U.S. President GEORGE W. BUSH and former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR [both of whom are zionists] in absentia, convicting them both of crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and genocide for their unlawful invasion of Iraq.

……….In May of 2012, the KLWCC again tried BUSH, along with former U.S. Vice President DICK CHENEY, former U.S. Secretary of Defense DONALD RUMSFELD, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Generals JOHN YOO and JAY BYBEE, former U.S. Attorney General ALBERTO GONZALES and former counselors DAVID ADDINGTON and WILLIAM HAYNES II [all of whom are zionists] in absentia, convicting them all of conspiracy to commit war crimes, specifically torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

……….Did they play a part in the disappearance/crash of AirAsia flight QZ8501 as revenge for the convictions?

● Israel has also publicly stated their [incorrect] belief that Malaysia has provided military training to Hamas, a Muslim Palestinian group who is “at war” with the zionist Jews in Israel [in reality, they are a zionist controlled opposition group that was created by Israeli Mossad]. Malaysia is a major global supporter of Palestine and their quest for recognition as a state.

● Even further, the passports of Malaysian citizens’ clearly state that “this passport is valid for all countries except Israel.” The two nations maintain no formal diplomatic relations, as Malaysia does not recognize Israel as a country, nor their right to exist (much like Israel does to Palestine, minus all of the genocide and ethnic cleansing).

……….Could the poor relations between Israel and Malaysia have been part of the reason behind AirAsia flight QZ8501‘s disappearance/crash?

► Another country that may have reason to attack Indonesia is CHINA. The two nations are currently in dispute over land that they both claim as their own. They previously had a 23-year suspension in diplomatic relations between the two countries.

● But things between China and Indonesia may be getting better. A recent article by New Strait Times reported that Russia and China are eying stronger economic ties with the nation. Representatives from the two world superpowers recently met with Indonesian officials to discuss amending current laws which prohibit unprocessed ore exports from entering the country, specifically those from Russia’s United Company RUSAL, the world’s largest aluminum company.

● There is much tension between the West [Israel and the U.S.’ zionist axis of evil] and the newly-rejuvenated joint superpowers of China and Russia. I wouldn’t put it past the zionists to down the Indonesian airliner as a warning to the country not to do business with Russia and China.

● Speaking of China, a December 15th, 2014 post by a user calling them self People have their own music on a popular Chinese internet message-board warned Chinese citizens to steer clear of ALL AirAsia flights, citing powerful black hand forces that would soon be at work to bring down one of their airliners. In this context, black usually refers to “evil” or “darkness,”  which would most definitely describe the global banking cartel, in detail! It could also refer to the United States, whose pussy-ass shill of a “President”, BARACK OBAMA , is a card-carrying “black” man [though he claims to be Jewish in his soul], as well as being another zionist and Israeli pawn.



► Just days before the flight, AirAsia CEO ANTHONY “TONY” FERNANDES [net worth: $650 MILLION+ USD] dumped 944,800 shares of Tune Insurance Holdings‘ stock, the company he founded which insures ALL of AirAsia‘s flights. In doing so, he profited around $432,000 USD. He CLEARLY had foreknowledge that a “mishap” was on the way.

► Malaysia has also begun to abandon zionist-controlled fiat currencies by introducing a new monetary system featuring standardized gold and silver coins. They aim to protect citizens against zionist-imposed usury [which is specifically forbidden by Islamic law] and engineered inflation.

chk_captcha - Copy

● Did the zionists play a part in the disappearance/crash of AirAsia flight QZ8501 as retribution against Malaysia for dumping their currency and as a warning to other countries to not follow suit?

► Another motivation for the intentional downing of the airliner would be for its owners [and THEIR owners) to profit from the plane’s insurance policy. AirAsia has had financial troubles for years. Founded in 1994, the airline had already accrued $11 MILLION USD in debt by 2001 when current CEO TONY FERNANDES bought it for pennies on the dollar from the DRB-Hicom Group, who is largely owned by the Malaysian government.

AirAsia reportedly had an EXTREMELY broad liability insurance policy through the AGCS division of the Allianz SE corporation of Germany [the world’s 3rd largest insurer]. AirAsia can expect payments as high as $2.25 BILLION USD [yes, BILLION with a “B”] for each crash from the company [though the actual payout is expected to be closer to $100 MILLION USD].

● That crooked insurance policy was brokered by Willis Group Holdings, who were previously involved in a $7 BILLION USD ponzi scheme with the Stanford Financial Group.

