How Cannabis Became “Marijuana” & Why It’s Illegal

How Cannabis Became Marijuana

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……….Cannabis hasn’t always been “marijuana” and it hasn’t always been illegal. Despite what the government may tell you about its supposed “dangers,” there were ulterior motives for renaming and outlawing cannabis. Its numerous uses make it a DIRECT competitor with several big-money industries such as pharmaceuticals, paper, textiles, clothing, plastics, construction, food, fuels, etc. This potential competition is what is REALLY behind the prohibition of cannabis.

……….Cannabis and its derivatives have been used by humanity for over 12,000 years. Not only do they have numerous medicinal uses, but one specific strain of cannabis called hemp has been responsible for an innumerable array of useful products throughout history.

Cannabis has a plethora of uses:

► Medical [it can literally CURE CANCER!]

► Paper

Biodegradable Plastic

► Construction [hempcrete]


► Clothing [hemp fiber]


Water / Soil Purification


……….California was the first U.S. state to put up its dukes to fight the sticky icky all the way back in 1880, when they introduced  an act to regulate the sale of opium and other “narcotic poisons” [of which they deemed cannabis inclusionary]. Interestingly enough, they would also become the first state to LEGALIZE the medical use of cannabis over 100 years later. Go figure . . .

……….The nationwide prohibition of cannabis in the U.S. was publicly spearheaded in the 1930‘s by HARRY J. ANSLINGER, the very first commissioner of the United States Federal Bureau of Narcotics. He was the face of a campaign designed to skew the public’s perception of the plant, calling it “marijuana,” a colloquial Mexican term for loco weed.” He was aided in his efforts by industrial giant DuPont [an Illuminati bloodline] and newspaper publisher WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST.

……….So much manufactured hate. [DID YOU KNOW: when settlers first came to the Americas from England, by order of King James I, it was illegal for them NOT to grow at least 100 hemp plants each?! The times, they are a changin’.] The media quickly latched on and began publicly demonizing marijuana. The film Reefer Madness remains a part of popular culture to this very day.

……….1934‘s Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act regulated cannabis throughout the U.S. and ANSLINGER‘s efforts paid off in full when the U.S. Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. The legislation levied a heavy tax against those who produced hemp.


[NOTE: Though the U.S. federal government campaigned against cannabis, they had absolutely no problem PATENTING it in later years in attempt to make a profit.]

……….The REAL BULLSHIT prohibition came along with 1970‘s Controlled Substances Act, when cannabis was classified as a SCHEDULE I NARCOTIC! The U.S. Congress put cannabis RIGHT alongside fucking HEROIN! . . . HEROIN!!!!!! Schedule I, meaning that it has no accepted medical use,” which flies RIGHT in the face of 2,000+ YEARS of holistic healing evidence!

……….Just so you know how convoluted ThePowersThatBe are, they OFFICIALLY consider cannabis MORE DANGEROUS than COCAINE, METHAMPHETAMINE, OPIUM, MORPHINE, PCP, STEROIDS, KETAMINE and BENZODIAZEPINES!

……….But this is all a FARCE. We all KNOW why cannabis is REALLY illegal . . . And why is that? It’s because this ONE little plant, in aaaaalllllll its glory, could single-handedly BANKRUPT the families that control the natural resources on this planet. The global elite, the Illuminati, they all COWER at just the thought of a single, God-given plant. Why? Because it could DEEM THEM USELESS & UNNECESSARY. It has the power to MAKE EVERYONE EQUAL. It could single-handedly lift the visors and make us realize that we don’t NEED the crooked, corrupt system of pharmaceutical drugs, designer threads and fossil fuels.

……….Law enforcement claim not to be able to tell the difference between this:




……….ONE plant could supply ALL necessary bio-fuels, powering transportation and industry. BAM! Fossil fuels, oil, fracking, natural gas, ALL shit-outta-luck. That crooked pharmaceutical industry which shoves BILLIONS of dollars worth of UNNECESSARY and DANGEROUS drugs down our throats? BANG! Out of business overnight by a fucking PLANT that people can grow THEMSELVES!

……….This is about CONTROL. THEY want it and it’s up to US to choose whether or not to GIVE it to them [HERE’S A HINT: DON’T FUCKING DO IT!]

……….And now that a “wave of enlightenment” has suddenly hit these assholes [meaning they finally realized that they can MAKE MONEY off of cannabis after YEARS of demonizing it], we are beginning to see cannabis LEGALIZATION and DE-CRIMINALIZATION. You know why?


……….And I’m out. Stay conscious my friends.






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