► Remember when Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 “went missing”? It was widely speculated that the plane’s passengers from Austin, Texas’ Freescale Semiconductors Inc. were the target. The firm develops electronic technology which is utilized in warfare. This got me thinking: Where there any passengers on AirAsia flight QZ8501 that might be important or of concern to ThePowersThatBe?

Here is the passenger log for the flight:


……….There were 155 passengers and 7 crewmen on board the plane, for a total of 162 people that are now “missing.” Of those 162, 155 were from Indonesia [2 of which were believed to be Filipinos with Indonesian passports], 3 from South Korea and 1 apiece from France [though he is believed to be Nigerian], Malaysia, Singapore and the U.K.

……….I researched a TON of names on the list to investigate if they had any sort of internet footprint from which I could ascertain information about them. Many of the names came back with numerous results, making it difficult to know whether or not that person was the one who was on the flight. I looked for anything about the passengers which might be of interest to ThePowersThatBe. There were students, doctors, investors, etc., but a few passengers in particular piqued my attention [two of which happen to have the same last name].

► First of all, we must examine the flight’s pilot and captain, IRIYANTO [it is apparently common place in Indonesia for individuals to have only one name]. He was a 53-year-old veteran of the Indonesian Air Force where he was a top fighter pilot from 1983 to 1992.

● If the plane was hijacked from its original course, what would be easier than just having the pilot do it? IRIYANTO‘s decade-long military career would make him easily controllable by ThePowersThatBe. Throw some cash into the mix and I’m sure there’s no way that he would say NO. Was he purposely assigned this flight in order to help carry out  ulterior plans by the globalists?

*** EDIT: I have been contacted by one of the persons of interest and confirmed that they WERE NOT on the flight. It was someone with the same name as them. Per their request, I have taken down ALL mentions of them and their company.

Next, we have:

ALFRED WIJAYA from the greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia. He is a Security Specialist at the Indonesian branch of Johannesburg South Africa’s Dimension Data. His firm specializes in Cyber Crime, Information Theft and IT, Cloud, Logistics and Mobile Security. They also analyze government security risk and compliance. This $6 BILLION multinational corporation serves 59% of ALL of the Fortune 500 companies. They are a MAJOR player in the global IT security game. Dimension Data‘s partners include major companies such as:

Cisco Systems Inc., a cutthroat IT firm.

Microsoft, a computer hardware/software developer which is headed by globalist BILL GATES who is trying to depopulate the planet using deadly tainted vaccines. They are infamous for working with intelligence agencies and using their products to spy on customers.

Oracle Corporation, an IT development firm described by many as soulless and evil.

IBM, a computer hardware/software company who is notorious for trading with the enemy during war time and supplying the Nazis with equipment and weaponry which they used to fight against the U.S.

McAfee, a computer software security firm whose founder, JOHN MCAFEE, was indicted for unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of an unlicensed weapon. He is also suspected in the murder of GREGORY VIANT FAULL.

Then there was:

CHI-MAN CHOI, Managing Director of the Indonesian branch of the multinational French energy and rail company Alstom.The firm recently had to fork over $772 MILLION USD to resolve charges of $4 BILLION USD in bribery. They are expected to be acquired by General Electric [the VANDERBILT and MORGAN Illuminati bloodlines] in 2015.

Alstom is a zionist organization which has completed several projects for the globalists, including violating international law and perpetuating ethnic cleansing by illegally destroying Palestinian territories on the West Bank in order to construct commercial railways for Israel and constructing numerous Israeli  power plants.

● There are NUMEROUS international campaigns calling for the boycott of Alstom because of their zionist and globalist agenda.

Alstom’s corruption scheme was sustained over more than a decade and across several continents, said U.S. Deputy Attorney JAMES COLE. It was astonishing in its breadth, its brazenness and its worldwide consequences.

Are ALFRED and WILLIAM WIJAYA related? I have no way to know for sure, but they DO have the SAME last name, come from the SAME city and were traveling on the SAME flight. Could their or CHOI‘s occupational ties have had any influence on the “disappearance” of AirAsia flight QZ8501?

► I plugged the term Air Asia Flight QZ 8501 into a gematria calculator and some of the results included:

● “Bad Obama Revealed”

● “Microchipped Population”

● “Nine Eleven FEMA”

● “Exaltation Of Fascism”

● “Payment For Sin”

● “Manchurian Candidate”

What connections can YOU make from all of this? Please comment below.

[NOTE: An independent, up-to-date LIVE stream of information regarding AirAsia flight QZ8501 can be found on Reddit.]






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